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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few laughs

So, to break up the somber and somewhat depressing mood that I have been in of late, let's try to lighten the mood with some music that I find simply hilarious.....nothing "classic" here today, but if you don't take music TOO SERIOUSLY (many do), you might find something here to put a brief smile, at least, upon your face.

First up is NOT exactly what I was looking for, I was actually looking for "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, a positively wonderful set of Abba tunes done Ramones-style.....I KNOW I have it here somewhere, when I find it I WILL put it up, it's a "must-hear", trust me......but, settling for maybe second best, we have The Ramouns also great "Rockaway Beachboys", in which tunes such as "Fun Fun Fun" "Surfin Safari" and "Help Me Rhonda" get Ramones-style workover. It's a funny joke, once......Gabba is better, I swear I need to find it.

OK, next up I have a 1994 album entitled "Morning Wood" from the Rugburns.....this is not an especially good album, not even that funny when taken as a whole (Titling a song "My Carphone's on the Pill" may qualify as trying just a bit too hard),,,,,the thing is, it contains THE single from the summer of 1994, the absolutley classic "Me and Eddie Vedder"......."Houses of the Holy.....was an album by Led Zep-e-linnn.....I bought it on 8-track, not on CD......fades out in the middle, the way an 8 tracks s'pposed ta......"if you were anywhere near a radio that could bring in WOXY (Ohio) in summer 1994, you couldn't help but get sick of it, but it is checking also Tom Wolfe, The Brady Bunch, John Bonham's death ("Bonzo kicks ass on it.....then he chokes on his vomit....the way a rock stars s'pposed to die"........) If you've never heard this, almost 20 years later it still brings a laugh, in July 1994 I would have rather taken a bullet than hear it again.

Next we have another disc that is all about a SINGLE classic hilarious track....Dynamite Hack's "Superfast" is not a great album by any means, but DO NOT DIE before hearing their hilarious white-bread version of "Boyz-N-The-Hood", literally one of the funniest singles I have ever heard.

OK, lets wrap this up with a disc from England's The Rotters.....they churned out some fairly pedestrian goof-ball punk in the early 1980's (evidently they are still at it).....I have included here the album "Wrench to the Nuts", with it's song titles such as "My Penis Hurts" and "Please Don't Probe Me with the Butt Scope Doctor", but the reason I'm including this one is the bonus single I'm attaching to the album, the legendary "Sit on My Face Stevie Nicks", which if I remember got Lindsay Buckingham pissed off enough to threaten legal action and get the track pulled (Or something, don't feel like looking up the specifics)

Nothing life changing here, but just felt like putting some humor up there today......pleaes comment on these if they are new to you, or if you fond memories of any of them.

THE RAMOUNS-ROCKAWAY BEACHBOYS-01 Surfin Safari/02 Shut Down/03 Surfin USA/04 Little Honda/05 409/06 In My Room/07 I Get Around/08 Little Deuce Coupe/09 Fun Fun Fun/10 Help Me Rhonda/11 Catch a Wave/12 Do It Again

THE RUGBURNS-MORNING WOOD-01 Single Life/02 Gold's Gym Guy/03 Pitbull/04 My Boyfriend/05 I Want To Learn About Love/06 Holliston Street/07 Football Tonite/08 Rioting/09 Hitchiker Joe/10 My Carphone's On the Pill/11 Kilkenny Man/12 You Should've Told Me/13 Rub Somebody (The Right Way)/14 Me and Eddie Vedder

DYNMAITE HACK-SUPERFAST-01 Switcheroo/02 Anyway/03 Alvin/04 Dear Kate,/05 G-Force/06 Wussypuff/07 Blue Sky/08 Slice of Heaven/09 Granola/10 Boyz-n-the-Hood/11 Pick Up Lines

THE ROTTERS-WRENCH TO THE NUTS-01 The World Is Too Crowded/02 Bible Belt 12 Gauge/03 Stink Eye/04 Normal/05 Breathing Machine/06 Down at the Strand/07 White Trash Slut/08 Drug Klown/09 My Penis Hurts/10 Swear Man/11 Pink Flamingos/12 They're Gonna Kill Me/13 Mr Minus/14 Lucky Strike/15 Porcelain Back/16 Thank You I'm Damned/17 Please Don't Probe me With That Butt Scope Doctor/18 Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks

Going to dinner, hopefully Zippy has me a couple links ready by then! Please leave comments on these, I DO try to do something a little different every now and then.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The best Slo Burn post ever

At least "tied" for the "best", because they were short lived and put out only this "album", which in fact is an EP coupled with some other demo tracks..... the thing is I always REALLY liked it. Just listened to it again today, and to me it's kind of an unappreciated stoner classic. Singer John Garcia, guitarist Chris Hale, bassist Damon Garrison, and drummer Brady Houghton made out the lineup, and the sound is VERY Kyuss-like, which is perhaps why some don't like the album (it's VERY VERY Kyuss like!).... they released the four-track EP "Amusing the Amazing" in 1996, and later editions of it turned up with the five tracks added on from their earlier demo.... I've never heard a live recording, I hear that some do exist, and I'd LOVE to hear one if anyone has one. Anyway, Garcia broke up the band and went on to sing with two other bands whom I have featured on the blog before, Unida and Hermano, I think this ranks somewhere in that basic chain..... for being a pieced together "album", it flows pretty well, and rocks from top to bottom. You're going to like it if you like Kyuss, Unida, Hermano, and all the usual suspects. See ya tomorrow!

01 The Prizefighter/02 Muezli/03 Pilot the Dune/04 July/05 Wheel Fall/06 Positiva/07 Cactus Jumper/08 Round Trip/09 Snake Hips

Friday, January 25, 2013

The 30th Anniversary of the Genrics LIVE!

Well, today we are going to do something a little (lot) different...a true friend of the blog, Sean Smith by name, sent to me a recording of a band he played in in the early 1980's, The Generics (Actually form MAINE, I once tried to do a "Bands By States" thing, and I don't remember if I ever DID think of anything for Maine).....anyway, he asked me to give it a listen, and give my honest opinion of honest opinion is it sounds like maybe 5000 OTHER bar-bands I've heard, and that is NOT a bad thing. Bar bands fucking rule. These guys do a lot of expected material ("Gloria", "Break On Through", "Steppin' Stone", lots more, the highlight , I think, is a frantic "Shakin All Over".....the musicianship is pretty tight, the vocals, well........well, the musicianship is pretty tight. I've listened to it a couple times today, and can imagine myself passing out at one of their shows at a local club in 1980 if I had ever been to Maine of listen to it if you want, or don't, likely Sean doesn't care and I know for SURE I don' why am I posting it? Here are my reasons. First of all he ASKED me to......if he wants some other folks to hear some shit he was playing 30 years ago, what OTHER option does he have? Secondly, I hope MORE of you guys send me shit like this, old OR new, and we will put you up there for the blogging world to check out......I've already featured my current favorite bar band SAMAX a few times on here, and hopefully gotten them at least a dab of exposure. And, frankly, I would rather post 1000 discs of The Generics than a single disc of whine-babies like Green Day or Corrosion of Conformity who seem only to care if the "meter is running" when you listen to their shit. Music for the joy of making music, anytime at all, we'll put up here, like I HAVE TO say so often, FIGHT THE FUCKING POWER.

Sean also sent me a "history" of his band, the members, song titles, etc, and I am going to copy/paste it word for word.........Take it away Sean!

The Generics were a garage rock band I was in from late 1983 until mid-1984. Not as far back

as the golden age of garage music, nor recent enough to be part of the late-
80’s revival scene

(we weren’t
Thee Generics). There may have been some other American bands (Chesterfield

Kings, Fuzztones)
in ‘83-84 with similar ethos, but at the time we weren’t aware of anyone else

sounding even remotely like we did.

In late summer 1983, my brother Matt told me there was a jam session going on in his

classmate Lou’s basement
. Matt wasn’t much impressed by their guitarist, so he pressed me to

go over and intrude. I showed up with my Les Paul and Peavey amp, and things seemed to click

right away. The drummer Andy, only 16, had some truly amazing chops. Larry, the bass player

we persuaded to join later, was firmly rooted in jazz (I still hold the opinion that jazz players

make the best rock bassists if you can persuade them to put a lid on their meanderings). Lou

was the default singer, still at a very early stage of using his voice as an instrument and

constantly improving over time. He owned the P.A. and we continued to practice at his

parents’ house
, until we somehow convinced the high school music department to let us use

the auditorium stage on weekends.

The oldest member at 21, I had already played paying gigs for a couple years in a punk/powerpop

band, The Detours, so I was sort of the rock veteran. I was also now at a point of trying to

expand my playing beyond my roots, into Cream, early Jeff Beck
and “Live at Leeds” territory.

But I had no desire to lose the punk energy level, and for the time being had three accomplices

who were willing to ignore what was usually expected of a covers band in 1983. No Van Halen,

no Foreigner, no Eye of the fucking Tiger
…our sound wasn’t commercially-friendly and that’s

how we liked it. A lot of Who comparisons were made and that was fine by us. Our music also

sounded bluesy in a late-
60’s, menacing hard-rock way. To small-town Maine audiences it

probably sounded like we stepped out of a time machine.

Our live set consisted mostly of amped-up covers of 60s classics, except for a few then-current

AOR hits.
“Eminence Front”, then on the radio a lot, actually sounded non-Who-like in our

hands, and had a real proto-grunge sound several years before Dinosaur Jr. Our J.J. Cale-esque

take on
The Pretenders’ “My City Was Gone” was the only instance ever of our toning a cover

down rather than blowing it up. But most of our setlist was comprised of older classic rock, and

could best be described by three words heard frequently from our audience members
: “OWW,

At the time I was sort of a purist who didn’t want any guitar pedals, even a

fuzzbox. I preferred instead to turn my amp way up à la Townshend and try for the best

possible outcome. The other guys had no choice but to compete with my volume level in order

to be heard.

So here, 30 years later, presented for the first time are the Generics and their live wall of sound,

including v
ersions of “Shakin’ All Over”, “Gloria” and “Steppin’ Stone” that could stomp just

about any other garage band’s versions
. Here are feedback-laced blues bashings of Clapton’s

hippie anthem “The Core” and CCRs hoary Keep on Chooglin’”, on which I play my own

invention, the
breaking glass chord. Our one original, “Generics Jam Blues” (then considered

unnamable by us, for some reason), was our most technically proficient song. Audiences

seemed to love it. Also included is our failed first attempt
at “Johnny B. Goode”, my sole lead

vocal turn that, once we worked it out, allowed me on a couple of memorable occasions to preenact

famous scene in “Back to the Future” two years before anyone heard of Marty McFly.

Like I said, we had a time machine.

Please note: these tracks
aren’t sequenced like a modern CD, but more like a traditional album.

ou won’t necessarily hear the best songs first, but the music flows better as a whole.

I make no claims for
The Generics’ significance in rock history (I know we really had none) but I

can safely say we were anything
but generic. We weren’t about money and we definitely

weren’t afraid to take chances.
Our audiences were incredibly open-minded and enthusiastic.

Special thanks to all those kids who got drunk at our shows and woke up the next day with

splitting earaches.

Sean Smith

January 23, 2013


THE GENERICS: Sean Smith - lead guitar & l
ead vocals (on “Johnny B. Goode”); Lou Morin - lead

vocals & tambourine; Larry Williams - bass guitar & vocals; Andy Cloutier

1. Eminence Front

2. Break on Through (to the Other Side)/Gloria
(Doors/Van Morrison)

3. Johnny B. Goode/Frying of the Amps

4. Shakin’ All Over

5. Stage Introduction

6. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

7. The Core

8. My City Was Gone

9. Sunshine of Your Love

10. Generics Jam Blues

11. Roadhouse Blues (Ending)

Keep on Chooglin’ (Fogerty)

13. Moby Dick

14. Crossroads [sound check]
(Johnson; arr. Cream)

15. Barney Miller Theme [sound check]

Tracks 1-4 recorded
at Lou Morin’s parents’ living room, Skowhegan, Maine in Dec. 1983

Tracks 5-15 recorded at The Barn at Eaton Mountain, Skowhegan, Maine on 4-21-84

Source for tracks 1-4: 2
nd gen. cassette, mono miked boombox

Source for tracks 5-15: 2nd gen. cassette, narrow-stereo soundboard


Sean also requested that I include his contact information, and here it be:
contact Sean Smith @” so he can get all his hate mail "directly....

