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Friday, August 8, 2014

And yet MORE Magazine goodies from a new blog friend

Dave Sez started this wth his fabulous mega-post a couple weeks which time, someone requested the "official" releases, of which I had a few and posted.....NOW, from a brand new friend of the blog, JustJohnny, filling in a couple more gaps, which helps out both me, and,  hope, you as well....

We have, thanks to Johnny, a 3-disc set, "Magazine 1978-81"....Disc 1 is a  live set from 1978 , from Manchester, Disc 2 the same frm 1980  Melbourne....I have NOT heard them by now, but I am listening to parts of them as I type and these are great, will make a fine addition to MY stash, hopfully to yours as well.....Johnny also sends us Disc 3 of the set, "Maybe It's Alright To Be Nervous Now", another fine set of alternate takes and Peel Sessions (my Magazine collection was SERIOUSLY lacking), once again, THIS IS HOW I WANT THIS BLOG TO WORK.......we can all have the PERFECT music collection, so easilly, just by utilizing the wonderful concept
of SHARING........

Also we have a studio release that I hadn't heard before, "Magic, Murder, and the Weather", from 1981, which I know VERY little about, but by the time you read this I will have heard......a great and underappreciated band of that bygone era, thanks JustJohnny filling in the gaps for some us......don't, by any means, be a stranger......and speaking of such, where is my man APANTA BAPNTA, love to get on some more of that great Greek Punk.......see? it takes MANY outside contributors to make this blog what I want it to be, and EVERYONE iswelcome to share ANYTHING they find interesting here, ANYTHING.........CALLING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, MAKE THIS PROJECT CONTINUE TO BE THE WONDERFUL THING I WANT FOR IT TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 1-01 Feed The Enemy/02 Give Me Everything/03 A Song From Under the Floorboards/04 Permafrost/05 The Light Pours Out of Me/06 Model Worker/07 Parade/08 Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)09 Because You're Frightened/10 Shot By Both Sides/11 Twenty Years Ago/12 Definitive Gaze

MANCHESTER 78/MELBOURNE 80 DISC 2-01 Definitive Gaze/02 Touch and Go/03 Burst/04 The Light Pours Out Of Me/05 My Tulpa/06 Shot By Both Sides/07 Give Me Everything/08 Big Dummy/09 My Mind Ain't So Open

MAYBE IT'S RIGHT TO BE NERVOUS NOW-01 Touch and Go (Peel Session)/02 The Light Pours Out Of Me (Peel Session)/03 Real Life (Definitive Gaze) (Alternate Take) (Peel Session)/04 My Mind Ain't So Open (Peel Session)/05 Give Me Eveything (Peel Session)/06 Burst (Peel Sessn)/07 I LoveYou You Big Dummy/08 Boredom (Peel Session)/09 TV Baby Peel Session/10 Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again (Peel Session)/11 Permafrost (Peel Session)/12 Song From Under the Floorboards (Peel Session)/13 Twenty Years Ago (Peel Session)/14 Look What Fear's Done To My Body (Because You're Frightened) (Peel Sessions)/15 Model Worker (Peel Session)

MAGIC MURDER AND THE WEATHER-01 About the Weather/02 So Lucky/03 The Honeymoon Killers/04 Vigilence/05 Come Alive/06 The Great Man's Secret/07 This Poison/08 Naked Eye/09 Suburban Rhonda/10 The Garden

So BIG thanks to JustJohnny for these, I'm sure he is nowhere near as adoreable as my new blog friend/contributor, Jane Richards (few are!), but he is welcome, at anytime, to contribute and share anythin he wishes......GREAT share JustJohnny,thanks loads!


  1. Thanks for this Scott and JustJohnny! You can send JJ our way if he has time.



  2. ummm....wait a second. Am I missing links?
    Or am I going senile?

  3. Scott,
    Left you some links in David Johansen post, I'm not as cute as Jane but they are worth a look....


    MAGIC PT 1

    MAGIC PT 2


  5. MAN-MELB D2