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Monday, December 30, 2013

A Quick One! (DEVO live Akron '77)

Well I got all the links caught up....waiting to prepare some more Jam material, "Part 3" of "Here Comes the Jam" promises to be exciting in that I will, also, be getting my hands on some "new" (for me) material... gotta love that! Tonight I have another sleep study, to try to find the proper remedy for the sleep apnea that nearly killed me in September..... but I got time for a QUICK post, you guys deserve something for waiting out the Opeth posting fiasco.....

Just scanning the shelves, and why not put this one up? I don't THINK I've ever posted this one before, if I did it's been a long is my fellow Buckeyes Devo, live in their home  of Akron, from February 1977....this was before the band's first album ("Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo") had made much of a dent, they seemed to be developing a cult following with their electronic "rock" and de-evolutionary be honest, it got quite old quite quickly (for my money at least), jokes are generally funny only once or so, and the fact that they actually scored a huge "hit" ("Whip It") numbs the mind.....however, at the time of THIS performance, the joke WAS funny and the bit was fresh, there is some stuff here that didn't crack the album's tracklist.

Check this one out, I don't think we see too many vintage live Devo recordings at all, and this is one band that TRULY peaked early (and if your father or uncle or babysitter was in the band and don't like my less-than-reverent attitude towards them, please get a life).....

We'll get the Jam stuff done here in the next couple of days, until then, sleep well, and "crank up" this live Devo set!

01 Praying Hands/02 Social Fools/03 Be Stiff/04 Uncontrollable Urge/05 Secret Agent Man/06 Shrivel Up/07 The Last Time I Saw St. Louis/08 Fraulien (glitches)/09 Too Much Paranoia/10 Huboon Stomp/11 Space Junk/12 Mongoloid/13 I Think I'm Falling In Love Again/14 Soo Bawlz/15 Blockhead/16 Jocko Homo (fades)/17 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat

Wish they'd have included their "Satisfaction" cover, or, better yet, their version of "Working In a Coal Mine", but I guess we can't have everything.



  2. Great one, BigScott62, hadn't got it and glad to add it! You wrote: "I guess we can't have everything"; ah but he-heh, often we can. First up, if you haven't yet got'em, Devo's home 4-tracks 1974-77 @ 320 are here:

    Next up, a trawl of my archive come up with three early Devo bootlegs:

    Devo - Live The Mongoloid Years 1975-77 (Cleveland 75, Akron 76, NYC 77, @160)

    Get it here with other Devo goodies:

    NB: The Hardcore Devo double CD from eggcityradio is at @ 160; get the re-release @ 320 listed above instead.

    Devo - live Cleveland 77 - "1984, The Year After 1977" (SBD 320), originally from floppybootstomp in 2009, now dead. I can up this if requested.

    Devo - Beginnings Club, Chicago, 11 December 1978 (@320, link still live at

    OK, that should keep you busy - have a Happy New Year in this Wiggly World! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  3. More info on Live-The Mongoloid Years and Recombo DNA:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  4. Thanks v much, and thanks Dave Sez :)

  5. Thanks to BOTH you Cats! Devo-Devo-Devo- D-E-V-O! Are we NOT men???