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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Vaselines

Probably completely unknown today if not for their
association with Nirvana (opened for Nirvana, and Nirvana did some covers of their work), today we have the Vaselines, formed in Glasgow Scotland in the late 1980's. Originally a duo of Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, the band would late add drummer Charlie Kelly (COOL, like the guy on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", the BigMan's favorite show!) and bassist James Seenan.

This is pretty cool shit really, on the authority of no less than Kurt Cobain.....Nirvana would cover THREE of the 19 songs on this disc, "Son of a Gun""Molly's Lips (blows Nirvana's version away IMO)", and "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam".....but actually you can see Nirvana covering pretty much anything here, really...I WAS planning on putting up the only Vaselines disc I own, "Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History", released in 1992 and to that point their body of work in its totality.....but on a whim checked the "Bay", and WAIT THERE'S MORE.....haven't listened to any of it yet, but might as well provide it to all you loyal Vaselines fans that frequent this here blog thing.....also "Live In London (Split with Beat Happeing"), "Enter the Vaselines", "All the Stuff and More".....we'll check on the "overlap" rate before posting, me suspects there may be a good bit, I'm not gonna double up TOO much of it, there is also their 2010 (!) release, "Sex With an X".....never heard it, so we'll all find out togther I guess.

Variety.....variety....variety....the spice of fucking life! Leave a comment and lemme know what ya think bout this one too, me thinks it is pretty kewl, and that is WITHOUT the additional "Bay" material.....please report back as so as ya listen to any of the non-"Complete History" stuff, you may hear it before I do......."Enter the Vaselines" incorporates some remixes, demos and the "Live in London" disc, might a well put that one up as well.

WAY OF THE VASELINES A COMPLETE HISTORY-01 Son of a Gun/02 Rory Rides Me Raw/03 You Think You're a Man/04 Dying For It/05 Molly's Lips/06 Teenage Superstars/07 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/08 Sex Sux (Amen)/09 Slushy/10 Monsterpussy/11 Bitch/12 No Hope/13 Oliver Twisted/14 The Day I Was a Horse/15 Dum-Dum/16 Hairy/17 Love Craft/18 Dying For It (The Blues)/19 Let's Get Ugly

ENTER THE VASELINES DISC 1-01 Son of a Gun/02 Rory Rides Me Raw/03 You Think You're a man/04 Dying For It/05 Molly's Lips/06 Teenage Superstars/07 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/08 Sex Sux (Amen)/09 Slushy (Remix)/10 Monsterpussy (Remix)/11 Bitch (Remix)/12 No Hope (remix)/13 Oliver Twisted (Remix)/14 The Day I Was a Horse (remix)/15 Dum Dum (remix)/16 Hairy (remix)/17 Lovecraft (Remix)/18 Dying For It (The Blues) (Remix)/19 Let's Get Ugly (Remix)

ENTER THE VASELINES DISC 2-01 Son of a Gun (Demo '86)/02 Rosary Job (Demo '86)/03 Red Poppy (Demo '86)/04 Son of a Gun (Live Bristol 86)/05 Rosary Job (Live Bristol '86)/06 Red Poppy (Live Bristol '86)/07 Rory Rides Me Raw (Live Bristol '86)/08 You Think You're a Man (live Bristol '86)/09 Dying For It (Live London '88)/10 Monsterpussy (Live London '88)/11 Let's Get Ugly (London '88)/12 Molly's Lips (Live London '88)/13 The Day I Was a Horse (London '88)/14 The Day I Was a Horse (Again) (Live London '88)/15 Sex Sux (Amen) (Live '88)/16 I Didn't Know I Loved You (Live London '88)/17 Teenage Superstars (Live London '88)

SEX WITH AN X-01 Ruined/02 Sex With an X/03 The Devil's Inside Me/04 Such a Fool/05 Turning It On/06 Overweight But Over You/07 Poison Pen/08 I hate the 80's/09 Mouth To Mouth/10 Whitechappel/11 My God's Bigger Than Your God/12 Exit the Vaselines

Gotta go for a "sleep Study" tomorrow so maybe we can figure out what happened to me back in September (stroke? seizure? sleep apnea attack?).....I know this, whatever it was, my mind is NOT back to 100% of what it was BEFORE September 20......I'm still having trouble with short-term memory, and just remembering simple converstaions.....ah, well....I'll likely still be off work until January.....then return for a while and FUCKING RETIRE (already have my 30 FUCKING years in).....anyway, September 20 is going to be "one of those" landmark dates for me, life before/after were two different things. We all have a series of them in our lives, and that was definitlely one of em. Something loud and obnoxious tomorrow hopefully.

LATE EDIT: Couple things for you to check out....first of all, Tiltingsuds is workintime to continue to bring us the most rare in Clash boots, it is amazing the stuff he is piling on here. Everyone should check this out and be VERY appreciative of his efforts! I for one thank him with all I have, he's a TRUE FRIEND OF THE BLOG and has provided us ALL with some VERY VERY valuable stuff. Hat's off  to him!

Secondly, there was a comment left by Deanna Mitchell of I'll repaste the whole thing:

Hello from Frightwig. We are playing out again. Go to Check out our video of Crawford. It's on our new EP Hit Return! Rock on, Deanna
--------------------------------so Frightwig have a new EP out , and a new video? And they WANT people to see and hear them? What kind of concept is THIS? You mean they aren't going to whine and cry like babies whom have lost their colorforms such as SOME bands (Ohhhh, off the top of my head: Green Day, Sublime, Bratmobile, and especially the oh-so-ironically named Corrosion of Conformity)....these are bands that have made it clear that they want FEWER listeners/potential fans of their music, rather than more.....I am noone to argue and took their shit down, as I would with ANY band that insisted that they prefer FEWER listeners over MORE......seems so illogical, and silly, but you know, that is how some people ARE. Thanks to  Deanna Mitchell and Frightwig, I'll checkyour site and your EP, I've always liked your work (which is WHY I did a post on you in the first place!).....thanks for aknowledging that my blog exists, and I hope that you pick up a few more fas/listeners because I put some of your excellent material up here! Thanks again Deanna!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Always-BigScott62 !!!!!!


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  2. Much appreciation of all you share, & good luck in discovering the source of your problem. Love ya Big Man!

  3. Phil Aumaine Alors jeune-homme tu te fais passer pour un gardien de prison ? tu mérites des coups de fouts toi !

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