I REALLY want to know what you guys think of this. I'd LOVE to amature, bar bands, new and old, on this blog, LOVE to, listening to that stuff is REAL LIFE, listening to blowhards like Corrosion of Conformity is phony, ANTI-rock n roll.......and we know, ROCK N ROLL is FOR REAL

I have no artwork for this post, so I will simply do what I ususally do in such a situation and put a series of hot-ass bitches out there for your (mostly MY) pleasure!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The best Pavement post ever

Before I begin to pontificate about the great 1990's band Pavement, I have a request.....ANYONE have the album "Chinese Burn" by The Len Price Three? Seemingly at least a hard one to find, certainly SOMEONE out here could help a brotha out......

Now as for of the truly great bands of the so-called "alternative" 1990's, Pavement were basically guitarist/vocalist Steven Malkmus, guitarist vocalist Scott Kanneberg, bassist Mark Ibold, drummer Steve West, and percussionist/vocalist Bob Nastanovich. They released five full-lengths in their era, as well as a handfull of EP's.....I THINK that most of the EP tracks have been included on the "expanded/deluxe" reissue versions of the original LP's......

The debut album, "Slanted and Enchanted" is nothing short of a five-star classic, a slacker masterpiece that sums up an entire era....."Summer Girl", and especially the fab "Conduit for Sale" highlight a genuinely classic, representative album of the early 1990' not miss it. The EP "Watery, Domestic" was released afterwards, I THINK I have a copy of it around here to put up (I'll check), the next full length "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain", is nearly a classic as well, featuring the amazing "Range Life" ("Out On tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, nature's kids, they ain't go no function, I don't udnerstand what they mean and I could really give a fuck").....YES!.....Stone Temple Pilots get slammed as well, gotta LOVE that. Also included is their minor hit "Cut Your Hair" which is a brilliant single that follows "anyband" from the classifieds ("NO BIG HAIR!") to the big time ("Tension and fear.....a career!")....fine album, must hear. Along with "Slanted and Enchanted, these are two of the top twenty albums of that decade.

The three remaining full lengths "Wowee Zowee", "Brighten the Corners", and "Terror Twilight" have their moments (especially parts of "Wowee Zowee"), but do not be fooled, it is those two GREAT albums previously mentioned if you ahve limited experience or shelf space.....then it is fair to investigate further. I also have a cool 1999 BBC Sessions disc, and a 1995 show from Lolapalooza in Ontario. In addition, the full lengths have all (at least I THINK all) been reissued with bonus stracks, I see tham on Pirate Bay and am going to gab them and post them in THAT format, so you can get all the Pavement that is available. I'm not sure I've heard everything on them, knowing those guys, there had to be a hidden gem or three on there.

Great, underappreciated band......sort of a "Talking Heads for the 1990's", just TOO DAMN SMART for the rest of us. But taken from ANY vantage point, "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain", and "Slanted and Enchanted" are great, great albums, 5-star classics (technically I'd say "Crooked Rain" is more of a 4.5 star album), and if you like them, there is plenty more to investigate, in particular if you like snotty, smart-ass rock n roll (I do).

LOTTA material here.....under my "new" upload policy, God knows how long it will take to get these up,but whenever it is I hope you like these!

WESTING (BY MUSKET AND SEXTANT)-01 You're Killing Me/02 Box ELder/03 Maybe Maybe/04 She Beleives/05 Price Yeah!/06 Forklift/07 Spizzle Trunk/08 Recorder Grot/09 Internal K-Dart/10 Perfect Depth/11 Recorder Grot (Rally)/12 Heckler Spray/13 From Now On/14 Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent/15 Drive-By Fader/16 Krell Vid-User/17 Summer Babe/18Mercy Snack: The Laundromat/19 Baptist Blakctick/20 My First Time/21 My Radio

