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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ducks DeLuxe

But a single album today, but a good and fairly scare one, from 1974 the self titled debut from Ducks Deluxe....The Ducks were guitarists Martin Belmont and Sean Tyla, bassist Ken Whaley, and drummer Magic Michael.......some blazing pub-rock, they went through various personnel shifts including Brinsley Scwhartz on vocals........these guys were like a who's who of "future" pub-rock stuff, as there are future members of The Rumour, the Motors, The Tyla Gang and more.......but let us focus on this 1974 gem,

Leading off with the stomping "Coast ot Coast", the whole thing is PURE pub rock, as true a sampling as one could dish out......narly every track goes pretty hard, "Fireball", "West Texas Trucking Board", "Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight"..........slipped by just before the New Wave era or it (along with, say the Motors or Brinsley Schwartz) may have become a bit more well known than they did.

Now, here's a shout out to Doug from Northern Ohio (owner of every piece of vinyl known to man), or even to my UK punk/new wave go-to guy Just Johnny, anyone have a copy of album # "Taxi To the Terminal Zone".....used to be one around here, no idea what happened to it, but can't find it on the web anywhere........really like to complete the set, but this one stands on it's own well enough, enjoy and report back, especially if you can run down a copy of "Taxi!"

DUCKS DELUXE-01 Coast to Coast/02 Nervous Breakdown/03 Daddy Put the Bomp/04 I Got You/05 Please Please Please/06 Fireball/07 Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight/08 Hearts On My Sleeve/09 Falling For that Woman/10 West Texas Trucking Board/11 Too Hot to Handle/12 It's All Over Now

Hope ya like this one, I always did, and I'd pretty much forgotten about it...........full report? Sweet Jane Richards, perhaps you will enjoy this one!



  2. enjoying and found the the Skids omg

  3. There seems to be a cd 2 for 1 pack available of both records. Great band. See OGWT performances at some sweaty London pub in about 74/75 for proof.

  4. Thanks for The Ducks! - Another blog called BB Chronicles posted their 1975 boot "Last Night of a Pub Rock Band" earlier this year:

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  5. I have Taxi To The Terminal Zone. Also,
    Their self-titled debut
    Jumpin EP
    All too Much
    Last Night of a Pub Rock Band
    all mp3 @320
    Do you have a place to upload them to?