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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Random 13th Floor Elevators Rarities

Don't know how many Elevators fans we have here, I've long been one....."Psychedelic Sounds" (with it's classic liner notes about "recently it has become possible for man to chemically alter his mental state".....something like that), and the underrated "Easter Everywhere" are classics of the TRUE acid genre, according to all sources these guys were ate up on the daily LSD that Roky Erikson and Tom Hall were more or less forcing on them.......

Rarities.....what, everything but those 2 classic albums maybe? I'd have to say so. I looked through my stack of stuff and there is going to be a BUNCH of overlap here, unfortunately, but a completist/collector may just cream himself.

Lets start with a few very poor concert recordings, both from ca. 1965 - 67.....I'm sure being there was quite a experience, trying to listen to these is something less than that, but they do contain amny of the Elevators classics, and a few live surprises such as "You Really Got Me" and "Roll Over Beethoven"'re welcome if these fill a slot in your collection, if you plan on these becoming a frequently played favorite, probably not (and NEITHER contains a live version of my all-time fave "Slip Inside This House", for shame!)

Next set I see here is "All Singles and Rare Stuff"......going over the track list I see a few things not normally heard from the boys, notably a "single edit" of "Slip Inside This House" which I have never listened to and assume is not what I'm looking for. Anyway, rarities, rarites.....something here to please someone. Just don't quote a shorter version of "Slip Inside this House" to me, I don't think I could stand it.

The next three series could possibly fit the bill as "overkill", I didn't really realize I had all this stuff, but here they are in all their glory.....remember you were WARNED about overlap......

First we have "Psychedelic Sounds/Easter Everywhere Alternate Mixes"......grrrr, still no "Slip Inside This House", but alternate mixes and single mixes of a good portion of the stuff from those two albums. Again, if you are a HUGE fan of Roky and the boys, this may seem like a Godsend.....if not, it may seem like so much filler.......Baskin Robbins makes 31 flavors for a reason, I guess...

Next comes the THREE (!) disc "Unreleased  Masters Collection" Disc 1 contains alternate versions of a lot of their more notable works, although listening to them may confuse you...the differences sometimes are minimal from the origianl....they're all here, though, "Fire Engine", "Roller Coaster", "Dust".......nothing wrong with listening and trying to discerne the difference here between the original and the alternate version.Disc 2 is more esoteric, versions of "Hattie Carroll", "Catch the Wind", "Baby Let Me Follow You Down"......quite interesting stuff. Also includes "For Brian Jones (Hide Behind the Sun)".....good stuff here. Disc 3 of "Unreleased Masters" goes back to well known Elevators material, I don't know if these are studio alternates or what, I'm working for the "completitst" on this one.....

The definition of overkill, perhaps, when it comes to the 13th Floor Elevators, might be a SECOND three disc set, "Paradise Lost"......Same as before.....alternates and etc, some are probably indentical to those on "Unreleased Masters", some are probably different, it would take note-taking to figure it out, and that ain't me.....I do notice a version of "Gloria" on Disc 1. Disc 2 contains a bunch of live material, some from a TV show and some from a club in New Orleans, sound qulaity is what it is.

The third disc is "Paradise Found", which claims to be "Studio Sessions 1966-68" and I guess they are, they sure sound EXACTLY like those that ended up on "Psychedelic Sounds" and "Easter Everywhere" least I do gt to include a satisfactory version of "Slip Inside This House" in the whole mess, to me sounds like the "official" version, what do I know?

Be a few hours and maybe tomorrow AM until all these are upped. I predict that some will love this post, and some will hate it. I have a bunch of Roky (post-elevators) stuff, I was going to maybe blend it in with this, but there is just too much sometime, Roky gets his own "random Rarities" post, which would, I think, include most of his post-13th efforts.

Enjoy.....these are a few relics of a bygone's not coming back, so get a taste of it here.....I hink "Slip Inside This House" is THE definitive acid/psych song ever written (by anyone), and a lot of this stuff was WAY ahead of it's time.

Links in the comment section, leave a comment if you wish......any interest in a Roky Rarities post?

AVALON BALLROOM 1966-01 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/02 Before You Accuse/03 You Don't Know/04 I'm Gonna Love You Too/05 You Really Got Me/06 Splash I/07 Fire Engine/08 Roll Over Beethoven/09 The Word/10 Monkey Island/11 Roller Coaster

LA MAISON CLUB HOUSTON 1965 or 66-01 Levitation/02 Roller Coaster/03 Fire Engine/04 Reverberation/05 Don't Fall Down/06 Tried To Hide/07 Splash I/08 You're Gonna Miss Me/09 Monkey Island/10 Kingdom of Heaven/11 She Lives (In a Time Of Her Own)

ALL SINGLES AND RARE STUFF-01 You're Gonna Miss M e/02 Tried to hide/03 Reverberation/04 Fire Engine/05 I've Got Levitation/06 Before You Accuse/07 She Lives (in a Time Of Her Own)/08 Baby BLue/09 Slip Inside This House (Single Version)/10 Splash I/11 I'm Gonna Love You Too/12 May The Circle Remain unbroken/13 Livin On/14 Scarlet and Gold/15 You Really Got Me/16 Roll Over Beethoven/17 Say The Word/18 I Don't Ever Wanna Come Down/Livin On (Acetate Version)

