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Monday, September 3, 2012

Alright, This Time Just the Girls

A compilation set for a leisurely Labor Day for all of the working men and (especially) women of the world today (love those working women). This set had been fairly readilly available, not terribly hard to find, but the three discs are a really fine cross-section of female fronted garage/punk stuff, both fairly well known and unknown.

Volume 1 is  2 disc set.....stuff everyone knows like Hole ("Retard Girl" is a pre "Live Through THis Track"), Lunachicks, Holly Golightly, Detroit Cobras, and Red Aunts, as well as lesser knowns like the wonderfully named Banana Erectors, as well as Candypants, Supersnazz, Lo-Hi.....twenty four tracks in all, a fine piece of work.

The second disc of the same set contains 24 MORE tracks, I don't THINK anyone is repeated from disc 1, again, a mix of well-known ('s, Headcoatees, Free Kitten, and the pre-Donnas Electrocutes) as well as more obscure Pussy Crush, Satan's Cheerleaders, Fur, Shitbirds......wish I had pictures of all of them so we could have a babe-off, but too much work for a Labor Day.

Along came Volume 2, a single disc with 30 tracks AGAIN with incrdible variety....there are some repeat performers from volume 1, but how about Wanda Jackson?!....Tina & the Total Babes.....Real Minx......The Beards.....I could go on and on but see the track lists.

I love to hear chicks sing rock n roll. This is as good a compilation as I can find of the known and hte lesser known......Obviously I'm going to have to find some pictures of SOME of these ladies in order to fill up the blog page, I'm hoping the Banana Erectors don't disappoint!

Links up in a little while, as only three discs. Have a good remainder of your Labor Day weekend, I hope I have covered sufficiently versatile materal this weekend. If not, I'll be back maybe midweek with somethin else, see ya then and guys, treat those women in your life well.

VOLUME 1 DISC 1-01 THE MUFFS-I Don't Like You/02 BANANA ERECTORS-Fed Up With Highschool Days/03 THE GROWN UPS-Nick and Nick/04 DETROIT COBRAS-I'll Keep Holding On/05 CANDYPANTS-Dishy/06 THE FRIGGS-Shake/07 SUPERSNAZZ-Baby Love/08 THE CHUBBIES-When I Was Your Girlfriend/09 SACRED MIRACLE CAVE-The Ghost of Elizabeth Shaw/10 THE BARARELLAS-Happy Daze/11 LUNACHICKS-Shit Finger Dick/12 EYELINERS-Six Years/13 LO-HI-Put a Sock In It/14 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Anyway You Like It/15 APRIL MARCH-Cet Air-La/16 BUCK-My Fascination/17 HOLE-Retard Girl/18 THE BAGS-Survive/19 STARPOWER-I'm Sorry/20 THE REVILLOS-Your Baby's Gone/21 APRIL MARCH/MAKERS-Sad Little Bug/22 NEPTUNAS-Davy Jones Liquor Locker/23 RED AUNTS-Terri Man/24 CALAMITY JANE-My Spit

VOLUME 1 DISC2-01 THE SHITBIRDS-I Want You/02 THE'S-Bomb The Twist/03 TRINKET-Happy Right This Second/04 FUR-I'm Not Coming/05 THEE HEADCOATEES-Ca Plane Pour Moi/06 THE HAVES-Coal Black/07 THE TRIP-Help me/08 INGER LORRE/MOTEL SHOOTOUT-Burn/09 THE GERALDINE FIBBERS-Toybox/10 PHENOBARBIDOLS-Theresa/11 THIRD GRADE TEACHER-Fear of a Boy/12 FREE KITTEN-Oh Bondage Up Yours/13 THE STOOL PIGEONS-I'm Into Something Good/14 APRIL MARCH/LOS CINCOS-Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind/15 THE COUGARS-Brain Cactus/16 HONEYMOON KILLERS-Mad Woman Blues/17 ELECTROCUTES-Eggnog/18 DARK CARNIVAL-Heaven Can Wait/19 LITTLE PORKCHOP-Mean Mean Man/20 THE PEBBLES-Sitting By The Phone/21 EARL LEE GRACE-Together/22 PUSSY CRUSH-Burn Your World Down/23 CANDY 500-Keep It In the Whole/24 SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS-I've Got Levitation

VOLUME 2-01 DOWNBEAT 5-Radiates That Charm/02 THE STUCK UPS-Anywhere But Here/03 TINA & THE TOTAL BABES-Tongue Tied/04 A-LINES-Four/05 THE FONDAS-Yeah Baby/06 THE BEARDS-My Pillow/07 KIRBY GRIPS-Washing Machine/08 TUULI-Tough Guys/09 LISA MARR EXPERIMENT-Little Red Bird/10 DETROIT COBRAS-Bye Bye Baby/11 THE BRISTOLS-The Way I Feel About You/12 CANDY PANTS-Nerdy Pants/13 MR AIRPLANE MAN-Loneome Road/14 MATSON JONES-A Little Bit of Arson/15 THE EXCESSORIES-See Me In/16 THE CHUBBIES-didjahhavtasaythat?/17 MISS DARINGER-Corpus Christi/18 WANDA JACKSON-It Happens Every Time/19 CHRISTA DEERYNN-Sweet Lies/20 KO & THE KNOCKOUTS-Go-Getter/21 SCARLING-City Noise/22 THE BANANA ERECTORS-You Got That Uh Uh/23 THE's-It's Rainy/24 THE COME ONS-Dollar In My Pocket/25 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Won't Go Out/26 THE MUFFS-Everywhere I Go/27HELEN LOVE-Debbie Loves Joey/28 REAL MINX-Heather Hotwheelz/29 LUDELLA BLACK-I've Just Seen a Face/30 SUPERSNAZZ-Our Favorite Feeling


  1. Volume 1 Disc 1

    Volume 1 Dics 2

    There seems to be some kind of problema with Volume 2, I'm going to try it again overnight, hopefully it'll be ready for youse in a gadda da morning

  2. Geez I even fucked THAT up.....all these (legal) drugs and herbs and alcohol and....what was I thinking again? here is the corrected link for Volume 1 Disc 2:
    as you can see the two links above are the same. Anyone got any Kratom or Kava or Kanna or BLue Lotus or Michelob Ultra? Ativan?

  3. VOLUME 2

  4. reup links please

  5. am so sick and tired of government not letting
    release of information or music and stopping almost all of your links I am so sorry Bruh for all the time and work you spent.We live in a society governed by money and nothing else where have we come to ?Who knows only time will tell.Will continue to search your blog fight the Powers that be brother.