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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Mind Expanding Journey Through Danish Rock

Couldn't think of what to do today, always thought this was a pretty good comp, see what you think. I don't have any cover art for it, don't even know where I got it (Pirate Bay most likely), but this is a fine three disc set of some good psych, both well known (Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Savage Rose, Culpepper's Orchard), as well as some lesser known goodies from Stig Moller, The Stomps, No Name, and a whole bunch more. Not being familair with the language, as I've said before, is fun, if it rocks it rocks.....I may be doing a few non-English comps here for a while, maybe see if that keeps the heat off me. Hard to imagine Burnin Red Ivanhoe whining to mediafire, but you never know I guess. A good set, check it out. Since I need some artwork I guess I'll just put up pictures of some of the included bands, sice I cannot for the life of me find any cover art. Oh well.

By the way the damn VIkings won, utilizing the idiotic new overtime rules. But a win is a win, and I don't expect more tan three more of them or so, so at least I can relish this one Oho State looked like shit, and the local high school team (my sons best bud/my sort-of adopted second son plays for them) were nipped 46-0 Friday, so that is kind of how the football season is shaping up.

Well, i DID find some cover art

DISC 1-01 SKOUSEN & INGENMANN-Herfra Hvor Vi Star/02 SAVAGE ROSE-A Girl i Knew/03 YOUNG FLOWERS-Oppe I Traeet/04 ACHE-Shadow of a Gypsy/05 MIDNIGHT SUN-King of the Sun/06 STIG MOLLER-To Sjalele Een Tanke/07 GNAGS-Kloden Rokker/08 CULPEPPERS ORCHARD-Mountain Music/09 POVL DISSING & BEEFEATERS-Lod Mig Blve Noget/10 BLUE SUN-Katerdralen/11 RUDE MOR-Lille Johnny's Mund/12 BURNIN RED IVANHOE-Ivanhoe I Brnadbyerne/13 GASOLIN-Laphophore Williamsii/14 NO NAME-Fodeland Song/15 ALRUN ROD-Dutaler Og Sir/16 BEEFEATERS-Night Flight

DISC 2-01 SEBASTIAN-Nar Lyset Bryder Frem/02 PAN-Lady of the Sand/03 STEPPULVENE-Lykkens Pamfil/04 SAVAGE ROSE-Dear Little Mother/05 BENNY HOLST-Sang On Mervaerdi/06 MOIRANA-So my Daddy Says/07 SPILL EMAENENE-Vi Skal Dasae/08 MUSIK PATRULIJEN EEC Blues/09 SECRET OYSTER-Dampekspression/10 OLD MAN & THE SEA-Princess/11 CV JORENSON-Louis Bond/12 DAY OF PHOENIX-Cellophane No. 1/13 RODE MOR-Grillboven/14 HAIR-Supermouth/15 SIGJNERKOMPAGNET-Kan Ikke Slaos Ihejel

DISC 3-BURNIN RED IVANHOE-Showintroduction/02 SYLVESTERS JUKE BOX-Guess It Because/03 YOUNG FLOWERS-Like Birds/04 STEPPULVENE-Du Skal Ud Hvor Du Ikke Kan Bunde/05 SAVAGE ROSE-Hey Joe/06 STOMPS-My Parents/08 ALRUNE ROD-Nor Himlen Er Bla/09 PAN-Right Across My Bed/11 TP SMOKE-Smoke/12 HASSE & THE REEFERS-Hashhuden Glammer/13 BEEFEATERS-Big City/14 FUJARA-Impo Jensen/15 FEO-Bed teamor/16 BURNIN RED IVANHOE-Johnin the Woods/17 DR DOPO JAM-Cowboysangen/18 YOUNG FLOWERS-City of Friends/9 ALBUEN-Ry Esgades Blegade Dronning/20 CURLED EDGES-Goods/21 MAXWELLS-What Did She Say/22 CROWD-Junk/23 BEEFEATERS-LSD/24 CHILD OF INSTITUTION-Gasolin

Links will be up in the morning I would guess.....please leave a comment, let me know if you lik this kind of thing, I have comps from every corner of the planet, if you like.....just let me know.


  1. DISC 1

    DISC 2

    I'm really sorry.....I don't know what is up with mediafire....took all night just to upload these 2, the third is still loading. I won't be able to get to it until tonight. I have no idea, really, why they are ging so slowly

  2. Geez...>Disc 3

  3. Hello,
    I'm A HUGE Fan Of Your Site & Look forward to It Every Day!
    I Was Wondering;Would It Be Possible For You To Post (At Your Conveinence)Post Some "Chesterfield Kings" (Especially "Let's Go Get Stones")
    In The Meantime,A Big Tip Of The Hat For All Your Posts - Keep Up The Great Work!
    All The Best,
    Colonel Dan