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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elvis Hitler

A sort-of humorous band from Detroit, Elvis Hitler were singer Jim Leedy (aka Elvis Hitler), guitarist John Defever, bassist Warren Defever, and drummer Damain Lang. To show you the type of musical zaniness we're dealing with here, their best know number is "Green Haze", which utilized the lyrics of the theme from "Green Acres" done to the tune of Hendrix' "Purple Haze".....if that sounds appealing to you, there is a good bit more where that came from on these three albums.....if not you may wish to pass on their blend of psycho rockabilly and goofball humor.

They debuted with 1988's "Disgraceland", if you only wish to sample these boys I'd probably advise this features the aforementioned "Green Haze", also assorted nuttiness ala "Black Babies Dancing On Fire", "Crush Your Skull", and "Ten Wheels for Jesus".....pretty much a less-serious (!) version of the Cramps.

The follow up the next year "Hellbilly" is a similar set, ("Ballad of the Green Berets", "Teenage Surf Slave", "Revolving Blues of Death")......I do enjoy these albums from time to time (fans of the aforementioned Cramps may go for them), although, honestly,  little bit of them has the potential to go quite a ways.

Their final effort, to my knowledge, was 1992's "Supersadomasochisticexpilaidocious", don't expect a lot of growth/change from the earlier efforts....."Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Dickweed", and "Shove That Sax" being the standouts......

Again, striving for variety.....these aren't going to be hanging on the walls of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but, then again, not everything HAS to can tell these dudes had a great time making these albums, and, perhaps, for them, that was enough.....for certain tastes only.

DISGRACELAND-01 Cool Daddy In a Cadillac/02 Live Fast Die Young/03 Hot Rod to Hell/04 Rocking Over Russia/05 Berlin to Memphis/06 Elvis' Ripoff Theme/07 Battle of 1000 Men/08 Green Haze (Parts 1 & 2)/09 I Love Your Guts/10 Ten Wheels For Jesus/11 Black Babies Dancing On Fire/12 Crush Your Skull/13 Disgraceland

HELLBILLY-01 Showdown/02 Hellbilly/03 Ballad of the Green Berets/04 Teenage Surf Slave/05 Booze Party/06 Gear Jammin Hero/07 Revolving Blues of Death/08 Crush Kill Destroy/09 Ghouls (Looking For Food)/10 Hang Em High/11 Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight/12 Black Death On a White Horse/13 Dance of the Living Dead/14 Misanthropes

SUPERSADOMASOCHISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-01 Last Sound/02 World Explodes/03 Shotgun Shell/04 Don't Push Me/05 Cathouse/06 Ghoul/07 Bloody Bride/08 Yummy Yummy Yummy/09 Shove That Sax/10 Dickweed/11 Rebellion/12 Bury the Hatchet/13 Flat Head Boogie/14 Open Road/15 Yummy Yummy Yummy (Satan Remix)

JUNE 27, 2014...........that will be my final day of performing tasks as a civil servant for the taxpaying citizens of Ohio.....31 years, as I have likely said many times, is quite has been my experience that in my time of employment, much like every conglomeration of people that I have experienced over a period of time, pretty much separate into a 90/5/5% split.....90 % of them are just people, basically good, who perhaps touch our lives in a small way, but in reality will eventually simply blur together in memory.....5% of the people I have worked with in my 31 years have been true friends, the kind that are friends for life, whom I will continue to see, and to cherish the great friendships that I have developed with them.....and then there are the other 5%.....the other 5% represent the most loathsome, vile, reprehensible excuses for pathetic human refuse that I can possibly imagine to exist. It will continue to be my hope that you roast in hell for some of the things you have done. How you can look at your vile reflections in the mirror is beyond me, and, assuming there IS a God, perhaps He will forgive you.......I won't.........

On a much less somber note, tomorrow will bring forth a treat.....Dave Sez again will be contributing some reggae treasures.....I LOOOOOVE me some reggae but I am FAR FROM an expert on it, so hopefully some good tunes AND some education for me....I know Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros is a part of it, there is more, tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel......



  2. Thx as always, & congrats on your upcoming retirement!

    1. is just "time" to do it......I won't "look back", this is how it is going to be.......

  3. SUPER


  4. I dug this band back in the day and appreciate this post. I have another release they did under the name SPLATTER and have made it available here:

    1. Thanks for the Splatter! I just saw Elvis Hitler a few months ago at Small's in Hamtramck (suburb of Detroit). Ive been a fan for a long time and had never heard of Splatter... downloading now, cant wait to listen.