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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A tiny dab of Snakefinger

close snakefinger greener postures lpSomeone asked for some Snakefinger a while back, can't recall who, but here is the best I can come up with, I've been asking around and looking, but this is kind of hard stuff to I have but two albums, hopefully someone else can hook us up with a few more, we'll see....but for now, to whomever requested this, well, here you are.

Snakefinger (real name:Philip Charles Lithman, 17 June 1949 – 1 July 1987) was a kind of odd British multi-instrumentalist, most noted for his odd guitar/violin playing....a member of the legendary Ralph Records stable in the early 80's (along, of course with the Residents, not to mention my faves MX-80 Sound who were featured on this blog LONG ago)....his first (and likely best known) album (as Snakefinger, he had rcorded under some other names previously) was 1979's "Chewing Hides the Sound" which I swear to God I have around here somewhere but can't find, so we will settle for his second effort, "Greener Postures" from 1980. I also found "The Collection" which includes most of "Chewing" and "Postures", as well as an early couple of singles.....a littany of his recordings exist, Ralph Records eventually released seemingly every note he ever released.....

Some odd, odd stuff here, you will like it or you won't simply stated.....some very weird slide-guitar playing and violin, oddball lyrics and Residents-like strangeness.......sorry I couldn't locate either "Chewing" or some of the more rare stuff, I did try.....anyone wanting to contribute any further recordings, please do so!

Links in a little while.....

Snakefinger CollectionGREENER POSTURES-01 Golden Goat/02 Don't Lie/03 The Man in the Dark Sedan/04 I Come From an Island/05 Jungle Princess/06 Trashing All the Loves of History/07 Save Me From Dali/08 Living In Vain/09 The Picture Makers Vs The Children of the Sea

THE COLLECTION-01 The Spot/02 Smelly Tongues/03 The Model/04 Kill the Great Raven/05 Jesus Was A Leprechaun/06 Here Come the Bums/07 Magic and Ecstacy/08 Who is the Culprit and Who Is the Victim?/09 What Wilbur?/10 Picnic in the Jungle/11  I Love Mary/12 The Vultures of Bombay/13 Golden Goat/14 Don't Lie/15 The Man in the Dark Sedan/16 I Come From an Island/17 Trashing All the Loves of History/18 Save Me From Dali/19 Living In Vain/20 The Picture Makers Vs the Children of the Sea


  1. Chewing Hides The Sound

    Manual Of Errors

    Snakefinger 80 Melbourne University

    Snakefinger's History Of The Blues Live In Europe!7MQjFDqJ!ayMqI2qwT-2no6EOCmVUoTDiX2sh1i3YrNJc5hNX0Fw

  2. Wow thanks, hope the original requestor sees this



  5. Holy Schnikies, Big Scott between you and Any (or was it Abby Someone?) I am more than pleased. Many many mahalos to you both! I had the 'history of the blues live' and Melbourne bits, but my room-mate had 'Chewing' when it came out - he also turned me on to the Residents - and I loved it.

    1. John, was it you that requested the Snakefinger originally? I couldn't recall who it was but if it WAS you glad to be of assistance!

    2. I cannot think of anyone else who might have. I know I did, though, so, yeah!

  6. Don't suppose anyone has Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger - (1993) released by The Residents' fan club organization, Uncle Willie's Eyeball Buddies?
    It would be a great share!

    1. Snakefinger Phillip Charles Lithman 1949-1987 (1994) @192

      Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins - Night Of Desirable Objects

      Snakefinger - live in chicago

      snakefinger 12.7.83 milano


      Snakefinger - Riffs

    2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    3. Wow - what a share from Anonymous; many thanks for these rarities.

    4. Hi

      Thanks for the Snakefinger outtakes and live files. Great stuff.



  7. hi Anonymus, just discovered zou postet a treasure drove full of Snakefinker raries, but to late thezare alle gone fromYippy! Could you repost? Thanks to the original uploader of the regular LP's which I have in storage in another country and wasn't able to listen to in all its vinyl glory for more than 14 years.