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Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Psyclist (M.I.A.?) Part #3, hope ya don't have all these either!

Hope all is well with longtime blogger friend Psyclist,
 he's contributed LOTS of fine stuff to the blog (as well as to my personal collection!).....haven't heard from him for while, don't know if he's still checking in or not as "psycles" around Southeast Asia (I think).....yes my life is boring......

Anyway I have three more discs that he might not have (he has a BUNCH of em though) and they are of significant interest that I might as well post the style of posting ALBUMS (rather than best of comps) by the Remains, Count 5, Standells, and more, I have turned up four more....keep in mind, MOST of the "nuggets" bands of the era DID NOT make solid albums for the (maybe two) stunning singles per album, cover versions of reasonalby well known stuff for filler, and a lot of (frankly) bad tracks to flesh things out.....and I know that Music Machine released finealbums, they were the exception (Love, also, for that matter)....

What do we got fer ye today? Well, let's begin with Syndicate of Sound....from San Jose California, they of course released the sneering classic "Hey Little Girl" (one of the first songs I EVER remember hearing!), and, well, not much else.....that was about it. The rest of the album is fleshed out with stuff like "Big Boss Man" and "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby"'s rough to listen to, actually, but as a historical novelty/curiosity indespensable.

Fairing a bit better are Chicago's "Shadows of Knight" (likely pointed out before that SOOOO many bands thought it was the hippest thing possible to spell their name "Knight" instead of "Night"'d think if they REALLY had access to the REALLY GOOD drugs, they'd have been able to cme up with something a bit more creative).....anyway, the title track "Gloria" is here, as is "Oh Yeah" which appears on the first Nuggets set......after that (just) passable Chicago blues, "Got My mojo Workin'", "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Boom Boom"....get the pitcha? Listenable enough so dig in....

From the great Pacific Northwest come the Sonics, whom I am sure you know from their crude, saxaphone driven singles such as "Psycho", "Strychnine", "He's Waitin".....they released a pair of LP's in 1965-66, "Here Are the Sonics" and "Boom".....this CD ("Psycho") contains all of the material from both of those albums on one handy disc.....this is MUCH more enjoyable, as an album, than the Syndicate of Sound and Shadows of Knight items here. The Sonics were the real deal, "Boss Hoss", "Louie Louie", "Jenny Jenny", they were a high-energy act and we are lucky that we have thier (pretty much) complete body of work on a single CD!

And finally Yesterday's Children.....really they had no standout singles on their only album release, and to compound matters they were one of at least three (if not more) bands who shared that moniker....this was crew from Connecticut, they had a minor hit ("To Be Or Not To Be" appears on "Psychedelic Unknowns").....that single was typical garage/psych/nugget rock, but by the time they released this album (1969), they were headed more in a direction of the straight up hard rock of the early 1970's. It's quite a good album, unsure it fits here, but be that as it may, try this one, you may enjoy it.....might, perhaps, remind you of Josefus or Toad, maybe something like's a good one. Recommended.

SYNDICATE OF SOUND-01 Big Boss Man/02 Almost Grown/03 So Alone/04 Dream Baby/05 Rumours/06 Little Girl/07 That Kind of Man/08 I'm Alive/09 You/10 Lookin For The Goodtimes/11 Witch/12 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-01 Gloria/02 Light Bulb Blues/03 I Got My Mojo Workin/04 Darksde/05 Boom Boom/06 Let It Rock/07 Oh Yeah/08 It Always Happens That Way/09 You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover/10 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man/11 I Just Want to Make Love To You

THE SONICS-01 Witch/02 Do You Love Me/03 Roll Over Beethoven/04 Boss Hoss/05 Dirty Robber/06 Have Love Will Travel/07 Psycho/08 Money (That's What I Want)/09 Walking the Dog/10 Night Time Is the Right Thing/11 Strychnine/12 Good Golly Miss Molly/13 The Hustler/14 Psycho (Live)/15 Cinderella/16 Don't Be Afraid of th Dark/17 Skinny Minnie/18 Let the Good Times Roll/19 Don't You Just Know It/20 Jenny Jenny/21 He's Waitin/22 Louie Louie/23 Since I Fell For You/24 Hitch Hike/25 It's Alright/26 Shot Doown/27 Keep a Knockin'/28 Witch (Live)/29 Witch (Version 2)

YESTERDAY'S CHILLDREN-01 Paranoia/02 Sad Born Loser/03 What Of I/04 She's Easy/05 Sailing/06 Providence Bummer/07 Evil Woman/08 Hunter's Moon

Whaddya think about these.....I'm sure I could do several more in this style.....but often the music is more interesting than memorable, so I don;t know......I enjoy them, but I wonder REALLY how many people want to hear a whole album from Syndicate of Sound? I guess I will find out!


  1. gloria



  2. Yesterdays

  3. I already have all these albums, but I can say that I'm one for hearing an entire Syndicate of Sound LP. Yeah, it has a few duds, but most of the '60s garage records are worthy of a listen or three. I started getting into this stuff years ago as an alternative to the same punk I was hearing all the time. It's all good music! Thanks for posting (and for all the other killer stuff on this blog).