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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dave Sez fills a request.

I don't remember who exactly asked for this, but a couple weeks ago, someme asked if I had the Stortbeat  1979-92 set which Dave Sez had presented sometime before on "Music Ruined My Life".....well I know I didn't havea it, so I put out a call fro Dave Sez who answered quickly and generously to provide us all with this great looking double disc set:

Here'a Dave Sez' track list for DI.......

    Disc one

    - Record Company
    - Harlow Town
    - Kitchen Parties
    The Sods
    - No Pictures
    - Plaything
    Spelling Missteaks
    - Popstar
    - Mirrors
    - Rubber duck
    - Urge
    - 1970's
    - System rejects/Hitler's still a Nazi
    No Wonder recordings
    Newtown Neurotics
    - Licensing Hours
    - You Said No
    Airplay Records
    Easy Action
    - Burning a hole
    - Kaspar Hauser
    Pressure Stops
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

AND HERE for Disc 2:
isc Two
- I'm never nervous (live)
- Nobody wants to know
- Bun in the oven
The Sods
- Snakes
- Work
Pete the Meat and the Boys
- Look what she's doing
- Superman
- Why should I care
Trendy Records
The Groove
- What am I gonna do about you
- I wanna be your pigmy
- Heart Complaint
- I'm in love
No label
Anti State Control
- Sniffing Glue Blues
- M.U.S.E
- 3rd World bomb
- Trouble (live)
- Weekend (live)
- Romantic old sod
- Grab the haddock
Mirror Co
- Hit Single
- Beat City
Vertical Strokers
- Holidays
- Saturday girls
Rodger Milton
- My old man (backed by The Firm)
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

Here are the zippy links for them both:

Should be readdy is just a few minutes, while we all take the time to thank Dave Sez for all of the great stuff he has provided us with here over the years! this blog simply would not be what it is without the help so many other contributors!


  1. Strongest disc 1

    1. Sorry, "stortbeat" disc 1 not "strongest".....spell corrector strikes again

  2. Stortbeat disc 2

  3. Fuckin' Kindle .. way ta go nonetheless! Torpedos away! Mystery Post part Three coming up ... meanwhile, choose American (Maserati) or African (Zimbabwean) ... you say, I serve ... need ta know, seeing as no one else says something ... tell me and cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. I opt for American, Dave sez for no particulate reason other than to see what American obscutities you have, as I am kinda the king of THEM!!!!!!!!thanks for being a great friend, I hope all is well with you!

  5. missed this one any chance of a reupp thanks