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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stoner Rock 'Round the Globe (Part1, maybe?)

As you can probably guess I have tons and tons of stoner comps on my shelves.....many from different corners of our planet. Thought I'd break out just four of them today, and see how you react, because if popular this could go into parts 2,3,4,5.... and LOTS more. Stoner rock for me does NOT work in compilation form as well as, say, punk, or power pop, personally I think because compilations of THOSE genres can simulate a "radio experience", and stoner rock is NOT radio music......

First stop Italy "Heavy Psych Italian Sounds"..... couple names with which you may be familiar: The Forty Moustachy, Gonzales, Alix, and of course Veracrash, and TONS more that at least I am unfamiliar with (other than this comp).....Underdogs weigh in witht he wonderfully titled "Fuck Cover Bands". This is a good set, the Italian stoner scene of course is not as well admired as say, the ones from Norway or Argentina or a few more, this is a recommended set.

Next up we have "Dutch Courage-The Dutch Soner Collection", a few GREATS of the genre appear here......the fantastic 7Zuma7, Gomer Pyle, Toner Low, the magnificent Abe Diddy and the not delay, this is one of the finer international stoner comps out there.

"Stoner Rock From Mexico" features only two names other wise familiar to me, El Diablo and Malingo, but don't despair, the Mexican stoner scene, heavily influenced by Argentinian greats Buffalo and Los Natas, is very, very good, and this is a fine album to listen to all the way through. Don't miss this one either.

Now, New Zealand has come through in the past with the great Datura and others....they do not appear here on "New Zealand Stonerfest 2009", in fact, there is NO ONE here with whom I shared prior familiarity, but like the other three, this is a good set, check it out and learn about some good bands you never heard of, like Left or Right and Stonehurst.

Please comment on these if you check them out.....I have comps from almost every country in the world, and most of them are at the very least enjoyable nonsense......personally I'd love to do a few more chapters of this, but don't wnat to if it isn't the kind of thing you guys want. Please let me know, because when I say I have a LOT of this stuff, I am not joking around.

Links maybe tonight, maybe in the morning, we shall see you all and thanks for all the recent comments and statements of enjoyment of the blog. Nothing makes me happier!

HEAVY PSYCH ITALIAN SOUNDS-01 VERACRASH-Beyond the Grave/02 BLACK RAINBOWS-Shaman Vision/03 IL TORQUEMADA-Infernalcoholic Man/04 OJM-Stoned Love/05 ALIX-I'll be Gone/06 MISS FRAULEIN-Gustavo/07 DOOMRAISER-Rotten River/08 MAYA MOUNTAINS-The Mudtrain/09 EL-THULE-Black Mamba/10 RE DINAMITE-Loves of Bacco/11 SMALL JACKETS-Leave Me Alone/12 LOSFUOCOS-Over the Top/13 GONZALES-Check Mate/14 UNDERDOGS-Fuck Cover Bands/15 THE FORTY MOUSTACHY-Dead Man in the Bathroom/16 ZIPPO-Kid In the Desesrt/17 MIDRYASI-Hissbilum/18 VORTICE CREMISI-Mother Nature/19 TSUNAMI-Cedo/20 FUCKVEGAS-Panario

STONER ROCK FROM MEXICO-01 STELLAR HIGH-Summer Rain/02 LE ORQUESTA DE ANIMALES-Back Seat Love/03 MALINGO-The Red Witch/04 THE SWEET LEAF-Rotten/05 EL DIABLO-Voodoo Child/Electric Sex Messiah/06 DRUGSTER MONSTER-Crystal Stories/07 OCCULTA-No Eres Mi Idolo/08 34-D-Nomas Pregunto/09 LOS FERNANDUCCIS-Take ME To Your Leader/10 STONEFRONT-Fastest Ride To Death/11 DESERT STONE-Marital Arts

DUTCH COURAGE-THE DUTCH STONER COLLECTION-01 ASTROSONIQ-Godly Pace/02 7ZUMA7-Blue TS/03 STONE OAK COSMONAUT-Reborn Again/04 GOMER PYLE-Bring on the Diesel/05 HOOGHWATER-Hard Rain Fell/06 TONER LOW-Devilbolts Designed To Assimilate/07 57 CHEVY-Sun Behind the Sun/08 COSMIC ANDROID-Valvestream/09 ABE DIDDY & THE KRAUTBOYS-Concrete Hell/10 STONERFRON NIJMEGEN-World Of Geeks/11 MONSTERSTONE-When Hell Freezes Over/12 3 SPEED AUTOMATIC-Walk on the Sun

NEW ZEALAND STONERFEST 2009-01 SECOND GEAR GRIND-Carpet of Smoke/02 LEFT OR RIGHT-Hitchy/03 THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN-Awakening to Shining Light/04 SOULSELLER-ND/05 DYING OF THE LIGHT-Everyone You know Here is Dead/06 STONEHURST-Beating the Scale

As you might of ascertained by now, I love this music this "stoner rock".......I am 50 years old, and it's a "scene" (if you must) that I have been waiting for my whole life.....obviously the music I grew up on really WAS "stoner rock" (what else can we make of Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath, and a zillion more), and while the punk and grunge scenes came out of nowhere to make me very happy, change my life, and revive my faith that someone else did indeed appreciate loud fast screamed rock n roll, it wasn't, really, until Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age etc, got this "movement" off the ground that I finally, in my advanced age, got a scene that as "for me".......and this was long, long after my dope smoking years. Maybe that's it, maybe it reminds me so much of those wonderful, pre-drug testing, much more carefree 1970's.......I don't know. I wax sentimental, but PLEASE tell me what you think of these comps, I have so many more that I'd love to share if these become popular!

Have a good Thursday evening, Browns vs Ravens, hmmmmmm, should be over like REALLY early, so maybe I'll pop something else up there tonight too. God bless and I love all who read and comment here. Really, thanks, I enjoy doing this and the comments and suggestions are wonderful. I never thought I'd do this for as long as I have, NEVER, but I really do enjoy it and I have so much more I want to share with you. Thanks for reading.


  1. I would be interested in hearing more bands from Sweden.

  2. DUTCH




  3. awesome!
    i love compilations.good way to hear alot of new bands.

    would love to see more stoner comps.

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