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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hey I TOLD YOU I'd be back, Mega-Stranglers, Part 1!

Over this July 4th holiday weekend, i have guest material from both Brian and Apantanbapanta, both
of which you will get in the next couple  of days, but, in the wake of starting the new job and such, I thought it might be semi-important that I compose something of my own, rather than allow this blog to be "taken over' (as great as they are) by the guest posters....

OK... as I said, I'm just starting a new job... as such the blog takes something of a back burner, but not TOO much, I STILL do love you all, and will Not stop doing what I do.....I love to share MY music with the world, and also the music my FRIENDS have, with the world..... I am just slowing down a TOUCH, as I DO need to concentrate my efforts on the new job, just a BIT, I am SURE you understand, but also make sure you know this: BigScott62 is going NOWHERE..... I may post less frequently, my format might change a tiny bit, but I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS and will (I SWEAR) NEVER abandon the next few weeks you will see, I have a couple "mega-posts" in the works, but  as for tonight, let me throw out to you a couple of random albums that you may not already have in your stash..........I'm here for THAT reason too, ya know, I could be for another ten years and NEVER share ALL of the stuff I have on CD with ya......that ain't the point........I love me some rock n roll, in ALL its forms, and I try my damndest to share a bit of this and of a dab of that with, with a long weekend ahead of us (I can do a thing or two with THAT), let me present a couple of teasers for ya, a few albums that ya may not have heard before that I can share with ya.......and if ya by some chance liked that Yo La Tengo mega-post, stick around, I have a few more of those MEGA things in the works, and I'd hate for ya to miss em.....the bottom line is I gotta get that kid o mine through college, thus;y, I gotta go back to work, but I DO love doing this here thing, and if you are with me, great, if not, sorry........

Here's what I have for ya tonight, selected purely at random:

OK, I pondered it and figured it was about I unleashed all of my classic STRANGLERS shit on ya.... a favorite of mine? well in a way, yes, as they  remind my a lot of the Doors and MUCH MORE SPECIFICALLY, Sean Boniwell's Music Machine, who were about 30 years ahead of their time, and, YES, I am saying the Stranglers were as well..... great band, GREAT band, I have a lot material here, might take me the better part of the week to get it all to ya, but TRUST ME  it will be worth it.... this band had it all..... they rocked like a mofo, they were offensive as fuck ( a GOOD thing,  check "Peaches' or "Bring on the Nubiles") and their amazing musical structure that recalled both the aforementioned Doors and Music Machine are NOTHING to be ashamed of, trust me...... I have a LOT of this stuff, if you have anything to contribute, RIGHT NOW is the time, as we all know this is one of the best bands the Lord ever placed on the planet for our pleasure!

The catalog is extensive, let's start out simply, with their original studio albums, I guess that is the easiest way to do it for the novices in the crowd...... (for you newbs, if you only want ONE, please sample "IV Norvegicus Natticus", that would be my personal opinion, leastways.....

NO MORE HEROES (1977)-01 I feel Like a Wog/02 Bitching/03 Dead Ringer/04 Dagenham Dave/05 Bring On the Nubiles/06 Something Better Change/07 No More Heroes/08 Peasant in the Big Shitty/09 Burning Up TIme/10 English Towns/11 School Mam/12 Straighten Out/13 Five Minutes/14 Rok it to the Moon

IV RATTUS NORVEGICUS (1977)-01 Sometimes.02 Goodbye Toulouse/03 London Lady/04 Princess of the Streets/05 Hanging Around/06 Peaches/07 (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)/08 Ugly/09 Down In the sewer/10 Choosey Susie/11 Go Buddy Go/12 Peasant in the Big Shitty (Live)

BLACK AND WHITE (1978)-01  Tank/02 Nice N Sleazy/03 Hey! (Rise of the Robots)/04 Outside Tokyo/05 Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)/06 Toiler on the Sea/07 Curfew/08 Threatened/09 In the Shadows/10 Do You Wanna/11 Death and Night and Blood (Yukio)/12 Enough Time/13 Mean to Me/14 Walk On By/15 Shut Up/16 Sveridge/17 Old Codger/18 Tits

THE RAVEN (1979)-01 Longships/02 The Raven/03 Dead Loss Angeles/04 Ice/05 Baroque Bordello/06 Nuclear Device/07 Shah Shah a Go Go/08 Don't Bring Harry/09 Duchess/10 Meniniblack/11 Genetix/12 Bear Cage/13 Fools Rush Out/14 R'emmenes Pas Harry/15 Yellowcake UFO

THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR (1980)-01 Vladimir and Olga/02 Vladimir and Sergei/03 Vladmimir and the Beast )Part III)/04 Vladimir Goes to Havana/05 Viva Vlad!/06 Vladimir and the Pearl

OK, that'll do it for tonight....... in the past I would have given ya 20 albums instead of 5, but things are changing....... these are five GREAT albums, (especially "Rattus" and "Heroes"), but this was one underappreciated band, and I aim to spend the rest of the week paying tribute to them and ALL of their great stuff I have..... PLEASE let me know how you feel about this retro-greatness, I love these albums (always did), if you do/did too, at least give a shout out, if they are new to ya, well, you DO have some catching up to do, BUT, in either case, I'll just say this... this was a great band.... not "good" , GREAT..... for a variety of reasons they are not remembered that well today, but TRUST ME they were great, as we will both spending the rest of the week reminiscing over their greatness... but, trust me, THESE albums, newb, are too great for MY commentary.

If you are a Stranglers fan, pay attention the next week or so, I'll post when I can post, but i DO have a ton of their fantastic music.....this goes for you as well if they are new to ya......they were a great band, always willing to take a chance, ominous, creepy, but always rocking........I have a LOT of their stuff, and this post will reach Yo La Tengo-ish proportions.... NOTHING wrong with that IMO, as this was on of the great (and SERIOUSLY underappreciated) bands of the important was an incredibly IMPORTANT era, and the Stranglers would have been mega-stars (well MAYBE) at nearly any other point in history.......anyway, yourself for a BUNCH of their work, coz i happen to have a BUNCH!


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  2. Thanks scott for high lighting one of the greatest bands of all time and after 41 years are still going strong.looking forward to this mega post.keep rocking.

  3. Another brilliant post, but they're always interesting and exciting. Keep it going. Thanks!

  4. gracias amigo, finally got around to replacing my scratched vinyl and stretched tapes.