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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Couple more days, PLEASE continue to show patience

My computer is in the shop, and naturally THEY are shorthanded as one of their techs has been I am hoping to be back up and running by tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll I have told you so many times, I love doing this blog and would never abandon you all.......just need a nasty virus removed from my "partner"........thanks for your patience, I hope to throw out a few bonus posts, comics and whatever else comes to mind to make up for the disruption........gotta lots of cool stuff planned as soon as I get my machine back, please don't abandon me as I assure you I have not abandoned YOU!!!!!!!

By the way, please, Royals, let's kick some serious ass in game 7, it's been an amazing run and now let us finish it up RIGHT......Baumgartner is a shell of a pitcher and is on a shell of a roll, but come on KC, just show the determination you have shown the last month, and FIGURE OUT  a way to get this done !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi BigScott62,
    don't panic... I can wait.. love your blog... and I'm happy if you are being back again. Many thanks and greetings from Germany.

  2. Hi BigScott62! Don't freak out 'cause we all love your blog and your great posts. It's worth the wait! Cheers
    Matt (from Paris)

  3. ha, take your time. we'll be here when you get up and running!


    but meanwhile you can get an album i played on in 97.....the slow poisoners - great spiders and diamond powder

  5. Damn...Royals just a Tiger's fan, I was rooting for the Royals...what a great run they had and I was glad they could represent our division in the finals!

    1. Yeah, that is what happens when Sandy Koufax II or whomever that was is pitching for the Giants.....amazing, I don't think they got 10 good swings at Bumgarner the entire series......AMAZING performance!

  6. Enjoy the downtime! Thanks for all you do!