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Monday, June 15, 2015

Holly Beth Vincent

This one is a rarity among rarities, I've had it here for a long while and just never got around to posting it......TRUST ME, this is a hard one to find, and I am happy to share it with you, complete with BONUS tracks......

Here's the story.....Holly Beth Vincent and her band
Holly & the Italians, released a TREMENEDOUS, hard rocking Ramones-ish album in the early 80's, it was GREAT and I have posted it on here at least had KILLER tracks such as "I Wanna  Go Home", "Tell That Girl To Shut Up", and my ultra-fave "Rock Against Romance".........this was/is a fine/wonderful album, a pure period piece, and if enough of you care, I'll dig it out and post it once again.

Anyway, there was just that ONE album......after that she released perhaps the most confusingly titled album in history, "Holly and the Italians" by Jolly Beth Vincent.......get it? this is NOT a Holly & the Italians album.........see what I mean?.....In fact, she ditched the punk/power pop stuff of the previous album for ROCKABILLY, and it is, absolutley, without question, WONDERFUL........I searched high and low for this album for a LONG time, and finally one of my Ohio homies hooked me up......DO NOT MISS THIS....this is a FANTASTIC album, one that not only do you wish to HEAR, but if you skip over, you may literally never get a chance to hear again........PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, you want to enjoy this fantasitc album.

HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-01 Honalulu/02 For What It's Worth/03 Only Boy/04 Revenge/05 Samurai and Courtesan/06 Cool Love (Is Spreading Around)/07 Uptown/08 We Danced/09 Unoriginal Sin/10 Just Like Me/11 Dangerously/12 One More Dance/13 I Got You Babe/14 For What It's Worth (Extended Remix)/15 Chapel of Love/16 Tell That Girl to Shut Up (17" version)

This is a TRUE rarity, don't blame ME if you miss the boat on this one!



  2. Great stuff indeed! Thank you so much!

  3. I lived in an apartment building in Los Angeles and Holly lived down the hall. Her head is shaved which is okay but she is one psycho c**t. She called the health department because her stove wasn't clean so all these bozo's from the city had to poke their heads in all of our units..........even though and as they told's not up to the city or the building manager to clean your stove. She'd call them all the time. She'd be all like "hi" and friendly one day and then tell you to fuck off the next.....if you held the door open so she could enter the building with her groceries. She always had a problem with someone. She lived in one room with her teenage son for years. She's totally pissed off at the world. She was signed to a major label and that's often enough to piss anyone off. I was signed to a few different labels and have horror stories about all of them. She either made no money or blew what money she had but she is no one that anyone wants to know. That said.........she rocked. I saw her live with the Italians and I had bought her records even though her Italian albums only had a few good songs and a couple of great ones. Nice post. I didn't have this one. Still working on getting you some Julian Cope books and other things...just in a place where they only have AT&T and their bandwidth is pretty nonexistent.

    1. Think she'd still fuck me? Cause I still be DOWN!

  4. Thank you and ... yes, I would care if could dig out The Right To Be Italian once again. I know you posted it before, but unfortunately I wasn't around at the time.

  5. Holly's album "The Right To Be Italian" is one of the best debuts in history, and I don't feel there's a single clunker on it. As a footnote, Will Lee and Paul Shaffer from "The World's Most Dangerous Band" (Letterman's band for many years) played on it.

  6. "Rock Against Romance" is one of the Great Lost Anthems! Thx for mo' Holly.

  7. Very late to the show here, but thanks very much for this one, and yes, I'd love it of you could repost The Right To Be Italian. Pretty please...