SLANTED AND ENCHANTED-LUXE AND REDUXE EDITION (DISC 1)-01 Summer Babe (Winter VErsion)/02 Trigger Cut/03 No Life Singed Her/04 In the Mouth a Desert/05 Conduit For Sale!/06 Zurich Is Stained/07 Chelsey's Little Wrists/08 Loretta's Scars/09 Here/10 Two States/11 Perfume-V/12 Fame Throwa/13 Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era/14 Our Singer SLANTED SESSIONS-15 Summer Babe (7" Version)/16 Mercy Snack: The Laundromat/17 Baptist Blacktick/18 My First Time/19 Here (ALternate Mix)/20 Nothing Ever Happens PEEL SESSION 7/23/92-21 Circa: 1762/22 Kentucky Cocktail/23 Secret Knowlede of Backroads/24 Here

SLANTED AND ENCHANTED-LUXE AND REDUXE EDITION (DISC 2)-WATERY, DOMESTIC EP-01 Texas NEver Whispers/02 Frontwards/03 Lions (Linden)/04 Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)-WATERY SESSIONS-05 Sue Me Jack/06 So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)/07 Greenlander-PEEL SESSION 12/16/92-08 Rain Ammunition/09 Drunks With Guns/10 Ed Ames/11 The List of Dorms-LIVE AT BRIXTON ACADAMEY LONDON 12/14/92-12 Conduit For Sale!/13 Fame Throwa/14 Home/15 Perfume-V/16 Summer Babe/17 Frontwards/18 Angel Carver/Mellow Jazz Docent/19 Two States/20 No Life Singd Her/21 So Stark/22 Box Elder/23 Baby, Yeah/24 In the Mouth a Desert

CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN-LA'S DESERT ORIGINS EDITION DISC 1-01 Silence Kit/02 Elevate Me Later/03Stop Breathin/04 Cut Your Hair/05 Newark Wilder/06 Unfair/07 Gold Soundz/8 5-4=Unity/09 Range Life/10 Heaven Is a Truck/11 Hit the Plane Down/12 Fillmore Jive/-CUT YOUR HAIR SINGLE-13 Camera (REM Over)/14 Stare-RANGE LIFE SINGLE-15 Raft/16 Coolin By Sound-GOLD SOUNDZ SINGLE-17 Kneeling Bus/18 Strings of Nashville/19 Exit Theory-GOLD SOUNDZ AUSTRAL/NZ FRENCH MICRONESIA 94 TOUR EP-20 5-4 Vocal/CROOKED RAIN CROOKED RAIN BONUS 7"-21 Jam Kids/22 Haunt You Down/NO ALTERNATIVE COMPILATION TRACK-23 Unseen Power of the Picket Fence/HEY DRAG CITY! COMPILATION TRACK-24 Nail Clinic
CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN DISC 2-VARIOUS LIVE RECORDINGS-01 All My Friends/02 Soiled Little Filly/03 Range Life/04 Stop Breathing/05 Ell Ess Two/06 Fux=Rad/07 Bad Version of War/08 Same Way of Saying/09 Hands off the Bayou\/10 Heaven is a Truck (Egg Shell)/11 Grounded/12 Kennel District/13 Pueblo (Beach Boys)/14 Fucking Righteous/15 Colorado/16 Dark Ages/17 Flood Victim/18 JMC Retro/19 Rug Rat/20 Strings of Nashville (Instrumental)/21 Instrumental-PEEL SESSION 2/26/94-22 Brink of the Clouds/23 Tartar Martyr/24 Pueblo Domain/25 The Sutcliffe Catering Song

BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS-NICENE CREEDENCE EDITION DISC 1-01 Stereo/02 Shady Lane/J Vs. S/03 Transport is Arranged/04 Date W/IKEA/05 Old To Begin/06 Type Slowly/07 Embassy Row/08 Blue Hawaiian/09 We Are Underused/10 Passat Dream/11 Starlings of the Slipstream/12 Fin-OUTTAKES-13 And Then (The Hexx)/14 Beautiful as a Butterfly/15 Cataracts-SINGLES-Westie Can Drum/17 Winner of the/18 Birds in the Majic Industry/19 Harness Your Hopes/20 Roll With the Wind

BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS-NICENE CREEDENCE EDITION DISC 2-SHADY LANE SINGLE-01 Slowly Typed/02 Cherry Area/03 Wanna Mess You Around/04 No Tan Lines-BBC RADIO ONE EVENING SESSION 1/15/97-05 And Then (The Hexx)/06 Harness Your Hopes/07 THe Killing Moon/08 Winner of the-OUTTAKES-09 Embassy Row Psych Intro/10 Nigel/11 Chevy (old to Begin)/12 Roll With the Wind-A TRIBUTE TO THE CLEAN COMP-13 Odditty/TIBETAN FEEDOM CONCERT COMPILATION-Type Slowly/14 KCRW MORNING BECOMES ELECTIC2/25/97-15 Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer in a Non-Alcholic Bar/16 DEstroy Mater Dei/17 It's a Rainy Day, Sundhine Girl/18 Maybe Maybe/BBC RADIO ONE PEEL SESSION 8/21/97-19 Date w/IKEA/20 Fin/21 Grave Architecture/22 The Classical-WFNX STUDIOS 2/12/97-23 Space Ghost Theme I/24 Space Ghost Theme II

WOWEE ZOWIE SORDID SENTINELS EDITION DISC 1-01 We Dance/02 Rattled By the Rush/03 Black Out/04 Brinx Job/05 Grounded/06 Serpentine Pad/07 Motion Suggests Itslef/08 Father to a Sister of a Thought/09 Extradition/10 Best Friend's Arm/11 Grave Architecture/12 AT&T/13 Flux=Rad/14 Fight This Generation/15 Kennel District/16 Pueblo/17 Half a Canyon/18 Western Homes/19 Sordid (Outtake)/RATTLED BY THE RUSH EP-20 Brink of the Clouds/21 False Skorpion/22 Eaily Fooled-FATHER TO A SISTER OF THOUGHT SINGLE-23 Kris Kraft/24 Mussle Rock (Is a Horse In Transiton)/-PACIFIC TRIM EP 25 Give It a Day/26 Gangsters & Pranksters/27 Saganaw/28 I love Perth/29 Sentinel (Outtake)

WOWEE ZOWIE SORDID SENTINELS EDITION DISC 2-01 Senstive Euro Man ("I Shot Andy Warhol" Soundtrack)/02 Stray Fire (Outtake)/LIVE TRACKS-03 Fight This Generation/04 Easilly Fooled/05 Soul Food (Wowee Zowie Session w/Doug Easly Piano)/DESCENDENTS TRIBUTE ALBUM06 It's a Hectic World/STEVE LAMACQ EVENING SESSIONS 3/15/95-07 Kris Kraft/08 Golden Boys/Serpentine Pad/9 Painted Soldiers/10 I Love Perth-MEDUSA CYCLONE/PAVEMENT SPLIT 7"-11 Dancing With the Elders/LIVE AUSTRALIA 1994-12 Half a Canyon/13 Best Friends Arm/14 Brink of the Clouds/Candylad/15 Unfair/16 Easily Fooled/17 Heaven is a Truck/18 Box Elder-SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK COMPILATION-19 No More Kings/20 KIDS IN THE HALL BRAIN CANDY SOUNDTRACK-20 Painted Soldiers/21 We Dance (Alternate Mix)

TERROR TWILIGHT-01 Spit on a Stranger/02 Folk jam/03 You Are a Light/04 Cream of Gold/05 Major Leagues/06 Platform Blues/07 Ann Don't Cry/08 Billie/09 Speak, See, Remember/10 The Hexx/11 Carrot Rope

BBC SESSION EVENING SESSION 5/15/99-01 The Hexx/02 You Are the Light/03 Here/04 Cream of Gold/05 Ann, Don't Cry/06 Stereo/07 Father to a Sister of Thought/08 Carrot Rope/09 Cut Your Hair/10 Trigger Cut/11 Shady Lane

LOLLAPALOOZA ONTARIO 7/23/95-01 Grounded/02 Gold SOunds/03 Counduit For Sale!/04 Black Out/05 AT&T/06 Rattled by the Rush/07 Stop Breathing/08 Range Life/09 Father to a Sister of Thought/10 Two States/11 Cut Your Hair/12 Fight This Generation/13 In the Mouth of a desert



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drew Barrymore discusses the future of this blog!

