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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Seems like a relative term, but I was just poking around on Pirates Bay last night (just days after posting "Black Monk Time") and tripped over this.....a Monks early works/rarities disc? Never knew it existed....shares some overlap with "Black monk Time", but I think it no question will have an interesting nugget or two. According to the notes, this includes "pre-Monks" work as the Torquays, as well as some post-"Black Monk Time" singles....I have not had a chance to even listen to this yet, hopefully I will get to it tonight or tomorrow, I just had to put it up as a companion piece to the surprisingly-well recieved "Black Monk Time".......

Please leave a comment, especially in light of the fact that I haven't even listened to it yet!

01 Monk Time/02 Love Came Tumblin Down/03 Boys Are Boys/04 Space Age/05 We Do Wie Du/06 I Hate You/07 Pretty Suzanne/08 Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy/09 Hushie Pushie/10 Oh, How To Do Now/11 Boys Are Boys/12 There She Walks

Tracks 1-10: Demos, recorded as The Monks, Sept. 1965.
Tracks 11-12: Single, recorded as The 5 Torquays, circa 1964.

(According to notes found on Pirate Bay.......enjoy!)



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  3. Bought this when it first came out as "Five Upstart Americans" - none of the tracks are the same as on the LP, these are some very cool versions with a more live feel. Excellent all round.

  4. Just stumbled into yr blog via "Music Ruined My Life" and love it so far....glad yr posting to Mediafire, as that's always easy to use....I"m gonna poke around and see what's here, but thanks already for this Monks material!

    1. Search a bit for mmy checkered history with mediafire.....yes, easy to use, but.......anyway enjoy what is available here, although NOT MUCH IS ANY LONGER Thanks to mediafire's purge of most of my stuff......anyways thanks for reading