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Monday, June 15, 2015


So, how about next for tonight we do some wonderful hard/heavy/loud/amazing psychedelic rock n
roll, from the San Francisco home of such things (1972)......this is a tremendous album, about 10 yearas ahead of it's time, this is HEAVY DUTY psychedelic rock, in the tradition of Blue no attention to ME, this is heavy, hard core acid metal blues as raw as it got for the era......this is/was a TREMENDOUS album, I still listen o it frequently today when ("in the right mood")........this is a head banger for sure, you guys KNOW I love that early 1970's hard/heavy psych shit, and this is one of the best.....try this out I AM RIGHT AS I ALWAYS AM!

SAN FRANCISCO'S SHIVER-01 Tough As Nails/02 Fixer/03 Bone Shaker/04 Interstellar Vision/05 Alpha Man/06 Rocky Road/07 Keep On Rocking/08 Up My Sleeve/09 Winter Time



  2. Cheers Scott for this. Like yourself I love that early 70's hard psych stuff. Had not come across this band before but what a fucking top draw album, marvellous