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Monday, September 29, 2014

AND we're back...who's for some "Swedish Melodic Death Metal"?

Well, me niether, really, but this computer today has made me want to KILL, so let's break this one
out, it's decent, if you go for this thing sometimes when you feel like killing your's still acting crazy, but I think I can get by for a while, frustrating as hell though.

OK, Sweden has given us some metal and stoner rock, and seem to be the forerunners of Viking/Death rock (you KNEW I had to get a VIKINGS reference in there......I  have no idea why my font just changed for no reason, try to deal with it for the rest of the post and I'll try to correct it later.......just ONE of the insane things this machine has been doing of late, why I'm in a "death metal" mood.......anyway, anyone watch the VIkings decapitate the Falcons yesterday? Teddy Bridgewater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets get to the track list before my font changes to Greek or something, I continue to try to get this damn thing operational so I can continue my ALMOST daily posting, at least admire  tenacity.........and my font changes back in mid-word.......shaking my damn head. TRY to be back tomorrow, maybe with some Donovan or something to ease my frayed nerves (no not REALLY)

01 THE DUSKFALL-Agoraphobic/02 AT THE GATES-Slaughter of the Soul/03 SOILWORK-Razorlives/04 IN FLAMES-Biosphere/05 ABLAZE MY SORROW-Heartless/06 DARK TRANQUILITY-Dry Run/07 BLINDED COLONY-Legacy (Slaves In the Name of Christ)/08 ARCH ENEMY-Dead Eyes See No Future/09 AMON AMARTH-The Hero/10 SLUMBER-Rapture/11 HYPOCRISY-Weed Out the Weak/12 SONIC SYNDICATE-My Soul at #000000/13 DARKANE-Contaminated/14 SCAR SYMMETRY-Seeds of Rebellion/15 CIPHER SYSTEM-Complete/16 MARAMON-Why/17 SKYFIRE-Patterns/18 SYSTEM SHOCK-Engine Failure/19 SKILLER-Castle of Flame/20 AVATAR-Queen of Blades

Not a lot of stuff I have a WHOLE lot of, I just dabble in this stuff a tiny bit.......I DO have a whole
bunch of stuff from In Flames if any of ya are interested in that.........we'll see what happens, but again, if I am gonna disappear for a day or two I'll leave a message via my Kindle!

Vikings 41-Saints 28...........yep.

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