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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quagmire!60's Punk Mysteries From the USA

And in the end, everyone wanted more and more obscure garage rock rarities from long, long ago,
and whi checking the shelves, your humble host recalls having never posted this set, one of the more obscure collections available out there.

Best description I can offer up is this is maybe a "poor man's" "Back From the Grave" (probably my favorite 60's comp of them all) in that it steers away from the psych, pretty much.....steers away from the poppish stuff....and goes straight for the jugular, pure thuggish garage punk. Now, don't dive in here looking for another "Back From the Grave"......"Back From the Grave" could never be replicated......but these tracks fit that general mols, and MANY of these appear nowhere else to my knowledge.......not a lot of names that jump off the page, at least to me, but I listened to parts o this yesterday and it WILL fill the fix for unknown 60's delinquent rock!

Disc 1 does contain the fairly well-known Bojax, but it's a tune that I am not familiar with, other than here, "Fast Life"....other than that, this is known mosty to scholars of the genre, here are a few, carpet-bomb style: Manic Depressions, Mogen David & the Grapes of Wrath, Zorba & the Greeks (I think they were on "US Garage Greats, unsure), Kandy Kolored Konspiracy......two-chord rock, shouted vocals, and in the case of something festive, a farfisa organ!

Disc 2 is more of the same as are all the discs.....maybe a name or two that we might recall from a set as extensive as "USA Garage Greats", but a lotta other stuff too.....The Chains, Agents 00, Monterrays, Krystal Tones.....the trend continues throughout disc 3, although we do get an unknown Barbarians track, and names that ring a vague bell such as Me & Dem Guys, The Iguanas, Jason & the Argonauts......nothing you can't live without, no "Nuggets" type standouts, but a solid and worthwhile collection.

Onward to Volume 4,  again, names that might ring a faint bell, The King BEes, The Puddin Heads, Groop Ltd, The Runaways......Just seeing if you were still awake, not THOSE Runaways!

Volume 5 is notable for the inclusion of a group called (really) The Klansmann (!), I assume NOT an eary version of Ian Stuarts wacky gang of misfits, also New Order (not THAT one), and a pre-Playboys work from John Fred. Voume 6 gives us the Missing Links, Five Americans, The American Beetles (wishful thinking), the LA Teens

Volume 7 contains both the Nomads and the Nomadz, careful there will be a test later, the
Checkmates, Surfaris, and Castaways Five, perhaps a bastard mutation of the Castaway and the Count Five? The final disc leads off with Hoyt Axton (!), also gives us both The Lime and The New Lime....Jck Bedient & the Chessmen turn up on these quite a bit, otherwise, this is pretty out there stuff as well

Keeping the commentary to a minimum, you know what these sound either have plenty of it or are craving more.....the variety of late should be enough to satisfy anyone, if you have anything you want to hear, lemme know! Otherwise enjoy these for what they are, and they are awesome.....

DISC 1-01 BEEVEN 4-Don't Call On Me/02 1 ALL OF THUS-It's All Right With Me/03 MICKEY KALIS & THE BAKERSFIELD BLUES BAND-Got No Time/04 THE TROYES-I Don't Need You/05 DALEK/ENGAM: THE BLACKSTONES-The Bag I'm In/06 THE CLASSICS-Mean Woman/07 THE SAVOYS-Now She's Left Me/08 MOGEN DAVID & THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Don't Want Ya No More/09 SHADE-All Is Gone/10  THEE AVANTIS-I Want to Understand/11 ZORBA & THE GREEKS-You've Had Your Chance/12 THE THUNDERBOLTS-Heart So Cold/13 THE MONTERAS-You're a Tease/14 KRYSTAL TONES-Don't Cry/15 THUNDERBIRDS-Hey Little Girl/16 THE BOJAX-Fast Life/17 THE GRAPES-When The Four Winds Blow/18 DIPLOMATS-I'm Sad/19 GROUP-Tell Me Why/20 THE ASCOTS-Who Will It Be/21 KYNDS-Find Me Gone/22 MANIC DEPRESSIONS-Wondering Why/23 ROCKATONES-For My Own/24 ORIGINALS-Now's the Time/25 KANDY KOLORED KNOSPIRACY-1000000 People/26 THE BEST-You Meant Nothing To Me/27 THE CENTURYS-So The Prophets Say

DISC 2-01 BLUE EMBERS-I Don't Want To See You/02 KRYSTAL TONES-Carol/03 CENTURIES-I Love You No More/04 AGENTS 00-Little Miss a Go Go/05 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/06 IMPACTS-Where Are You Going/07 JESTERS-Wrong Ticket/08 THE CHAINS-It's a Shame/09 THE HEARD-Laugh With the Wind/10 THINGS-My Love/11 BEETHOVEN FOUR-I'm Leavng Today/12 THE BARONS-Don't Come Back No More/13 THE FUGITIVES-Said Goodbye/14 MONTERAYS-I'll Be Around/15 BLUES INC-Get Off My Back/16 THE RAVONS-Little Flirt/17 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl, I Need You/18 THE VISTAS-Don't Know/19 THE SOCIETY-For Me/20 YARDLEYS-The Light Won't Shine/21 THE ROGUES-I'm Not That Way At All/22 AGGREGATION-You Lie to Me/23 SIX PENCE-Got a Girl/24 THE TIMETAKERS-At Least I'll Try/25 THE BACARDIS-This Time/26 THE DECADES-Cmon Pretty Baby/ THE BEST-When You Dance

DISC 03-01 THE WORLD OF MILAN-One Track Mind/02 LORD CHARLES & THE PROPHETS-Don't Ask Me No  Questions/03 THE TWILITERS-Shakin All Over/04 THE PATRIOTS-What a Drag It Is/05 DETOURS-You're the Best One I Had/06 AZTECS-What Mood/07 THE IGUANAS-I Can Only Give You Everything/08 DAMASCANS-Go 'Way Girl/09 THE BARBARIANS-You've Got to Understand/10 ROJAY & FABOR-We're On the Move Now/11 ME & DEM GUYS-Love Me Like I Love You/12 ME & DEM GUYS-I Can't Take It/13 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-I Don't Care What They Say/14 THE SHAGS-It Hurts Me Bad/15 THE CORDIALS-Misery/16 THE EBB TIDES-My Baby's Gone/17 JASON & THE ARGONAUTS-I Don't Need Anyone/18 NATION ROCKING SHADOWS-Time/19 ONLY ONZ-When Teardrops Fall/20 SYMON GRACE& THE TUESDAY BLUES-You Won't Get Me Workin/21 THE WORD D-I Saw You Walking/22 THE PRODIGAL-Reality/23 THE CAVALIERS-Checkmate/24 RIVALS-It Won't Be Long Now/25 ROEMANS-Don't/26 ANGLO-AMERICANS-The Music Never Stops/27 THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME-This is The  End

DISC 04-01 THE BLOKES-Slander's Child/02 STAIRWAYS-Don't You Care/03 CASUALS,
INCORPORATED-I Realized/04 THE GROOP LTD-A Time Goes By/05 THE GOLDTONES-I'll Love Her/06 FOUR GATHERING-You're Mean To Me/07 THE RICOCHETTES-I Don' Want You/08 ME & THE GUYS-Why Can't You Be True/09 THE PUDDIN HEADS-You Don't Have To Be Lonely/10 THE ALLIANCES-Somewhere They Can't Find Me/11 ESSENTS-Someday Baby/12 DICKENS-I've Got Something On My Mind/13 THE ILLUSIONS-Now That It's Over/14 THE MOD VI-Show Me How (Your Lovins Gonna Be)/15 JERRY & THE REMNANTS-I've Wasted My Time/16 THE CENTURYS-Don't Bother/17 INNER LIGHT-Temptation/18 THE REMAINING FEW-Wait a While/19 THE KING BEES-Keep Lovin'/20 RUNAWAYS-It Don't Mean a Thing/21 STEVE CARPENTER-Am I Lost/22 THE CONTENTS ARE-I Don't Know/23 LARRY MACK-Last Day of the Dragon/24 THE KING BEES-That Aint Love/25 CLE-SHAYS-Spend All My Money/26 THE WIG-Drive It Home/27 THE ROGUES-Don't Follow Me

DISC 05-01 THE FOUR SPEEDS-Why Did You Leave Me/02 NITE CAPS-Tell My Baby/03 THE SYMBOLS-What You've Shown/04 KLANSMANN-Gospel Zone/05 JOHN  FRED-Outta My Head/06 GIRL  GETTERS-The Girl Getters/07 CHEVELLES-Tears/08 PENTAGONS-About the Girl I Love/09 THE NEW ORDER-Why Can't I/10 MANY OTHERS-(Tell Me Why) I'm Alone/11 THE OUTSIDE INN-You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees/12 BEDLAM FOUR-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/13 THE CORDIALS-Tell Me Please/14 THE GREEN BEANS-Don't Give Me No Friction/15 OCEANS-She's Gone/16 THE REGENTS-Worryin Kind/17 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-Mini Skirts/18 SOCIALITES-Phooey Phooey On You/19 THE STING RAYS-Baby If I Loved You/20 TANGENTS-Good Times/21 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Dont Say Why/22 FABULONS-Since You've Been Gone/23 CITATIONS-The Day That She'll Go/24 THE RAVE-ONS-Everybody Tells Me/25 CENTURIES-Yeh, It's Alright/26 THE FOUR ROGUES-Sad & Blue/27 THE AVANTES-Beginning's End