Well, no, not really.....she can if she WANTS to,  but I haven't heard from her in a while.....hope I didn't make her mad at me or nothin'.....OK, here is whatI want to say, hopefully the Drew thing got your attention.....if you've been paying attention, you know that I am going crazy with Mediafire (easy uploads, impossible downloads), and Zippyshare (easy downloads, NEAR-impossibe uploads at times...) I think (could be wrong) that some of the ZIppshare problem has to do wth the fact that I often try to upload many discs at one time, MAYBE if I do them one at a time I may have more success (keep your fingers crossed, it worked with one of the Juliana Theory discs, seems to be working with another.....anyway, I LIKE how I do my blog, I LIKE posting ten or more discs from a single artist at once, I think it gives my blog a TINY bit of personality of it's own, for whatever that is worth.....I DON'T WANT to change that part of the format. I guess I could, but I DON'T WANT to do it like that, say, and just post one album at a time or whatever...., here is what I will do, which actually makes more sense than how I've been doing things....BEFORE posting, I'll get the link things worked out with Zippyshare.....if it takes me a couple of days, then it takes me a couple of I don't post for a few days, please check back in....for example, my next post, which is pretty much written, is going to be a mega-super TRULY BEST EVER post from Pavement, ALL their albums, most of them in double length deluxe format, some rarites, BBC sessions, etc.....BUT I am not going to put the post up yet. There are probaby 15 discs or so involved, and if I posted and then didn't get the links up for three days, you guys would just forget about it and understandly so......why I've always done it the ass-backwards way I have (write, post, THEN upload links) I don't really know, it just seemed to work for me, but it just isn't going to be practical.....there were times when I could get a post up every day, but that just isn't going to be the case, in particular if I want to continue the "mega-posts", and they are really something that I (anad hopefully YOU, too) enjoy......

So here is the skinny....I'm still dicking around with getting those Juliana Theory links up, two more t go......then I will probably vanish for a days, working behind the scenes to get the damn Pavement links workable......once they are, there will be a shiny-new "The Best Pavement Post, Ever"in front of your eyes, and you WON'T have to wait for the links, they will be RIGHT THERE at that time (you know, like how it works on most every other blog out there,  the "correct way" of doing it.

Late breaking......just watched as Zippyshare "ate" the Juliana Theory's "Love" album, so guess doing them one at a time is NOT the solution. I wish someone who used Zippyshare would tell me what I am doirong, it must be SOMETHING, when the links are succefully uplaoded, the indicator oes to 100%, then the link appears directly below (also under "my acount")....when the links vanish, like this one, the indicator goes to 100%, and's gone, it's not under "my account" or anywhere else......I am perplexed, it's been like this since I started using Zippyshare, but it has gotten SO much worse of late that I just don' know what to do about it. I hope this solution is amicable, I look forward to the mega-Pavement post and I'm sure others do as well....but God only knows how long it will take me to get the links prepared, so I guess it will be up there when it gets up there, (that is, if I EVER get the Juliana Theory links completed).......

And that, my friends, is THAT......I can't think of anything ELSE to do......obviously can't use Mediafire anymore......that does YOU guys no good. GOTTA use Zippy, I guess, unless someone knows of another FREE service that I can use....otherwise, don't forget  about me, I'll still be around,creating mega-posts for your enjoyment, cursing the computer when Zippy swallows another link, and trying over and over and over to get these damn things to work. Please understand, I don't WANT to cut back on my "work load", just don't see any choice. Hope its OK with everybody, I just REALLY want to continue the big "mega-post" format for the most part, and I DON'T want you guys waiting days and days for the links after you read the post. Not fair to YOU guys.

And, again, if anyone knows ANYTHING, any suggestions for making Zippyshare more functional, I am ALL EARS. So thanks for reading, thanks for the comments, thanks for downlaoding, and thank YOU Drew Barrymore, and you know, JUST for "being you".......see ya when I get the Pavement links working, I hope you enjoy it, I think it will be one of the best posts ever, maybe not as epic as "Garage Greats", but maybe on the "Sleater Kinney" level.