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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Music For "the rest of us"!

Busy, busy, busy.....getting ready for the holidays, getting ready to go back to (sigh) work soon, working on the huge, on going Jam post (great reaction, also great reaction to the Au-Pairs, and I continue to struggle with how I'm going to do the Yo La Tengo post, I just have SO MUCH material, more than I thought.... I'll get it figured out at some point).... so today, let me have a breather. (I've been working on the Jam post today too, finally got it up, but SO MANY links with all the FLAC files.....anyway the links are still uploading, it'll take a while.),

I don't THINK I have posted this before, sorry if I have, but it's a good one, full title: "Santa Claus and the Power Pop Criminals-A Collection of Power Pop Christmas Songs" would assume that it likely came from the great "Power Pop Criminals" site (, probably 2-3 years ago, but I don't think I've used it before on the blog.....if I have, enjoy it AGAIN, cause I'm not checking.

Standing out, to me, is one band you know I love, The Len Price Three, who check in with "It's Christmas Time, Ebeneezer". Other well known acts giving us some yuletide wonderment include Redd Kross, Weezer, Dwight Tilley, and the Smithereens, all stirred together with other less luminous lights of the power pop
universe, such as The Montgomey Clifts, Carpet Frogs, Nudge Em All, and Barely Pink.....TWENTY SEVEN Christmas nuggets in total, ALL worth a listen and ALL at the very least a refreshing change of pace from the "regular" Christmas music you've heard 1000 times by now......let this be a private, personal change of pace for ya, a gift from BigScott62 to yourself! I think I have a few more Christmas comps (punk, metal, don't recall), so maybe while I wait on "minion assistance" on the Jam/Au pairs, I may just take the lazy road and pop up another one or two in the next few days.

In all sincerity, I hope all the readers of this blog have a wonderful, happy, and joyous Christmas season. Myself I am happy that I am alive after the incident of September 20, and to find out now that it's pretty treatable stuff ("Complex" Sleep Apnea), I am overjoyed that I may have some years left!

Any of you guys got any rocking Christmas comps to share? Be a wonderful thing to do......the door is open for them until the big day, either send to me via email or simply convert and post in comments section, I'm sure EVERYONE here will appreciate the shares.......Christmas.....what BETTER time for SHARING the good things we have with OTHERS?

01 BLACK HALO-Homeless For Christmas/02 BARELY PINK-Come On Christmas/03 WEEZER-Christmas
Celebration/04 THE MONTGOMERY CLIFTS-Don't Feel Much Like Christmas/05 DWIGHT TILLEY-Snowman Magic/06 PUGWASH-Tinsle and Marzipan/07 DOUG POWELL-Mary Christmas/08 REDD KROSS-Mary Christmas/09 JOE ALGERI-Xmas Stockholm/10 THE SPRING COLLECTION-Christmas With You/11 MARK BACINO-Merry Christmas I Love You/12 CARPET FROGS-Christmas Would Not Be Christmas/13 EPICYCLE-Xmas/14 LOVE NUT-It's Christmas Time So What/15 THE LEN PRICE THREE-It's Christmas Time Ebeneezer/16 THE WELLINGTONS-I Guess It's Christmas/17 FUTURE CLOUDS AND RADAR-Christmas Day 1923/18 JEREMY-Christmas Spirit/19 SUPER DELUXE-A Wonderful Christmas Time/20 AIMEE MANN & MICHAEL PENN-Christmastime/21 NUDGE EM ALL-Christmas/22 JEFFERY FOSKETT-Christmas Time Is Here/23 THE SMITHEREENS-Merry Christmas Baby/24 THE YULE LOGS-Christmas From Berlin/25 THE CHEVELLES-Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls/26 HUNTINGTONS-It's Always Christmas Time At My House

PLEASE, contribute/share GOOD ROCKING Christmas Comps to the blog the next couple of days....ones like this or if you're ambitious enough make your own! Love to hear any that you guys have, I'll try to dig up a couple more!


  1. XMAS

  2. Bob Dylan used to host a show on satellite radio. He never played any of his own music, just dipped into his vast record collection for tunes, interspersed with jokes and asides. This is the two part Christmas show that he did.

  3. THANKS Tiltingsuds, THAT is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I'm looking for! Thanks a million, and anyone else is welcome to post thier Christmas stuff as well!