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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ready for some Vikings football

Well, I have been a fan of the Minnesota Vikings since 1969, rarely missing a single game in that time span. It's that time again, the team is going to suck the big one almost without question, but, I will always enjoy watching the purple compete on the football field. (I am also an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and thier season is practically relegated to that of a glorified exhibition season, so, hopefully, time goes quickly until my son's high school basketball starts) the way my beloved son is named Grant Alan after immortal Vikings coach Bud Grant, and Hall of Fame Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page. If you don't care, then you don't care. Proud Daddy here, always have been.

Okay, so some tunes....."Viking" related, I am just so clever. Couple metal albums from a UK band called Viking Skull, I know they kicked around for most of the 2000's, these are a couple of their latter-day albums, "Gloom Doom Heartache and Whiskey" (I suspect you get the idea from the title, if not, song titles like "Start a War" and "In Hell" should create an accurate picture. The other album we have from them is called "Heavy Metal Thunder", and on we go with the lovely song titles: "Beers, Drugs, and Bitches"....."Born in Hell"....."Rape Pillage And Burn" on guys!

At bit more enjoyable is the first album from Viking Invasion, witht he imaginative title "Volume 1".....pretty damn good guitar/blues rock, from Germany. Seems fairly little-known to me, I enjoy this album quite a bit, some damn good solid guitar rock allthe way through. Of all the albums I'm offering upon this theme, this one is easilly the best (IMO)

Wrapping this thing up we have three albums from black-metal band Viking Crown, it's so-so stuff but the titles are nothing short of hilarious.....just a tiny sample: "Birth of the Devil Fetus"....."Raped by an Angel" ...."Innoncence From Hell"....they ahve a bunch of songs about Satan ruling the earth, but that stuff kind of creeps me out, so I'll rfrain from discussing it, just read the song titles below.....

Honestly, this is NOT great muic, any of it. Fans of black/dark/death metal may enjoy, I'm putting them up in honor of my favorite NFL team, the Vikings......I'll think of something else over the weekend, no idea what, but let's hope for a Vikings win over Jacksonville, which may be thier best shot at winning one all season.

Skol Vikings, lets win the game, Skol Vikings, honor your name.......

VIKING SKULL-GLOOM DOOM HEARTACHE AND WHISKEY-01 Start a War/02 Doom Gloom Heartache and Whiskey/03 In Hell/04 Hair Of the Dog/05 Shot Down/06 Double or Quits/07 In For the Kill/08 19 Swords/09 Drink

VIKING SKULL-HEAVY METAL THUNDER-01 Beers, Drugs, and Bitches/02 Wizard's Sleeve/03 Frostbite/04 Rape Pillage and Burn/05 Crazy Trucker/06 Skull Heaven/07 Born In Hell/08 Crank the Volume/09 Red Hot Woman/10 Seedealer/11 Heavy Metal Thunder/12 Saddle Up/13 Double or Quite (demo)/14 Rock and Roll SUicide/15 Conquer the World/16 Baby Let Me Know/17 Skulls and Whiskey/18 Dirty Dirty Hole/19 Inject My Woman (With Love)/20 You Cna't Kill Rock N Roll

VIKING INVASION VOLUME 1-01 The Mirror/02 THe Love Song of Jaifred Prufrock/03 Blues Special/04 Listen to the Four Guitars on Your Corner/05 Shadow Boogie/06 Rolling Tones/07 Dark Lane Child/08 Moon of ALabama/09 Rhapsody of a Windy Night/10 Answer For My Life/11 Across the Street

VIKING CROWN-INNOCENCE FROM HELL-01 (Intro) Sons of Sadus/02 Innocence From Hell/03 The Burning Embers of Mockery/04 Birth of the Devil Fetus/05 The Red Flames of Sin/06 Overlords of Infinite Depression/07 The Long and Mighty Reign of Satan/08 Raped By an ANgel/09 The Seventh Storm of the Blood Demon/10 The Gathering/11 (outro) the BLood of Sadus

VIKING CROWN-UNORTHODOX STEPS OF RITUAL-01 Intro/02 Asmodeus Rising/03 Satan Ruler of Earth/04 Lust And Destruction/05 The Judas Goat/06 Unorthodox Steps of Ritual/07 Blaspheme/08 Invocation Toward the Conjuration of Black Souls

VIKING CROWN-BANISHED RYTHMIC HATE-01 Chirstianity Has No Chance/02 Possesed (From Within)/03 Banished Rythmic hate/04 Contemplating the Pitch Black/05 View of the Desolate Wasteland/06 Swallowed By Black mass/07 Accepting the Rise of Satanism/08 Unspoken Vows of Midnight Offereing/09 Draped In Treachery/10 The Woods Own Countless Voices/11 Poisoned By the BLood of Christ

VIKING CROWN-SOUTHERN ISOLATION (EP)-01 Blue Bird make You Shine/02 Come back and Let Me In/03 I Got Lost In Myself Again/04 Southern Man I Am/05 The Wall of You

Links in a little while.....these are NOT great albums, surewould like to hear comments on them though. Who's YOUR NFL team? Are they going to suck this year too?


  1. Sorry to hear about the Mediafire purge.

    You could not have named your son after better people.I am of an age where I think of Bud Grant as the Head Coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.People older than moi remember Bud as an NFL and CFL player.And people still older remember Bud as a multisport athlete at Minnesota.And,of course, a long stay with your Vikings as Head Coach.
    And Alan Page has had a 'pretty darn good' legal career!

    As far as football 1.BC Lions 2.Washington Huskies and 3.Seattle Seahawks.Leos,Dawgs and Hawks!