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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Let Them Eat Jellybeans!

Something of a sort-0f but not-exactly USA-centric companion piece to last weeks "Peacec/War" set, this is another collection of Super-leftists, ca. mid 1980's, this is yet another collection of basically 1980's west coast hard core (although not necessarily all FROM the west coast, that sound though, for the most part".

Actually a  few tunes off of this bad boy are considered classics, by some, in the genre....leading off is one of Flipper's best/oddest "Ha Ha Ha", floowed directly by a certifiable classic, Washington DC (see? NOT west coast but fits in here) Bad Brains "Pay To Cum".....kepping them coming are the Dead Kennedy's "Nazi Punks Fuck Off", a song which allegedly set off newspaper investigations of nazi/skinhead violence in San Francisco, if true, great that they brought it to light. The rest of this stuff isn't going to be as well know to someone who is not a huge hardcore fan, but all quite worthy:
as examples, Black Flag's "Police Story" appears here in an alternate version, the version on "Jellybeans" features Dez Cadena on vocals, available uniquely here. ("Nazi Punks" "Pay to Cum" also appear here in alternate versions, somewhat different from the originals, but i BELEIVE (don't quote me) available only here in this format. Others of note on side one include "Paid Vacation" by the Circle jerks, and the eloquently titled "Slave To My Dick" from the Subhumans.

The second sound is a little more low-key, some lesser-known (relative to side one) acts, Half Japanese is well known they appear here with "Fun Again", "Isotope Sopa" by Geza X is a standout, and, well, hell......this is  a good comp, hard to find, too, so if you enjoyed "Peace/War" last week (Many did), you'll want this one as well........good stuff, pure period piece ca early 1980's, go get it, it's worth your time!

LET THM EAT JELLYBEANS-01 FLIPPER-Ha Ha Ha/02 DOA-The Prisoner/03 BLACK FLAG-Police Story"/04 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/05 DEAD KENNEDYS-Nazi Punks Fuck Off/06 CIRCLE JERKS-Paid Vacation/07 REALLY RED-Prostitution/08 THE FEEDERZ Jesus Entering From the Rear/09 SLAVE TO MY DICK-Subhumans/10 GEZA X-Isotope Soap/11 BPeople-Persecution-That's My Song/12 THE WOUNDS-An Object/13 THE OFFS-Everyone's a Bigot/14 STEVE FISK-Corporate Food/15  HALF JAPANESE-Fun Again/16 CHRISTIAN LUNCH-Jokes On You/17 VOICE FARM-Sleep



  2. Wore this out back in the day! Thanks, BigScott!

  3. Hey this is my FAVOURITE compilation of this kind one of not too many punk compilation i bought,but it had DK,Bad Brains AND Black Flag on it and a lot of stuff i did not know before ,so it was MUST...
    Thanks for sharing,so i don't have todo the digitizing myself...