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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Not the full discography (cause I don't HAVE IT ALL, that's why), but always did like these three discs from these good Scottish alt-rockers who, accurate or not, sort of reminded me of a blend of REM and Pavement, if that intrigues you, right place.

Forming in Scotland, 1995, they consisted of vocalist Roddy Woomble, axe-man Rod Jones, drummer Colin Newton, bassist Andrew Mitchell, and keyboardist Luciano Rossi....another band they somewhat remind me of for some reason is Stratford 4, for some reason, but no matter.....

Their first full length was "Hope Is Imortant" (1998), it shows promise and not a lot more, the influences cited above shine through somewhat but it is a bit sloppy.....there are good songs here, "A Film For the Future " and "When I Argue I See Shapes", it's interesting but not much else.

The second album they released (2000) was 100 Broken Windows, I don't have it, think I've heard it a time or two, so no commentary, but the whole point here, the WHOLE point, is 2002's "The Remote Part".......THIS is an excellent album, their legacy. Joes wonderful and innovative guitar is everywhere, but never does it dominate the sound, leaving plenty of room for the other instruments, much like the Cars or Roxy music operated.......nearly every track here is worthwhile, it goes without saying that if you are only interested in grabbing ONE of there, it needs to be THIS one....the others I posted because, well, because I HAVE THEM, this one I posted cause I love it! 4.5 * album, and nearly a forgotten one at that.....impress your friends.

To me, the final offering here, "Warning's/Promises" isn't much either, not bad, but kind of, ehhhh......they tredge on even today, actuallly according to some notes here, putting out a disc yet this year. Good for them, but the point of this posts is REALLY "The Remote Part", trust me, it is an excellent album, the others are window dressing I put here just to see if there is any interest.....but by any means, don't miss "The Remote Part", its a REALLY good one.

HOPE IS IMPORTANT-01 You've Lost Your Way/02 A Film for the Future/03 Paint Nothing/04
When I Argue I See Shapes/05 4 People Do Good/06 I'm Happy to Be Here Tonight/07 Everyone Says You're So Fragile/08 I'm a Message/09 You Don't Have a Heart/10 Close the Door/11 Safe and Sound/12 Low Light

IN REMOTE PART-01 You Held the World In Your Arms/02 A Modern Way of Letting Go/03 American English/04 I Never Wanted/05 (I Am) What I Am Not/06 Live in a Hiding Place/07 Out of Routine/08 Century After Century/09 Tell me Ten Words/10 Stay the Same/11 Teh Remote part/Scottish Fiction

WARNINGS/PROMISES-01 Love Steals Us From Lonlieness/02 Welcome Home/03 I Want a Warning/04 I Understand It/05 As If I Hadn't Slept/06 Too long Awake/07 Not Just Sometimes But Always/08 The Space Between All Things/09 El Capitan/10 Blame It on Obvious Ways/11 Disconnected/12 Goodnight

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