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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oi! A Tribute

I like stuff like this, a "tribute album", to, uhhhh, what exactly? I guess the "oi/punk" sound of the late 1970's early 1980's, this is a fairly rare comp, at least I think so, which is worth a listen......these are NOT the most well-known of tunes, thusly, the cover versions aren't exactly in the public domain either.....nonetheless, this is a decent album and definitley worth a listen.......the track listings in this instance includes the ORIGINAL artist for easy reference. I am quite the guy, am I not?

OI!-A TRIBUTE-01 HEROES-Razor in the Night (Blitz)/02 ULTIMA THULE-The Power and the Glory (Cockney Rejects)/03 BLIND SYSTEM-If the Kids Are United (Sham 69)/04 MIDGARDS SONER-Real Enemy (The Buisness)/05 JINX-Give Us a Future (One Way System)/06 TIN SOLDIERS-New Punks (Anti Social)/07 NORDWIND-The Beginning of the End (Cockney Rejects)/08 HASSLICH-Stolz (Bohse Onkelz)/09 MIDGARD'S SONER-Someone's Gonna Die (Blitz)/10 ULTIMA THULE- Take Em All (Cock Sparrer)/11 BLIND SYSTEM-Hersham Boys (Sham 69)/12 HEROES-Yesterday's Heroes (4-Skins)/13 WEST SIDE BOYS-Rapist (Combat 84)/14 TIN SOLDIER-Get Adicted (The Adicts)/15 HASSLICH-Varient (Bohse Onkelz)/16 VARINGARNER-Watch Your Back (Cock Sparrer)/17 JINX-Warriors (Blitz)/18 NORWIND-Questions and Answers (Sham 69)/19 ULTIMA THULE/JINX-Chaos (4-Skins)/20 KAI-Because You're Young (Cock Sparrer)/21 BOOTS AND BRACES-Last Years Youth (Menace)

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