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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MC 900 Ft. Jesus

Just threw this one in to make sure you're still paying attention! Striving again  for diversity and qirkiness, I present this single album from the on and only MC 900 Ft. Jesus, "Welcome to My Dream"......his other release "One Step Ahead of the Spider" contains his best known (minor hit) number "If I Only Had a Brain".....I don't have that one and am not really crazy about it anyway, but THIS one......asking you to give it a chance, it is quite rewarding.

Briefly, MC 900 Ft. Jesus is Mark  Griffin, actually a conservatory-trained trumpeter, he sort of fell into the hip-hop game by accident, just playing around with lyric and beats and samples, coming up with a fair enough EP (I don't have it, it's called "Too Bad")......but to me, "Welcome to My Dream" is the one you want to hear.....twisted, demented character studies that really have to be heard to understand. "Killer Inside Me" and "Hearing Voices In One's Head" are intriuging and chilling enough, but the REAL  gem is the amazing "The City Sleeps" a first-person narrative from inside the mind of a serial arsonist. A classic track from the early 1990's.

Afterward, as I said before, he released "One Step Ahead of the Spider" with the above mentioned minor "hit" (there was a fairly heavy rotation MTV video for it, which I think also figured prominently in a "Beavis and Butthead" episode......"If I Only Had a Brain" is an amusing enough (and justifiably forgotten) novelty, I think "The City Sleeps" is a semi-classic that too few people are aware of......give it a listen, as well as this entire album, and if you are surprisingly pleased with it, (or if you despise it) please llet me know......Griffin retired from the music buisness after bascially these two albums, and I'm sure no tremendous loss as far as most are concerned, but, again, to me, "The City Sleeps" is a borderline classic. Come on, how often am I gonna throw puedo-HIP HOP at ya? Give it a chance and the weay if any of ya HAPPENS to have "One Step Ahead of the Spider", how about a share?

WELCOME TO MY DREAM-01 Falling Elevators/02 Killer Inside Me/03 Adventures In Failure/04 The City Sleeps/05 O-Zone/06 Hearing Voices In My Head/07 Dali's  Handgun/08 Dancing Barefoot

Been a while since I got TWO posts up in a day, just happened to be thinking about "The City Sleeps", played it for the first time in maybe 15 years, and it still chills me to the bone. More variety, that is what I'm striving for. Getting bored sitting home all day, and so I may start popping up a "bonus" mini-post such as this once in a while!

Link in a tine few minutes......


  1. Agree, love this album, thanks for reminding me of how good it is.

  2. Thanks Rick!That makes TWO of us who remember what a fine album this is



  4. yea, i love this guy. saw him live in seattle shortly after this album came out. this album is insanely good. the followup is good, but different. and he had a prior release with some guy name dj hell.

    i have a bunch of his stuff, including the above, and some singles including a heavy remix by meat beat manifesto, which i'm sure you are familiar with.

    i read some article a few years ago about how mr 900ftJesus is now running an open mike in texas or something. my memory is fading.

    give me a few days, and i'll wrestle up all my cds from storage and i'll zippy them in your direction.

    also, sorry for all the times i've grabbed your loot without saying thanks. i'm a dick.

    1. thanks kevin, I don't think 're a "dick"....go back and read some of the comments from that guy who was allegedly the son of the Seeds drummer, now THAT is a DICK!!!! would love to hear anything you can contribute from MC 900 Ft Jesus, thanks!

  5. Man, I used to love MC 900 Ft. Jesus. His album before this, "Hell With the Lid Off" is also great stuff. Less jazzy, but still great material. His longtime DJ, DJ Zero, weirdly enough was also Vanilla Ice's DJ for a while.

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  7. here you go. let me know if any of it doesn't work and whatnot.

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - Falling Elevators (Maxi-Single) (Nettwerk Europe, NET 063 CD, 1996) (320).zip (46.7 MB)!Rd1yVbTA!OjzyO1WqNo_ayDf-mYG8BUdYdapnZ2HpsdyXP5Ui_ZI

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - If I Only Had A Brain (Maxi-Single) (American Recordings, 9 41554-2, 1994) (320).zip (48.9 MB)!Yc10wa7L!MH-xxCmhlVQc-qzZ3R-dDg4DLHo7HUt3d7aV65OtQCM

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - Killer Inside Me (Maxi-Single) (Nettwerk, W2-3073, 1991) (320).zip (49.1 MB)!xYVigbgJ!O-BGH1ZTJXeXhwl4SVOBOWT2VFRCJdKIr4Gl71qPJ0I

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - One Step Ahead Of The Spider (American Recordings, 9 45560-2, 1994) (320).zip (125.1 MB)!RZtHWbSI!arrvngM9n1UEMH84hQ4ofWXtW743AUe1LT9iz87mTvw

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - The City Sleeps (Maxi-Single) (Nettwerk Europe, NET 037 CD, 1991) (256).zip (37.7 MB)!VNsCDRTD!B8swmXW2OGqC1jxE-eEJc2WNwfQlOmGjg-IjUaK3fv8

    MC 900 Ft Jesus - Welcome To My Dream (I.R.S. Records, X2-13114, 1991) (320).zip (90.2 MB)!JZF1mKLA!cdhwHxssw-c1Etotpvq09TASj8FNFR41PKF4Z8RB0eo

    MC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero - Hell With The Lid Off (1989) (Reissue) (Nettwerk, 0 6700 30277 0 0, 2003) (320).zip (157.0 MB)!ZIVQjYRB!PB9q7murTQ9mJzqQdyTueF8QDToenbOHZs2kdVwyJ2Y

    MC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero - Too Bad (EP) (Nettwerk, W2-3032, 1989) (256).zip (39.3 MB)!IVMiiLiI!GYpW0lNxktPLm1GQmEWgcyZG8Np-v1m_rh9Emvanl8g

  8. THANKS a MILLION for all the great links Kevin! Don't be a stranger!