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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Best Senser post, ever

Something of an English answer to Rage Against the Machine, Senser put out one phenominal album ("Stacked Up"), and a few more that are a bit short of that level. Mixing hip hop beats and vocals, metal guitars, and leftist politics, the sound on "Stacked Up" for my money made it one of the most unique, and best, albums of 1995. Especially noteworthy are the icy vocals of  Kerstin Haigh, listen to her repeated chant "Make a SWITCH!" (in "Switch"), or especially her rant in "State of Mind" ("Shut your mouth and get back in line and if you don't like it well it suits us just fine!").....she ahd the ability to sound fearsome in sort of an Annie Lennox-"1984" manner.....went well witht he make vocals, multi instruments, and lyrics taking on the ususal subject matter of the time/place......

Anyway, I consider "Stacked Up" to be something of a near-classsic.....the second album, "Asylum" treads a lot of the same turf but as so often happens, "It" was gone after one album. Also issued around the time was "Asylum De" or "Senser vs De Senser", kind of a complicated issue in which Haigh had left the band due to pregnancy and they trudged on as "De Senser", until her return......anyway, it's all worth a listen, though simply not of the quality of "Stacked Up".

"Parallel Charge" was issued in 2001, kind of an overly ambitious compilation for a band with 2.5 albums to it's credit.....anyway, for some reason I have it, so if you prefer this programming sequence, have at it. "Schematic" and "How to Do Battle" were the next two legitimate new releases, in 2004 and 2009, and all indications seem to be that they carry on even now. Nothing wrong with these albums, just not as good as "Stacked Up", and as we've seen with Gang of Four, RATM, TRB, Crass, and lots of other "angry" bands, once the anger dies down a bit so does the intensity of the music.

None the less, they gave us "Stacked Up", which, again, I think is a fine album that anyone should have and hear.....loaded with great stuff...."Age of Panic", "State of Mind", "Switch"......and if it tickles yer fancy, check out the rest of their works. None of it's "bad", really, like so many befoe them, they simply never achieved the level of their debut.

Now, I have a request....I once heard the song "Age of Panic" done in a fabulous version known as the "Git-O-Rama ReMix"......I cannot find that thing ANYWHERE. Does anyone out there in Senser-land happen to have a copy or a link I can use? It was by far what I thought the top version of "Age of Panic", but I simply can't find a copy of it, internet or elsewhere.....I think that it actually came on a "Huh?" Magazine compliation disc, which must have been misplaced/given away/stolen/something.....anyway I'd love to hear it again, and if you can help me out here I'd truly appreciate it!........I'm still uploading White Stripes links, so when I get done with them I'll get started on these......tonight, maybe tomorrow!

STACKED UP-01 States of Mind/02 The Key/03 Switch/04 Age of Panic/05 Peanut Head/06 One Touch One Bounce/07 Stubborn/08 What's Going On?/09 Peace/10 Eject/11 No Comply/12 Worth

ASYLUM-01 Book of Flies/02 Charming Demons/03 Adrenalin/04 Strange Asylum/05 Burn Out/06 Desensitized/07 Breed/08 Lizard/09 Oyster

ASYLUM DE-01 Charming Demons (DJ Awe Mix)/02 Eye Kalied/03 Tried and Untested/04 Om (Harry Hog Mix)/05 Rows of People/06 Gabba Man

PARALLEL CHARGE-01 Charming Demons/02 Strange Asylum/03 Breed/04 Adrenalin/05 Lizard/06 Book of Flies/07 Desensitized/08 Burn Out/09 Enemy Down/10 Weatherman/11 Door Game/12 Oyster/13 Switch (Depth Charge First Venom Mix)/14 Age of Panic

SCHEMATIC-01 Silent By/02 Infoburner/03 Bulletproof/04 Formula Milk/05 Crucible/06 Return To Zombie Island/07 An Astonishing Spectacle/08 Photographed Flies/09 Bomb Factories/10 A Conscious War/11 The Brunt

HOW TO DO BATTLE-01 Wake Up You're On Fire/02 Resistance Now/03 Brightest Rays/04 2 3 Clear/05 Dictator Bling/06 End of the World Show/07 Smoking Paranoia/08 Sandhurst in Zero G/09
So Refined/10 Hex/11 Fairy Tale/12 Lights Out/13 Arturo


  1. ASYLUM-





    Just one left to go, too bad it's the best one "Stacked UP"......oh well look for it in the morning and enjoy these in the meantime!

    1. Stacked Up-

  2. "Stacked Up" is a pretty unique album. I don't think anyone else got that mix of metal, hip hop and techno in the same way Senser did on that album. If anyone's in any doubt, just listen to the first minute or so and I'm sure you'll be hooked. It really is one of the best intros of any album from any time.