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Saturday, August 9, 2014

For Jane Richards.....a small sample of Flamin' Groovies......

Well DO NOT have a ton of Flamin' Groovies stuff, just these few discs, but when someone as adoreable as Jane Richards requests them, it's the very least I can do ( I have a good bit of her other requests, Ian Dury and Siouxsie & the Banshees, look for them soon, and I already posted a bunch of Patti Smith which I would THINK was still active (could be wrong, though)......

So, Flamin' Groovies.....from San Francisco, the Groovies were originaly Cyril Jordan (guitar, vocal), Ron Loney (guitar, vocal), Tim Lynch (guitar, vocal), George Alexander (bass, harmonica, vocals), and Danny Mihm (drums)......they cranked out a decades-ahead of their time blend of punk, power-pop, rockabilly, pub rock, and God knows what.....the 1969 debut, "Supersnazz" is something of an unknown masterwork, with wild covers of "Somethin' Else" and "The Girl Can't Help It", along with original tracks that fit the theme like a glove ("Lord Have Mercy", "Bam Balam")....a good album, one we all should hear.

In 1970 they released "Flamingo", still aiming for the old-school rock they strove for on album #1, there is some very respectable stuff on here, "Gonna Rock Tonight" and "Headed For the Texas Border" are fine and there is more.

In 1971 they released thier "Masterwork", "Teenage Head", a solid 4-star LP all the way......the title track, "High Flyin' Baby", "Whiskey Woman" and all the rest are fab, and the CD bonus tracks (included here) such as "Shakin all Over" and "Louie Louie", among others, cements this album as a certifiable classic, a fairly unknown one at that.....

The final Groovies disc I happen to have is "Shake Some Action", also a great album, from contains the fantastic title track, as well as a lot of fab covers, ("Misery", "She Said Yeah", and more)......not as great as the earlier albums, it is without question worth hearing/having.

That's all I got from the boots, demos, or anything else......would love to add some rarities/oddities from this underappreciated band, so calling all minions to fill in the gaps....Flamin' Groovies were very influential, rocking, and deserved more credit than they got......PLEASE comment on this here post, The Flamin' Groovies were some bad-ass mofo's there for a while....rock on and on!

SUPERSNAZZ-01 Love Have Mercy/02 The Girl Can't Help It/03 Laurie Did It/04 A Part From
That/05 Rockin Pnumonia and the BoogieWoogie Flu/06 The First One's Free/07 Pagan Rachel/08 Something Else/Pistolpackin Mama/09 Brushfire/10 Bam Balam/11 Around the Corner

FLAMINGO-01 Gonna Rock Tonite/02 Comin' After Me/03 Headin' For the Texas Border/04 Sweet Roll Me On Down/05 Keep A Knockin'/06 Second Cousin/07 Childhood's End/08 Jailbait/09 She's Falling Apart/10 Road House/11 My Girl Josephine/12 Around and around/13 Rockin' Pnuemonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu/14 Somethin Else/15 Rumble/16 Going Out Theme

TEENAGE HEAD-01 High Flyin' Baby/02 City Lights/03 Have You Seen My Baby/04 Yesterday's Number/05 Teenage Head/06 32-20/07 Evil Hearted Ada/08 Doctor Boogie/09 Whiskey Woman/10 Shakin All Over/11 That'll Be The Day/12 Louie Louie/13 Walkin The Dog/14 Scratch My Back/15 Carol/16 Going Out Theme

SHAKE SOME ACTION-01 Shake Some Action/02 Sometimes/03 Yes It's True/04 St Louis Blues/05 You Tore Me Down/06 Please Please Girl/07 Let the Boy Rock N Roll/08 Don't You Lie To Me/09 She Said Yeah/10 I'll Cry Alone/11 Misery/12 I Saw Her/13 Teenage Confidential/14 Shake Some Action (Flamin' Mix)


  1. Thanks Scott, but i have all these i need Rock Juice.
    For their great Skydog singles look at this link: