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Friday, September 26, 2014

Overground's 1980 Punk Compilations

Spider just sent me this one yesterday, and while I am fairly certain I already have one around here
somewhere, and just to be sure it's available on the Bay, so it's readilly available, BUT it also comprehensive and most enjoyable for what it is supposed to be..........many little known singles here, as well as some demos and I'm sure there's some stuff even punk afficianados may be lacking.......4 discs here, all with the theme of Anarchy! which you will remember was quite the concept in those early 80' general and on paper it (anarchy) doesn't really work out all that well, but ohhh, we were all zany, know it all tykes back then. Enjoy this music, as I said, I bet at least SOME of it is new to you, and thanks to Spider for sending it to me as well as thanks to Overground records for comiling this monster.

Volume 1 "Anti War", includes one I've always really enjoyed, Flowers in the Dusbin's "November's Song", as well as notable anti-war numbers such as "The Blood Is On Your Hands" from the Insitagators, Youth-In-Asia's "When the Wind Blows", "Government Lies" by Anti System and a total of twenty three shotgun blasts of pure 1980 punk, just the way it was1

The Second Volume, "Anti-State" is loaded as well, how about "Progress" from A Flux of Pink Indians, "Bully Boys" from the fab Poison Girls, noted anarchists Chumbawumba chip in with "Revolution", and "The Plague" by Synyx.......a fine conceptual piece (as is the entire 4 disc package), strange it isn't better known, at least here in the USA.

Volume 3 "Anti Society", is also loaded with middle-finger flips to the world, Alternative us the strangely titled "Where are Your Hiroshimas?", "Our Gods Are Falling Down By Thatcher on Acid", "Your Military" is presented by Icons of Filth, and "Stop Vivisection Now" from Oi Polloi to cherry pick a few......

Fianlly we have Volume 4, "Anti Capitalism", yet another 20-some blasts of 2:00 minute trashes, to name a few, Slaughter of the Innocents "A Dark New Age",  Conflict's "Mighty and Superior", The Cravats "Xmp", and Kulturkampsf's "We Need No More........

Just my kind of comp......cohesive, not all over the place, tightly consructed, many, many obscure bands, which always leads to unexpected'll like this one, I don't doubt.

VOLUME 1 ANTI WAR-01 DIRT-Antiwar/02 ZOUNDS-War /03 METRO YOUTH-Red Rifles /  
04 FLOWERS I THE DUSTBIN-  November's Song /05 KRONSTADT UPRISING-  Blind People   
06 POLITICAL ASYLUM-  Disarm Or Die /07 ASTRONAUTS-Typically English Day/08 ANTHRAX-Introduction To War/09 A-HEADS -Forgotten Hero/10 THE SYSTEM- Dogs Of War /11 SANCTION- Unknown Soldier /12 INSTIGATORS- The Blood Is On Your Hands /13
 BLOOD ROBOTS-The Valley/14 LOST CHEEREES- Why Does It Have To Be A Dream/15 RIOT/CLONE-Neu-vestation/16 YOUTH IN ASIA-When the Wind Blows/17 PSYCHO FACTION-Threat/18 NAKED-What a Way To Die/19 OMEGA TRIBE-Duty Calls/20 ANTI-SYSTEM-Government Lies/21 FACTION-Obligatory War Song/22 RUBELLA BALLET-Bellfast/23 THE SNIPERS-I Know

Severalls/03 THE MOB-Gates of Hell/04 FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Progress/05 BLYTH POWER-Hurling Time/06 AMEBIX-Axeman/07 SUBHUMANS-So Much Money/08 FAMOUS IMPOSTERS-Fighting Again/09 POISON GIRLS-Bully Boys/10 DECADENT FEW-Lowlife/11 TOXIC WASTE-Traditionally Yours/12 TOXIK EPHEX -Nothing's Permissive/13 DISRUPTERS-Stonehenge/14 DECADENCE-Within a Breath of Fresh Air/15 NO DEFENCES-Willing Cripples/16
CHUMBAWAMBA-Revolution/17 CIVILISED SOCIETY-So I Can Be Free/18 SINYX-The Plague/19 ASSASSINS-From the Gutter/20 POLEMIC-Deceptive Ideals/21  THE ERATICS-Captial Punishment

VOLUME 3 ANTI SOCIETY-01 REALITY CONTROL-Forgive Us/02 ICONS OF FILTH-Your Military/03 SEARS-Not Prepared/04 AOA-Who Are they Trying To Con?/05 LIBERTY-Revenge/06 DAVE ASGROVE BAND-I Rebel/07 KARMA SUTRA-Fantasy Ball/08 ICON AD-Seeing Is Believing/09 EXIT-Stance Christian Militia/10 ALTERNATIVE-Where Are Your Hiroshimas/11 LOOK MUMMY CLOWNS-Sell Your Dreams/12 REALITY-Acceptable Death Loss/13 THATCHER ON ACID-Our Gods Are Falling Down/14 PART 1-Salem/15 ANDY T-Exploitation/16 REVULSION-Out of Touch/17 APOSTLES-Berserker/18 UNTERMENSCH-Ashfield Valley Highkick/19 HAGAR THE WOMB-Dressed to Kill/20 STALAG 17-Doomsday Machine/21 OI POLLOI-Stop Vivisection Now/22 ANTI STATE CONTROL-M.U.S.E./23 MENTAL-Attack

VOLUME 4 ANTI CAPITALISM-01 CONFLICT-Mighty and Superio/02 LIVING LEGEND-Island Wars/03 CRASS-What Do You Want/04 ATOMIC FILTH-Atomic Filth/05 ANARKA AND POPPY- If It Dies We Die/06 D&V Comeback/07 COLD WAR-The Machinist/08 LEGION OF PARASITES-Massacre/09 EPILEPTICS-What Have You Got To Smile About/10 RUDIMENTARY PENI-Teenage Time Killer/11 TEARS OF DESTRUCTION-Death of a nation/12 DANBERT NOBACON-A Million Wat Tylers/13 KULTURKAMPF-We Need No More/14 DOMINANT PATRI-Death of Thomas/15 CRAVATS-Xmp/16 SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS-A New Dark Age/17 FREEEDOM-I Want My Life To Begin Again/18 CULTURE SHOCK-Ten Per Cent Off/19 ANATHEMA-Your Ulster /20 COMMITTEE-Ring the Bell/21 NIK TOCZEK-Road Crash/22 HEX-Decide/23 ANTISECT-Heresy

There ya go.......not exactly a bunch of "get down and party" type shit is it.......some of it is amusingly dated, some of it still rings true.......this is a very fine set for my money, let me know what you think about it!


  1. hello, regular visitor- great site thank you. no links present yet for the 4cd anarchy set? hope to see 'em. again thank you r. keith

  2. They're coming, having a tech problem or 2

  3. Volume 1

  4. Volume 2

  5. Volume 3

  6. Volume 4

  7. oops.......except links 2, 3 & 4 don't work...................

  8. There been working, ill try to get repaired links up tonite or tomorrow

    1. sorry to be a pain...............want a copy of the ophelias' lp i played drums on?

    2. Ruben-ran em back through, see if there work:

    3. PS, of COURSE I want to hear that album....invoking the old "less work for ME rule"

  9. Big Scott! you rawk man! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it. Here is a link to the blog text about the Ophelias album.............if you want to post the stuff, go for it........

    and here is the zippylink alone

    i hope you enjoy them.........i was also in a bunch of other record making bands..............i'll upload the first Slow Poisoners cd for you a little later. i was also in the catheads, the hollowmen, johnny thunders, dee dee ramone's spikey tops for a bit. i'll see what i can dig up for you. and thanks again!!!!!