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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just to say......

THANKS to everyone who reads, listens, contributes, or even just visits here......YOU are what the
blog is about, NOT's about sharing what we have, and sharing our's a community, rather than a stodgy blog that feels it is superior to everyone else (TRUST ME they exist)......with footbal season starting, I may not get to tell you guys how much I appreciate you that I truly do.....but, REALY I do, you are the life blood of this project! Thanks 1000x over!


  1. Hi BigScott62,

    at first so much thank you for your great blog. You're doing a fine job here and it is nice for me to see, that you are a real music fan.
    Many thanks again and nice greetings from Germany.

  2. skol Vikings!!....and thanks for the cool posts :-)

  3. we appreciate YOU!

  4. thanks everyone.....there are some blogs that take such a "superior" tone that I find it amazing......this should be FUN and ENJOYABLE.......if I fuck stuff up once in a while, so what? I'm probably intoxicated!.........I have a LOT of music to share, and if you have similar tastes to mine, jump aboard......I happen to love FOOTBALL (AMERICAN football) more than music, so I might post a TINY bit less for a while (you will probably never even notice!), but I have a LOT more posts planned that should be of interest to you, I am RETIRED after all and other than the novel I am trying to write, this blog is really VERY important to me.......I wish more people would contribute stuff (non-musical is, recipes, short stories/poems......that is KEEPING IT REAL, and THAT is what we need to do.......I love each and every person who even takes a second to glance at this blog, EVEN IF YOU HATE IT, that is is so SHORT (I nearly died last 9/20), so let us SHARE the things which bring us JOY/PLEASURE.......that's all....NOTHING more!

  5. Thank you for all your posts. There is something interesting to look at nearly every day. Good luck to your team.



  6. Thank you very much ! You are a great guy. Thanks for all your work and effort that you provide here for us . What more can i say......keep on rockin'

    Cheers ,


  7. superb blog superb taste in music thank you for sharing ..