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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Magnapop were known, basically for two things..... number one, their phenomenal live shows (I
have never seen thm, so I take this at the word of others, and, number two, their fantastic album "Hot Boxing"...... they were a fine, 1990's alt band that sort of slipped through the cracks, from what I hear those live shows were amazing, and I KNOW "Hot Boxing" is a solid 4-star album.

Formed in Atlanta in the 90's, the two mainstays of the band were singer Linda Hopper and guitarist Ruthie Morris, with various rhythm sections..... they hit it big (so to speak) with a couple of GREAT singles, "Slowly Slowly" (from "Hot Boxing") and "Open the Door" (from "Magnapop")... these were both great singles, I hope we all remember them, but for ME personally, the album "Hot Boxing" is what we want to remember about them..... FANTASTIC album, perfect reflection of the hard rock/alternative/female vocalized greatness of the mid 90's, and this is TRULY one of the great unknown albums of that decade..... it's likely you have heard the great "Slowly Slowly", a tremendous single, but perhaps you have NOT heard "Lay It Down","Here It Comes", "Piece of Cake",  and the great "The Crush" ("sample lyric: "These are ideas, they are not lies, kick the dog and you will DIE"), personally I love this album, you GOTTA hear it if you haven't...

OK, to be honest, the rest of their stuff isn't THAT great, "Open the Door" is a decent single ("Everything Is good these, days, but all of my friends are dying...." ......however, they would never come NEAR "Hot Boxing" again in my estimation...."Mouthfeel" and "Rubbing Doesn't Help" have a moment or two, but they are mostly for fanatics......... HOWEVER, "Hot Boxing" is essential, and "Magnapop" is worth listeneing to for any lover of 2000's alt-rock.

I wish I'd have seen em live.......they had a rep as a band that could blow the roof off, I guess I will never know....... anyway, here is the works of a pretty much forgotten band, one which, for a short minute there were a REALLY good one.......

HOT BOXING-01 Slowly Slowly/02 Texas/03 lay It Down/04 here It Comes/05 Piece of Cake/06
Free Mud/07 Leo/08 The Crush/09 Ride/10 In the Way/11 Idiot Song/12 Get It Right/13 Emergency/14 Skinburns

MAGNAPOP-01 Garden/02 Guess/03 Ear/04 13/05 Spill It/06 Chemical/07 Favorite Writer/08 Complicated/09 Merry

MOUTHFEEL-01 We're Faded/02PDX/03 Pretend I'm There/04 Satellite/05 California/06 The In Between/07 Elliott/08 Smile 4U/09 Think For Yourself/ 10 Stick To Me/11 Pilgrims Prayer

RUBBING DOESNT HELP-01 This Family/02 I Don't Care/03 Open the Door/04 Hold You Down/05 Come on Inside/06 Down On  Me/07 An Apology/08 My Best Friend/09 Juicy Fruit/10 Firebrand/11 Snake/12 Dead Letter

Let Me Know What ya think Bout this pretty much forgotten band.....






  2. I live near ATL and have seen Magnapop live, and they do kick ass. They still play shows occasionally. I agree with you that Hot Boxing is #1. "Lay It Down" is as good as anything from the 90's. My other fave is "Garden" from the first album. During their heyday, Magnapop were HUGE in the Netherlands and Belgium. There is one more album, Chase Park (2010). Also, in the early 80's, Linda Hopper sang for an Athens band called Oh-OK that included Matthew Sweet and Michael Stipe's sister Lynda. The more you know...

  3. Big Scott, sounds like a cool band, looking forward to checking them out.

    Problem: Mouthfeel and Rubbing are both only 13 meg and don't play well...I think there was a Zippy issue with the upload.

    Any chance for a re-up?


  4. Great Band. Great shows. Still run into Linda Hopper around the neighborhood from time to time.

  5. Old DJ is right, all songs jump for the last 2 albums of magnapop, could it be arranged? Thanks

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  7. My copy of Mouthfeel, ripped at 320 (I added Magnapop's cover of "Pleasant Valley Sunday"):

    My rip of Rubbing Doesn't Help (with the hidden track "Suck It Up" separated from "Dead Letter"):

    1. You did it Jonder, great work, thanks!

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