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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The best Mondo Generator Post, ever

Something of a stoner rock super project, many of the "legends" of the genre have appeared under the monkier of Mondo Generator. I'll try to summarize their history as best I can with some help from Wikipedia. Formed in 1997 as song of a Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss side-project by Nick Oleveri, Brandt Bjork, Josh Homme, Rob Oswald and Karl Doyle, they threw together an album entitled "Cocaine Rodeo".....if you didn't know any better you'd simply swear it was a great lost QOTSA album, down to the titles ("Another Tension Head", "Miss Mary Gets a Boob Job", "Dead Insects" get the idea. The band/project emerged a few years laer with "A Drug Problem That Never Existed" (detect any themes running through this?).....this time getting help from stoner notables such as Mark Lanegan and Molly McGuire as well as the previous participants, might as well toss up some of the goofier titles for ya just fer a laugh: "Meth I Hear You Callin'", "Girls Like Christ".......I happen to love stuff like this, but you know, sometimes the "drug-fueled "zaniness" " tends to feel a tiny bit forced. Whatever.

So, evidently, Oliveri was fired from QOTSA by Homme and took on the Mondo Generator moniker for his own.....resulting in a more "permanent" band type thing rather than simply a Kyuss/QOTSA offshoot project, and in 2007 the album "Dead Planet" resulted....I have kind of mixed opinions on it, while it actually doesn't really "get it done" for me as much as the previous two albums, it does have more of it's own "identity" and really isn't bad. Not a "future forgotten classic", but not bad. I also have the Australian version, entitled "Dead Planet: Sonicslowmotiontrails", which has NO additional material and merely revises the track sequence, why I have both I'll never know, but I am not going to put the Aussie version up, same music, actually......

Since then they have put up some sporadic efforts, 2010's EP "Dog Food", and a VERY recent effort (just last year!) "Hell Comes To Your Heart" which I am fairly certain that although I have it back there, I don't think I have ever listened to it, so I will withhold the critique......let me throw in Oliveri's 2009 solo effort "Death Acoustic" (really surprisingly good) and you about have it.

I try to hit on a lot of different segments of the music I listen to with these posts. Sometimes I am putting up someone like Ian Hunter (yesterday), for my money one of the most important and significant figures in rock n roll history, or, like today,someone like Mondo Generator, who in ten years will be 99% forgotten........but there is some good stuff on these albums, obviously if you are a fan of Kyuss or Queens of the Stone Age you'll want to check these out to "complete the picture" if you haven't previously.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday my loves, and I'm really not doing shit today, so back to the shelves I go to find something (hopefully) cool to talk about/write about/present to you tomorrow. Until then, love yourselves and love each other!

COCAINE RODEO-01 13th Floor/02 Shawnette/03 Uncle Tommy/04 Miss Mary Gets a Boob Job/05 Unless I Can Kill/06 Pigman/07 Simple Exploding Man (Extended Version)/08 I Want You To Die/09 Dead Insects/10 Cocaine Rodeo/11 Another Tension Head

A DRUG PROBLEM THAT NEVER EXISTED-01 Meth I Hear You Callin'/02 Here We Come/03 So High, So Low/04 Do the Headright/05 Open Up and Bleed For Me/06 All I Can Do/07 Fuck You I'm Free/08 Detroit//09 Me And You/10 Like You Want/11 Girls Like Christ/12 Day I Die/13 Jr High Love/14 Four Corners

DEAD PLANET-01 Basket Case/02 I Never Sleep/03 All the Way Down/04 She Only Owns You/05 Lie Detector/06 Mental Hell/07 All Systems Go/08 Like a Bomb/09 So High/10 Sonicslowmotiontrails/11 Take Me Away/12 Life of Sin/13 Paper Thin/14 Sam Hell/15 There She Goes Again/16 Bloody Hammer/17 Sleep the Lie Away

DOG FOOD (EP)-01 Dog Food/02 Smashed Apart/03 This Isn't Love/04 Green Machine/05 Endless Vacation (Live)/06 Bloody Hammer (Live)/07 Dungaree High (Live)/08 Pushed Aside (live)

HELL COMES TO YOUR HEART-01 Dead Silence/02 The Way I Let You Down/03 Burn the Bridge/04 Won't Let Go/05 Like the Sky/06 This Isn't Love/07 The Dirt Beneath/08 Hang 'em High/09 Central Nervous System High School/10 Smashed Apart/11 Night Calls/12 The Last Train

(NICK OLEVERI) DEATH ACOUSTIC-01 Start a Fight/02 Invisible Like the SKy/03 Dairy Queen/04 I'm Gonna Leave You/05 Love Has Passed Me By/06 U BLow/07 Hybrid Momets/08 Unless I Can Kill/09 Follow Me/10 Oulaw Scumfuc/11 Jealous Again/12 Chainsan Shackles (with Slash)

I be working on the link, just as hard as I can.....I'll hopefully get the up tonight.....still thinking about that Pink concert the other night, a phrase I'll use for not the first (and far from the last) time......"As long as I have a face, Pink will never, ever, under any circumstances, lack for a place to sit!"