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Monday, October 28, 2013

RIP Lou Reed Part 2

If you check the comments section for yesterday's RIP for Lou Reed, you will see that through the combined efforts of my good friend/regular contributor Psyclist and Share Blog Icon Gyro (of Twiligh Zone fame), there are links to practically Lou Reed's entire body of work.....fantastic, now I wont have to upload all of those discs, "my" "proper" Reed memorial (soon) can be Velvets stuff/rarities/the kinda thing I WANT it to be thanks 1000000x over, Gyro and Psyclist.....

However ya "forgot" one,or maybe ya just WANTED to.....and here it is in all it's glory, "METAL MACHINE MUSIC"......amazed that it was released on CD? was, and guess who just happens to have one (Had it on double vinyl too, and sit for a nice price on Ebay, it's a valuable collectable).....

Anyway, I don't want to spoil the "surprise" for anyone who has never heard this.....going to tell you NOTHING about it (You guys MY age shut up, this is going to be FUNNY). Download this "classic" and play preferably through headphones, listen to it ALL and please report back your thoughts. One thing is guarenteed, you have NOT EVER heard an album ANYTHING LIKE "Metal Machine Music"......this is your big chance, Kiddo!

METAL MACHINE MUSIC-01 Metal Machine Music #1 (16:11)/02 Metal Machine Music #2 (15:53)/03 Metal Machine Music #3 (16:14)/04 Metal Machine Music #4 (15:56)

For certain a unique recording, I defy you to say in just a few minutes!  Be getting back to the "Story of the Clash" here in a bit, just thought Lou Reed' passing was of enough importance to break from it temporarily.


  1. BWAHAHAHAHA Scott you are awesome. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


  3. A perfectly crafted album for 8-track. Heroic!

  4. I bought Metal Machine Music when it came out and I was a teenager. I felt ripped off because I didn't have a lot of money to waste back then. To get my money's worth, I would play it as long as I could to annoy my sisters. I don't think I ever got past ten minutes of it until they were screaming at me!

    1. Mr. Gyro, I took the liberty to put all your links here as I knew Mr. Big would want them. Hope you don't mind:)

  5. We once listened to it all the way through. Why? Drugs probably had somethin to do with it. I can't remember and it's no wonder

  6. As for Velvelt Underground, I found these posts with some VU material, 71 cd's only so that saves you again the bother to upload them all. I have not checked if all were online. That's up to you:)

    Peel Slowly

    71 VU releases

  7. Here's a few more
    LOU REED - Live (1975).rar
    44,15 MB
    LOU REED - Rock 'N' Roll Animal (1974).rar
    53,72 MB
    [direct download function disabled]
    Lou Reed - Bottom Line 05-11-1977 NY.rar
    181,46 MB
    [direct download function disabled]
    Lou Reed - Non Officiel (1989 - 2012).rar

  8. Just found this show from Lou Reed, Dayton 1974... is a good listen

  9. The full discography of Lou Reed: (thx POB Dan)

  10. Velvet Underground 6 cd box: