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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Magazine, by request, supplement to Dave Sez' excellent contribution

OK, here is the skinny......a couple weeks back, blog friend Dave Sez contributed a bunch of rare and great material from the 70's-80's punk/pop legends, Magazine....I know that SOMEONE requested the original LP's, and I know Dave Sez is a man of integrity, and does NOT post "officially" released stuff....

Luckily, we haver ME, I gladly post most ANYTHING, as I say, "Come and get me!" here we hav ethe first three (all excellent) Magazine albums, if you are unfamiliar, please, these are great, great greatad you WANT these. The debut "Real Life" is classic containing the legendary "Shot By Both Sides", but more than enough other fab tracks to make it a classic......."Second Hand Daylight" is nearly as great, with wonderful tracks like "Feed the Enemy" and "Cut-Out Shapes" are tunes no fan of the golden age of new wave should be without.

Album #3, "The Correct Use of Soap" is a dandy as well, plenty of wild-Brit power pop/pk, with great tracks such as "I Want To Burn Again" and their indescribeable Sly and the Family stone cover.......again, great album.

Also happen to have "Scree" a fabulous rarities collection, "TV Baby" and "I Love You You Big Dummy" turn up here in wonderful versons, as well as lots of other GREAT stuff......

THANKS DAVE SEZ, for jump-starting the Magazine portion of my brain, certainly NOW the folks can get a full picture of that band's brilliance!

REAL LIFE-01 Definitive Gaze/02 My Tulpa/03 Shot By Both Sides/04 Recoil/05 Burst/06 Motorcade/07 The Great Beautician In the Sky/08 The Light Pours Out of Me/09 Parade

SECONDHAND DAYLIGHT-01 Feed the Enemy/02 Rythym of Cruelty/03 Cut-Out Shapes/04 Talk To the Body/05 I Wanted Your Heart/06 The Thin Air/07 Back To Nature/08 Believe That I Understand/09 Permafrost

THE CORRECT USE OF SOAP-01 Because You're Frightened/02 Model Worker/03 I'm a Party/04 You NeerKnew Me/05 Philadephia/06 The Correct Use of Soap/ 07 Thank you (Fallentenme Be Mice Elf Again)/08 Sweetheart Contract/09 Stuck/10 A Song From Under the Blanket

SCREE (RARITIES)-01 My Mind Aint So Open/02 Touch and Go/03 Goldfinger/04 Give Me Everything/05 I LoveYou You Big Dummy/06 Rythym of Cruelty/07 TV Baby/08 Twenty Years  Ago/09 The Book/10 Upside Down/11 The Light Pours Out of Me/12 Feed the Enemy (Live)







  2. Thanks bigscott62, but the first part of 2ndhand Daylight is down, any chance of a re-up? Looking forward to hearing this and thanks, Just Johnny.