DISC 06-01 MISSING LINKS-Come Inside My Heart/02 3'S A CROWD-Keep On Walking/03 THE REJECTS-Hey Girl/04 THE VAQUEROS-Don't You Dare/05 LA TEENS-You'll Come Running Back/06 RAGGED EDGES-Why Don't You/07 THE BEGGARS OPERA CO-Gone From Me/08 DISTORTIONS-Can You Tell/09 THE FIVE AMERICANS-I'm Feeling OK/10 THE AMERICAN BEETLES-Hey Hey Girl/11 THE GOOD IDEA-Inside Outside/12 THE CENTURYS-Together To Say/13 THE INITIAL SHOCK-You've Been a Long Time Comin'/14 RICHIE BRUCE-Plan My Life/15 THE YOUNG ALLEY CATS-Since She's Been Gone/16 THE JOLLY BEGGARS-Last Step of Doom/17 THE HANGMEN OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY-I Don't Want You Around/18 THE REGENTS-Words/19 THE MOTLEYS-You/20 RONNIE & THE RAINBOWS-Gypsy Woman/21 THE STACCATOS-Gypsy Girl/22 CHANCES R-I'll Have You Cryin/23 ART GUY-Where You Gonna Go/24 THE REASONS WHY-Tell Her One More Time/25 SENTARIANS-Don't Go/26 MARAUDERS-It's Your Turn To Cry/27 HERDSMEN-Fed p

DISC 07-01 THE COBRAS-If I Can't Beleive Her/02 AZTECS-Why Can't You Tell Me/03 THE
MOTIFS-Someday/04 JAMES T & THE WORKERS-I Can't Stop/05 THE GNATS-That's All Right/06 THE FOAMY BRINE-Tell Her/07 SURFARIS-So Get Out/08 CASTAWAYS FIVE-Revenge/09 THE NOMADS-I Need Your Love/10 NOMADZ-She Aint Lovin You No More/11 THE TILLIS-One Sided Love/12  THE END RESULT-A Bird in the Hand/13 THE HATFIELDS-Lost In This World/14 GLORY RHODES-Stay Out of My Way/15 THE SIRES-Don't Look Now/16 THE RESUMES-One Day/17 THE CELTICS-Looking For You/18 THE CHECKMATES-Hey Girl/19 THE HIDES-When I See the One I Love/20 ROTATIONS-One Way Road/21 SUBURBAN 9 TO 5-Walk Away/22 THE VOLCANOES-Sympathize/23 THE MODS-Days Mind The Time/24 MARK IV-Better Than That/25 THE CHECKMATES-All The Time Now/26 YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Think I'm Gonna Make It/27 THE LOST GENERATION-Night Time (Makes You Lonely)

DISC 08-01 HOYT AXTON-Double Double Dare/02 ESQUIRES-You've Got Another Thing Coming/03 THE AMERICAN TEENS-Shake Shake Baby/04 LAST KNIGHTS-Twenty Four Hours A Day/05 THE PPERCUSSIONS-Your Love/06 POLK SHELTON-Catch a Thief/07 THE RITES  SPRING-Everlasting Love/08 THE LIME-Hey Girl/09 THE NEW LIME-Ain't Got No Soul/10 SHANDELS-Stop Your Cryin'/11 INTERNS-Hard To Get/12 EMOTIONS-Everyman/13 AZTECS-World Of Woe/14 THE WORD-So Little Time/15 THE SNEEKERS-Sneaker Talk/16 THE VOXMEN-They Say (You're Gonna Lose That Girl)/17 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Glimmer Sunshine/18 THE SHEFFIELDS-Nothing I Can Do/19 JONATHON'S EXPERIENCE-Come Back/20 ELEGANT 4-I'm Tired/21 CRUISERS-Just Havin Fun/22 WITNESS INC-Not You Girl/23 THE VENTURIE '5'-Good N Bad/24 THE WEAVILS-Here I Am In Love Again/25 THE DRONES-You Can't Use Me No More/26 WORLOCKS-Stay  By My Side/27 CORRUPTION INC-She's Gone

Lotta stuff here, but I think you garage junkies have been in withdrawl for too long.......pretty decent set, I think the earlier description of "Back From the Grave, Junior" is about as accurate as I can get! Enoy it! Links in a little while......and I'd be remiss if I did not menion that today is the 27th anniversary of my marriage to the greatest woman in the world, the lovely Carla! How lucky I have been! She never reads my blog (she likes hip hop, uuuugghh), but any chance I can get to mention it today seems appropriate. Thanks Carla, for 27 years, and thank you, universe, for aligning correctly so we could wind up together!


  1. Happy Anniversary man!!!!! From Italy and thanks for the good music that you share..

  2. Happy anniversary! Keep it rolling another 27:)

    Back from the grave IS an excellent compilation :) Looking forward for this one.

  3. Happy anniversary, Scott. Twenty-seven years is nothin' to sneeze at. Hell, these day seven years is pretty impressive. :)

    Love the covers on these as much as I expect I'll love the music. Volume 1 has a scene from the very first specific episode of any TV show I remember seeing, 'The Sixth Finger' from The Outer Limits. That's David McCallum (Ducky on NCIS) under the big dome skull. What in the world my parents were thinking of, letting five year old me stay up to watch Outer Limits, I have no idea. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

  4. Ducky on NCIS? Don't you mean Ilya Kuryakin on Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

  5. I was worried about showing my age. ;)

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  7. Just a heads up, Vol. 2 is incomplete. Track 27 is not included.

  8. Please re-upload again, thanks from chile

  9. Yes can you please re-up,

    Many thanks,