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Saturday, July 11, 2015

HEY, why not take another Stranglers break for some DIFFERENT material?

Fuck yeah, why not? I have been fucking around with this Stranglers thing for the past month or so, and I WILL finish is, but my GUEST POSTERS are my life blood, they keep this blog alive...... tonight, let us listen to more of the WONDERFUL Duke Spirit material shared by the great Jonder..... this is a load of B-Sides and the like, you are not likely to find this on some other blog, so if ya want it, here it is, if ya don't, such is life.........

Basically, here is an e-mail sent to me by Jonder, (a HUGE Duke Spirit fan, I am one now as well), please read the text he sends, and PLEASE check out the fine music he submits as well.... I hope after he is done with his Duke Spirit submissions he continues to send us music, THIS IS HOW I WANT this blog to work, especially with myself working again.... check these out, they are FABULOUS, tomorrow I will have some more of Brian's great stuff that he wishes me to help to share with all of ya!....... ANYWAY, this is some not only GREAT, but RARE Duke spirit material, please don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance!


The voice of Liela Moss caught the ear of a number of musicians who have invited her to join them onstage and on record during the past decade. I have a baker's dozen of these songs to share with you, starting in 2006, when Liela guested on a single by the Archie Bronson Outfit (schoolmates of the Duke Spirit), and performed the June Carter Cash role on a cover of "Jackson" with the band Brakes. She also sang on a CD of Christmas songs with Amusement Parks on Fire.

Liela was chosen by the band UNKLE as a guest vocalist on 2007's War Stories album, and again on the 2011 UNKLE EP When the Night Falls. She has also appeared on several film soundtracks: a song on Dave Sardy's soundtrack for the 2008 film 21; backup vocals on Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' Lawless; and a Ben Harper duet on on thenewno2's Beautiful Creatures soundtrack.

In 2012, Australian goth duo Castratii featured Liela on two of their songs. Chris Karloff, a former member of Kasabian, included Liela among his guest singers for his Black Onassis project (and returned the favor by remixing a Neptune track for the Duke Spirit). Leila also sings lead on recent tracks by Dirtyphonics and Bad for Lazarus. The Oi band Hard Skin invited Liela and other female singers to redo their songs' vocals on Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear. (It took me a minute to get the title pun -- oh, birds!) Hard Skin may have liked the Duke Spirit's Sham 69 cover -- that one and more when I return with Duke Spirit cover versions!

01 BRAKES - Jackson/ 02 ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT - In The Shadow Of Love/ 03 AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE - The Day It Snowed/ 04 UNKLE - Mayday/ 05 DAVID SARDY - Giant/ 06 UNKLE - The Dog Is Black/ 07 CASTRATII - Kingdom/ 08 CASTRATII - Limits/ 09 thenewno2 - Run To Me/ 10 BLACK ONASSIS - Trip B/ 11 HARD SKIN - Police Car/ 12 BAD FOR LAZARUS - 7 Minute Itch/ 13 DIRTYPHONICS - Hanging On Me

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  1. Thanks for this, Jonder! Great stuff, looking forward to more Duke Spirit.