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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These Arms Are Snakes

From the early 2000's, some post-hardcore weirdness from These Arms Are Snakes.......something of a 2nd-line all-pedigree, vocalist Steve Sneer came from Kill Sadie, other members came from 2003 they released their debut EP "This Is Meant To Hurt You", their only release with a keyboardist. The EP goes out of it's way to be "weird", nothing wrong with that on the may enjoy tracks such as Drinking From the Necks of the Ones You Love" and "Riding the Grape Dragon"....don't really know who I can compare these gents to, always a good sign in my estimation.

So, they dropped the keyboards which, according to Sneer, allowed the band's wild live shows to get even more rowdy without a keyboard cluttering up the works.....the first album with the "new" lineup was "Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When It's Antelope Goes Home". Quite different from the earlier EP, it features stripped-down weirdness such as "The Shit Sisters" and the lengthy "Idaho"......something of an unknown "psuedo-classic", I like the album, many, I assume will dislike it.

So, in 2006 the released "Easter" as though Patti Smith had never existed, if you like these guys you may opt for this as your favorite album.....weird, energetic, punky hard rock, stuff like "Mescaline Eyes" and "Crazy Woman Dirty Train" would make a "Best of", were there a demand for such.

The called it a day in 2008 with "Tail Swallower and Dove", really pretty similar to the previous two efforts, standout tracks incude "Prince Squid" and "Lead Beater".....simply, if you liked the other disc, you will like this one as well.

A footnote to rock history, these guys were nothing if not interesting......if unfamiliar, investigate here if you're a fan of 70's punk, maybe of 90's industrial stuff, post-hardcore rock.......these are fairly good albums, and, at the very least, might be a new sound that you may be happy to discover....if not, something else will come along tomorrow......

THIS IS MEANT TO HURT YOU (EP)-01 Riding the Grape Dragon/02 Run It Through the Dog/03 Diggers of Ditches Everywhere/04 The Blue Rose/05 Drinking From the Necks of the Ones You Love

OXENEERS OR THE LION SLEEPS WHEN ITS ANTELOPE GOES HOME-01 The Shit Sisters/02 Angela's Secret/03 Big News/04 Tracing/05 Your Pearly Whites/06 Gadget Arms/07 Greetings From the Great North Woods/08 La Stanza Bianca/09 Darling of New Midnight/10 Oxeneer/11 Idaho

EASTER-01 Mescaline Eyes/02 Horse Girl/03 Subtle Body/04 Desert Ghost/05 Child Chicken Play/06 Hell's Bank Notes/07 Abbracaddabra/08 Deer Lodge/09 Lady North/10 Perpetual Bris/11 Corporeal/12 Crazy Woman Dirty Train

TAIL SWALLOWER AND DOVE-01 Woolen Heirs/02 Prince Squid/03 Red Line Season/04 Lucifer/05 Etheric Double/06 Seven Curtains/07 Long and Lonely Step/08 Leadbeater/ 09 Cavity Carousel/10 Briggs

OK, something a little bit different......this is the kind of thing that gets almost zero interest at times, which makes me wonder if some of you guys even understand what I''m trying to do here......I wonder if I put up Kansas or some lame ass shit like that, would it generate more interest than These Arms are Snakes? Makes one wonder about the state of the world, and the level of interest in learning new things.......just sayin'........


  1. I really like these records. Don't need to download em though, I already own em all on LP. They actually remind me a bit of The Jesus Lizard (thanks for posting that recently!).

  2. Looking forward to hearing this. Links please?

  3. WOW.....unbelievable I FORGOT to post them.....I will put them up Sunday....the transition to senility is going quite smoothly.

  4. FINALLY here they come, again, I am sorry for my stupidity, too many hotdogs in the campfire at the moment

  5. THIS IS



  7. TAIL

  8. All you have to say is for fans of quicksand and fugazi, I hate labels but post hardcore would be a good one for them. Didn't have the first EP will check out.