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Friday, October 23, 2015

A Jonder Project for ya

(SCOTT)-haven't quite got the QOTSA part 3 ready yet, likely Sunday.......until then, here is another of the homemade cover projects that I love so much, I will let the creator, Jonder, tell you all about it.....I like these so much that I think I will do a few myself over the winter, I wonder if there are enough cover versions of MY very favorite album, "Forever Changes" by Love, to enable THAT creation? I will find out.....


UMMAZUMA: A homemade tribute to the Neil Young & Crazy Horse album ZUMA

1. Don't Cry No Tears - Allison Moorer
2. Danger Bird - 27
3. Pardon My Heart - Aldingarðurinn ásamt Kristó og Bjarna
4. Looking For A Love - Valle de Muñecas
5. Barstool Blues - The Feelies
6. Stupid Girl - Teenage Kicks
7. Drive Back - The Stars Of Heaven
8. Cortez The Killer - Tina Age 13
9. Through My Sails - Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan

I knew that there were many versions of "Cortez The Killer", but I was surprised to find out how often "Don't Cry No Tears" has been covered. Allison Moorer emphasizes the country side of "Don't Cry". "Danger Bird" is perfomed by 27, a currently active "dark pop" band from Boston (

I love this gorgeous acoustic version of "Pardon My Heart". Google translates the group's name as The Garden With Kristó and Bjarna. Apparently this song won a Neil Young covers competition in Iceland, and their victory was well deserved. You can listen to all of the finalists here:

"Looking For A Love" is another great acoustic cover, performed by the Mexican quartet Valle de Muñecas. I think the band name translates as Dolls Valley. Not all of their music is acoustic; this song comes from an album called "Folk", which also includes a Violent Femmes cover. You can hear it (and more) at

These are the only versions of "Stupid Girl" and "Drive Back" that I could find, perhaps because they are the cruelest songs that Neil Young wrote for Zuma. "Stupid Girl" is from the Toronto band Teenage Kicks. Check out for more of their covers and original "punk rock soul" songs.

"Drive Back" is performed by The Stars Of Heaven, an Irish band from the 80's. I am indebted to the blog Jumping Someone Else's Song for this one. I highly recommend this music blog ( The site appears to be dormant, but most of the cover compilations are still available, including three collections of Neil Young songs.

"Cortez The Killer" was a tough choice. I went with this raw and passionate version by a trio from the 90's called Tina Age 13. The blog Willfully Obscure posted the band's EP The Alcoholic Father of My Inner Child, and noted that "Cortez" runs for 56 minutes. You get the first 7 minutes here. Chris Johanson, the bassist for Tina Age 13, is now a famous painter.

This tribute to Zuma ends with one of my favorite singers, Mark Lanegan. Thanks are due to the music blogs,, and (as well as!



  1. Looks like every song on Forever Changes has been covered at least once:

  2. Here are some of the other Zuma covers that I found, in case you want to hear more (or make your own Zuma tribute!)!HMgAkBiZ!QqMsdYASRx8mYhJqqjilaJzOUcR2WDwmfGq1hI2IY2I

    "Don't Cry No Tears" is performed Teenage Fanclub, The Wedding Present, Matthew Sweet, and Del Amitri. I found "Danger Bird" on Soundcloud by a Finnish metal band called Ikuinen Vaiva. Maria McKee sings "Barstool Blues" as a piano ballad, and the solo artist Sun Araw plays it live and loud. "Looking For A Love" is performed by Jesse Malin (from his covers album, On Your Sleeve) and a folk group called Andrew Jackson Jihad.

    Versions of "Cortez" are here by the Church (from their Box of Birds cover album), Prong (from their new covers album, Songs From The Black Hole), and a live workout by Michelle Malone and her Band De Soleil, guest starring the Indigo Girls. A lovely "Through My Sails" from Swedish singer Micadelia's covers album Free Ride ends this collection.