UNRELEASED MASTERS D1-01 Dust (alternate mix)/02Thru the Rythm (alternate mix)/03 Roller Coaster (alternate mix)/04 Monkey Island (alternate mix)/05 Fire Engine (alternate mix)/06 Tried To Hide (alternate mix)/07 Fire In My Bones (alternate mix)/08 Don't Fall Down/09 You're Gonna Miss Me/10 She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)/11 I've Got Levitation/12 Reverberation/13 Roller Coaster/14 Don't Fall Down/15 You Don't Know (How Young You Are)/16 Levitation Blues (Take 1)/17 Levitation Blues (Take 2)

UNRELEASED MASTERS D2-01 The ballad of Hattie Carroll/02 The Chimes of Freedom/03 Catch the Wind/04 Baby let Me Follow You Down/05 Colors/06 Honey Give Me One More Chance/07 One Too Many Mornings/08 Honey Give Me One More Chance/09 Lay Down Your Weary Time/10 I'm Gonna Free Her/11 Bermuda/12 Splash I/13 May the Circle Remain Unbroken/14 The Right Track Now/15 For Brian Jones (Hide Behind the Sun)

UNRELEASED MASTERS D3-01 Levitation/02 Roller Coaster/03 Fire Engine/04 Reverberation/05 Don't Fall Down/06 Tried To Hide/07 Splash I/08 You're Gonna Miss Me/09 Monkey Island/10 Kingdom of Heaven/11 She Lives (In a Time OF Her Own)

PARADISE LOST D1-01 Gloria/02 You're Gonna Miss Me/03 Tried to hide/04 Splash I/05 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore/06 Make That Girl Your Own/07 Before You Accuse Me/08 Fire In My Bones/09 Monkey Island/10 Thru The Rythem/11 Roller Coaster/12 Fire Engine/13 Dust/14 Levitation/15 She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)/16 Slide Machine/17 Somebody TO Love/18 You're Gonna Love Me Too/19 I Don't Ever Wanna Come Down (Unreleased)/20 We Sell Soul (Unreleased)/21 You're Gonna Miss Me (Unreleased)/22 You're Gonna Miss Me (Unreleased)/23 Roky Interview/24 Fire Engine (live)/25 Roll Over Beethoven/26 Peace (take 1 unreleased)/27 Peace (take 2 unreleased)/28 Love the BLind Man (unrelased)/29 No Fuss (Unreleased)

PARADISE LOST D2-01 Before You Accuse Me/02 She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)/03 Tried to Hie/04 You Gotta Take That Girl/05 I'm GOnna Love You Too/06 Everybody needs Somebody/07 I've Got Levitation/08 You Can't Hurt Me Anymore/09 Roller Coaster/10 You're Gonna Miss Me/11 Fire Engine/12 Roll Over Beethoven/13 Mercy Mercy/14 You Really Got Me/15 The Word/16 I'm Down/17 GLoria/18 Monkey Island/19 Roller Coaster

(Tracks 1-14 Live on "Sumpin Else" TV Show Dallas 1966. Tracks 14-19 Livea t the New Orleans Club, Austin 1968)

PARADISE FOUND-01 You're Gonna Miss Me/02 Everybody Needs Somebody/03 I'm Gonna Love You Too/04 Before You Accuse Me/05 You Can't Hurt Me ANymore/06 Make That Girl Your Own/07 Monkey Island/08 Thru the Rythm/09 Roller Coaster/10 Fire Engine/11 Levitation/12 She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)/13 Dust/14 Slide machine/15 Nobody To Love/16 Slip Inside This House/17 Right Track now/18 Splash I/19 Never ANother/20 Fire In My Bones/21 I Don't Want To Come Down/22 Livin On/23 Scarlet and Gold/24 May the Circle Remain Unbroken

PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS/EASER EVERYWHERE ALTERNATE MIXES-01 You're Gonna Miss Me (Contact 45 Sessions Outtake 1/66)/02 Roller Coaster (alternate Mix)/03 Splash I (Houston Demo 6/66)/04 Reverberation (Official Take)/05 Don't Fall Down (Alternate Mix)/06 Fire Engine (Altenate Mix)/07 Thru the Rythm (Alternate Mix)/08 You Don't Know (Alternate Mix)/09 Monkey Island (Alternate Mix)/10 Tried to Hide (Contact 45 Sessions Outtake)/11 You Gotta Take That Girl (Houston Demo 6/66)/12 Before You Accuse Me (Houston Demo 6/66)/13 You Can't Hurt Me ANymore (Houston Demo 6/66)/14 Dust (Alternate Mix)/15 Splash I (Acoustic)/16 Right Track now (Uncertain Session)/17 Livin On (Gold Star Acetate)/18 I DOn't Ever Want To Come Down (Gold Star Acetate)/19 Never Another (official Take)/20 Wait For My Love/21 Dear Dr Doom (Official Take)/22 Fire In My Bones (Sessin Uncertain)/23 May the Circle Remain Unbroken (official Take)











    Still waiting on Unreleasd 3 to upload, check for it this eveing.....enjoy these in the meantime!

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