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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The best Destroy All Monsters post,ever

Destroy All Monsters technically never released a proper "album",yet they were quite well known in punk circles in the 1970's.....I actually still have the waaaay cool vinyl 45 "Bored" b/w "You're Gonna Die".....they were something of a combination of Detroit style 1970's Stooges/MC5 punk (both Ron Ashton and Michael Davis were members at times) and Sonic Youth style experimental noise rock, all tied together by the voice of vocalist Niagra, who looked a bit like Death warmed over, charitably, or, more accurately, like Death without the warmth.

They were quite well know for their live shows as well, one of which we have docmuented here......this is NOT really "great" stuff, this is the kind of stuff that perhaps you ahve read about and never actually heard. The aforementioned single is REALLY a good one, other than that it is pretty hit-and-miss.

The EP "Bored" is a collection of the band's singles, which, I am not kidding, includes a cover of Kiss' "Detroit Rock City"......if you are going to dabble, I recommend doing so here, ohaps the live album, which is undated and also not located (I assume Detroit, on't think they ventured out of there that often), which has some sound issues but does include a different version of "Bored" and of course the "classic" "Anyone Can Fuck Her".

Sometime in the decade of the 1990's Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth released a three disc set of Destroy All Monsters stuff, I mean this must be eery note they ever recorded. I have only two discs of it, can't for the life of me locate the third one, but let me tell you, THEY ARE NOT VERY GOOD (at least these two).....they lean WAY more to the experimental/Sonic Youth side of the band than to the rocking/Stooges side of things, this is a curiosity that may or may not be of interest to you.....the two discs that I DO have are entitled "Gospel Crusade" and "Crying In Bed", the title of the missing third disc is not coming blazing to mind right now, if you happen to have it, please share, I am sure it sucks, but I'd still really like to hear it.

This is one band whose "legend" is MUCH greater than their actual body of work......but as always, some good stuff can be found if we search......"Bored" and "You're Gonna Die" still rock the house every time for me, and you GOTTA love a song called "Anyone Can Fuck Her".......RIGHT?

Looked it up....the third disc is entitled "To the Throne of Chaos", love to hear it if any of you guys have it!

BORED-01 Bored/02 You're Gonna Die/03 November 22 1963/04 Meet the Creeper/05 Nobody Knows/06 What Do I Get/07 Mommy and Daddy's Pussies/08 Detroit Rock City

LIVE-01 Anyone Can Fuck Her/02 Bored/03 Party Girl/04 Fast City/05 Go Away/06 Having It All/07 Boots/08 Little Boyfriend/09 November 22 1963/10 Right Stuff/11 Ground Zero

GOSPEL CRUSADE 1974-76-01 To Planet M2-40/02 Siren/03Gonga/04 Hungry For Death/05 Blow Hole/06 Nixonoxin/07 Ride the Fuzz/08 Vampire/09 Drone/10 Jungle Cracker/11 Church/12 Mack the Knife/13 Shiver/14 Bounce/15 Paranoid of Blondes/16 Indian War Beat/17 Bird SOng of Detroit/18 Take Me With You/19 Base/20 Into/21 Energy Is Happening/22 Egypto/23 You Can't Kill Kill/24 Low and Warped/25 Gospel Crusade

CRYING IN BED-01 Imagine/02 Jam Smear/03 T.H. Queen/04 Puke Like a Mother Fucker/05 The Pothead Speaks/06 Squat March/07 Whistle Space/08 It Hurts Me/09 Wahs/10 From the Edgar Cayce FOundation/11 I Love You But Yo're Dead/12 Electro Banshee/13 Metal/14 That's My Ideal/15 Space Beat/16 Go For It/17 Charlie/18 Japanophile/19 Noodlin/20 Useless Life/21 The Depressed Horn/22 Alien Love Call/23 Evil Works/24 Fades Before 5/25 Cosmo Beat/26 What a Beauty!/27 Ann Arbor BLues

Links in a while I hope, maybe not till morning, gotta go plow a little of the white stuff!


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  2. Zippy good to me again......might be gone a day or two, bitches, taking the wife to see PINK of all peopel (likely NOT doing a post on her), but the wife likes her.....good chacne I'lll be back THURSDAY with something mega - Kewl!

  3. Hi I had the Nov 22 single by this band - looking forward to hearing this after all these years!