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Friday, October 30, 2015

Post Punk Rules

Someone sent this to me a couple days ago, thought I'd pass it as I can tell it's a 2014 internet creation, and no question it does contain some interesting material. I'm gonna watch the Royals play game 3 in a few minutes, but I thought why the hell not toss this one up.....from what I can find, it's available for free elsewhere on the internet, for whatever that is worth.......eyeball the track list, this might be a collection you'll enjoy, although thematically, it doesn't really seem to hold together that well, nonetheless, some lesser-comped morsels are here and are worth a listen.


01 THE BLOW MONKEYS-A New Morning/02 THE DEVIANTS-Guarenteed to Bleed/03 BIG SEXY NOISE-Collision Course/04 DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia (Single Version)/05 THE FALL-Laptop Dog/06 ANDY BLADE-Let's Burn the Internet Down/07 THE PRIMITIVES-Across My Shoulder/08 FIVE OR SIX-Sleepwalk/09 THE BLUE ORCHIDS-Bad Education/10 THE MONOCHROME SET-Fallout/11 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Happy Talk/12 ARTERY-The Stalker/13 CORDUROY-Clearing Up Music

If you behave I will get you a couple more albums this weekend.........trying to think of a band from Kansas City or with Royals in thier name or something to pay tribute to thte eventual champions of baseball!



  2. Thank you for this and all the other great music, but I gotta say...

    Lets GO Mets!