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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

still here


Thanks to specify Brian and wonder for the fine submissions,I promise to get to them in the next couple of day, you would not believe my current situation, but BY GOD this blog will remain.......please bear with me, New material, both guest and my own, will be coming soon......New job just gonna take a minute to get settled into.....s
And please continue i.e. to submit guest material. It may take me a minute but I promise I will get there...   as I've told you before, I love you all, dearly


  1. Sweet. Looking forward to continued posts & more top toons. Good luck settling into the new gig.

  2. Hello BigScott62,
    Yes, I agree with the Anonymous. Good luck and many thanks for your great job doing on your great blog.
    Nice greetings from Germany.