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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Burnout! High Energy Punk Rock

Not quite back to post-vacation/middle aged retirement/work-like-a-damn-demon-to-make the blog
wonderful mode.....the bigger posts I'm working on aren't quite ready yet, (this week, this week), today I copped a fairly interesting disc off one of the other blogs (honestly forget which, it was before vacation), a 2014 release with something of a misleading title, although full of good stuff....this "punk rock" is in my view mostly closer to some good hard garage rock, there ARE some obscure names here, and at the end of the day, it's a good one.

The Meatmen, The Dwarves, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, and Peter Pan Speedrock are all wonderful acts and crank out some grimy noise, the (for me) treasures are the lesser known folks here (at least to me, I imagine some of these have turned up on some of the other garage comps).....The Borderline Bitches, Nancy Vandal, The Sick Livers, and Judo Kick didn't light up any immediate connection with me, although all sound just fine, and there is a lot more here. One question.....Fu Manchu?

Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully, either the Magazine studio albums someone requested to flesh out the wonderful Magazine stuff Dave Sez shared with us earlier, and then perhaps the start of the multi-day Graham Parker mega-post that I've been meaning to do for a while (I have LOTS of Parker, and I promise it won't reach "Hendrix" proportions.......anyway for today dig upon this, thanks to whatever blog I took this from, I wrote it down somewhere but just not finding it......

SPEEDOZER-Super Charged/03 BLOODLIGHTS-Roll With Me/04 THE MEATMEN -Speed Kills (But It Sho Feels Good)/05 BLASE DEBRIS-Human Hybrid/06 THE DWARVES-It's a Wonderful Life of Sin/07 BORDERLINE BITCHES-El Diablo/08 JUDO KICK-Hopeless/09 BIGFOOT ACCELERATOR-Rat Race/10 NASHVILLE PUSSY-Love It To Death/11 HEADONS-Always Waitin'/12 THE BLACK BULLETS-What You Do/13 HANK WILLIAMS III-Runnin' and Gunnin'/14 VAMPIRE JUNKIES FEATURING TEXAS TERI-Rocket Red/15 BUBBLEGUM SCREW-Play Some Fucking Stooges/16 FU MANCHU-No Warning/17 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-Wide Eyed and Thirsty/18 THE SICK LIVERS-Cocaine Jeans/19 SUPERSUCKERS-Never Let Me Down Again/20 NANCY VANDAL-Hot Pants Nation/21 LUCIFER STAR MACHINE-Dead and Gone/22 PSYCHO DADDIES-I Hate!/23 BOIDS-Wheels/24 GIUDA-Rave On

Pretty good album, the parts of it I've listened to. Will try to listen to the rest of it tonight.

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