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Monday, March 18, 2013

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic

I like comp series like these, we'll see what the reaction is cause I have a BUNCH of them (the enormous "Bloodstains" series, the extensive "Punk Goes...." series, featuring pretty much obscure punk bands, at least obscure to all but the biggest devotees of the music. You're either going to love these or hate them, let me know, I'm not going into a lot of detail here due to the obscurity of the bands and the amount of typing involved for the whole series. Fans of 70's/80's punk that just can't get enough I will guess will want to hear these, unless they already own them. If they go over as big as the "Garage Greats" of last year, I (honestly) probably have nearly 1000 discs of these type of little known punk bands. Please let me know what ya think!

VOLUME 1-01 ACME ATTRACTIONS-Anyway/02 FASCINATORS-Blue Movies/03 ESCORTS-Bingo/04 ENGLISH-Hooray For the English/05 XPRESS-Junked Up Judy/06 HORRORCOMIC-England 77/07 WARM JETS-Big City Boys/08 MOVING TARGETS-The Boys Own/09 TRAINSPOTTERS-High Rise/10 FUN 4-Singing in the Showers/11 RIVALS-Here Comes the Night/12 SHADOWFAX-Calling the Shots/13 BLUNT INSTRUMENTS-No Excuse/14 LENNY & THE LAW BREAKERS-Me And Bobby McGee/15 NOW-Nine O Clock

VOLUME 2-01 PERFECTORS-YT50291D/02 QUALITY DRIVEL-Stagnent Minds/03 STA-PREST-Schooldays/04 KIDZ NEXT DOOR-Kidz Next Door/05 SILENT NOISE-I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before/06 BEE BEE CEE-You Gotta Know Girl/07 MARTIN & THE BROWN SHIRTS-Taxi Driver/08 PSYKIK VOLTS-Horror Stories #5/09 LONG TALL SHORTY-Win or Lose/10 ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANES-Tell Me What You mean Again/11 NOTSENSIBLES-The Telephone Rings Again/12 XTRAVERTS-1984/13 SHOCK TREATMENT-Big Check Shirts/14 RADIO CITY-Love and a Picture/15 CYANIDE-I'm a Boy

VOLUME 3- 01 FUTURE BODIES-Terrorist/02 BEEZ-Do the Suicide/03 LETTERS-Nobody Me/04 REALLY 3RDS-Everyday, Everyway/05 G SQUAD-In My Mind/06 DANSETTE DAMAGE-NME/07 CYBERMAN-Where's the New Wave/08 BLITZKRIEG BOP-UFO/09 BUZZARDS-We Make Noise/10 AV08-Gone Wrong/11 PUSH-Cambridge Stomp/12 PRIVATE SECTOR-Just Wanna Stay Free/13 VALVES-It Mean Nothin' At All/14 THE K9'S-Idi Amin/15 JOE 9T & THE THUNDERBIRDS-Joe 9T Theme

VOLUME 4-01 THE CIGARETTES-They're Back Again, Here they Come/02 HOAX-Nice Girl/03 DYAKS-Gutter Kids/04 SHAG NASTY-Looking For Love/05 VICTIMIZE-Where Did the Money Go?/06 U.X.8-Crazy Today/07 3RD MEN-You're So Fashionable/08 MORAL SUPPORT-Just Where It's At Tonight/09 SEVENTEEN BANK-Holiday Weekend/10 TOURS-Language School/11 SQUIRE-Get Ready to Go/12 PRIVATE SECTOR-Just (Wanna) Stay Free/13 VALVES-It Don't Mean Nothing at All/14 THE JUMP-Shake Up/15 SMART ALEC-Scotter Boys

VOLUME 5-01 PROLES-Stereo Love/02 UNWANTED-Bleak Outlook/03 LAST STAND-Just a Number/04 TERMINAL SPECTATORS-Another Day Another Dream/05 SNEAKY FEELINS-Private Mail/06 THE METHOD-Dynamo/07 FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance/08 FLYING COLOURS-Abstract Art/09 STRATE JACKET-Too Soon Too Young/10 RUEFREX-Capital Letters/11 MOONDOGS-She's Nineteen/12 TERRY TRANZ N THE VESTITES-State Hand Out/13 SABOTAGE-Standing Alone, Cold Girl/14 FRANK DETAILS-False Pretences/15 NAMES-Scared

VOLUME 6-01 FX-South's Gonna Rise Again/02 LIMPS-Circa 2/03 THE RONG-Union Jack/04 NOISE ANNOYS-Livng (In the World Today)/05 TWISTED NERVE-Neutral Zone/06 COMMITTED-British Crimes/07 MACHINES-True Life/08 JERMZ-Power Cut/09 BLEACH BOYS-Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches/10 MAD DOG-Someone Here Must Like Me/11 JIMMY EDWARDS-Drag It Back/12 INGNERENTS-I Won't Be There/13 NASTY MEDIA-Spiked Copy/14 THE HEAD-Nothing To Do In a Town Like Leatherhead/15 PROTEX-Don't Ring Me Up

Try to get maybe half (if lucky, ALL) of the links up tonight, I REALLY do enjoy these super-obscure punk comps, and as I said before I have a BUNCH of them. Let me know if you want me to go on with them for a while, It "feels" like something I might be in the mood for, for a few days anyway. We shall the meantime, love yourselves and each other.


  1. Been on an obscuro comp binge lately, so looking forward to hearing these bands I've never heard (any) of. Cheers

  2. It's nice to see some good old 70/80's punk comps...I've got them already and this is one of my favourie serie,but still on top Bored Teenagers!Of course,it would be great if You posted more in the same vein,particulary from UK!Maybe Low Down Companion...Killed By Queen or so..
    Anyway,thanks for Your time and shawn good will to share great music with rest of us...

  3. VOLUME 1

    VOLUME 2

    VOLUME 3

  4. thanks for these great comps, never heard of a lot of these tunes, Grant

  5. VOLUME 4

    VOLUME 5

    VOLUME 6

  6. This has piqued my curiosity, I must check one of these out to see what they are all about. Thanks for sharing!

  7. WoW!
    OK, I might have heard of 4 or 5 of the bands. I do want to hear all of them!
    Thanks a lot!

  8. I am the singer from Blitzkrieg Bop on volume three - I am a completist and this is the one CD I haven't got, anyone know where I can buy one?

  9. I have CDs 1 & 2 and would love to hear the other volumes. Any chance of getting the downloads?

    1. Any chance to get in contact for your Vol.1 plus Vol.2 CD's to transfer? Would be fantastic and would mean at least two to be able to listen to... Thanks at lot in advance.

  10. hi any chance you could update the download links for all volumes of everyones a classic

  11. Would you be so kind to upload them again? or some of them.. all of the links are broken:(


  12. I would give a little finger for a re-upload... Know only about half the songs. What a great comp. Please, pleae, please re-upload...