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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Jim Jones Revue

Some of you might freak for this UK garage combo, named for everyone's favorite messiah/Kool-Aid pitchman.....they have a fairly unique sound, combining some definite 1960's "Back From the Grave"-style garage rock blended with elements of modern, heavier such as maybe the Stooges or MC5......consisting of Jim Jones, Nick Jones, Gavin Jay, Henri Herbert, Rupert Orton (Beth's brother).......they releasedd their very good and raw self titled debut album in 2008, 10 pretty fair rockin tunes, notably "Princess and the Frog" and "Rock N Roll Psychosis" it's a little on the short side but still a quality record.

Their next release (I don't have it) was a collection of singles and B-sides ("Here To Save Your Soul") which has some overlap with the debut, if anyone has it please share I THINK there are a couple of tracks available only there. Anyway, that led to the release of the fine "Burning Your House Down", certainly a more mature musically and a bettter effort than the debut, again, a strange mix of straight-ahead Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard type stuff as if played by The Chesterfield Kings? I always think it to be a GOOD thing when I have a lot of trouble describing a band.....the title track, "Dishonest John", "Shoot First" and more standout.......HA I thought of something of a comparison, say, a UK version of the Iron City Houserockers who I did a post on a while back, check the archives.

The most recent effort is 2012's "The Savage Heart", for my dough not quite as good as "Burning", but still perfectly acceptable garage/punk/whatever/ be quite honest I've only listened to it a couple of times and the standout tunes aren't coming blazing, but trust me this is a decent album as well, all three of them are very much worth your while, I think, for the folks that appreciate garage-rock, as so many here do.

So rock out to these, no "grand statements" or "concepts" (GOOD!) just good old rock n roll. PLay it loud.

THE JIM JONES REVUE-01 Princess & the Frog/02 Hey Hey Hey Hey/03 Rock N Roll Psychosis/04 Fish To Fry/05 512/06 Another Daze/07 Meat Man/08 Make It Hot/09 Who's Got Mine/10 Cement Mixer

BURNING YOUR HOUSE DOWN-01 Dishonest John/02 High Horse/03 Foghorn/04 Big Len/05 Premeditated/06 Burning Your House /07 Shoot First/08 Elemental/09 Killin' Spree/10 Righteous Wrong/11 Stop the People

THE SAVAGE HEART-01 It's Gotta Be About Me/02 Never Let You Go/03 7 Times Around the Sun/04 Where Da Money Go?/05 Chain Gang/06 In and Out of Harm's Way/07 Catastrophe/08 Eagle Eye Ball/09 Midnight Oceans and the Savage Heart

Also thanks to the anonymous friend (edit: NOT anonymous, actually Marcan) who contributed the second (rather hard to find) Arc of Ascent album, if ya missed it see the comments section of the Arc of Ascent post from the other day.....haven't listened to it yet but I'm going to in just a fwe minutes, and if it's half as good as any of Datura/Arc of Ascent's previous work, it's going to be a winner!





  2. Thanks for ''The Jim Jones Revue''
    can you please re-post ''Earth Quake-Live & Earth Quake-Leveled''
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi again here we have some euro goodness in the stoner rock style Mexicoma "obsidian monolith"...
    Tell me what you think,
    I have been a silent observer for a while... running my own buisness now i passed it on to some youngster so I have a bit more time on my hand.
    Love your blog and your incredible knowledge of music i think we must be around the same age i just turned 50 this year and grew up with punk and moved on with all sorts.
    If you don't mind I will send you some stuff as I have a bit of stuff too.
    Love peace and rock'n'roll.
    PS I'm swiss french

  4. Marc-thanks for the link I'll check it out, and please send anything you wish to see posted.....if you wish contact me privately at (by the way I turn 52 on May 1 so you pretty much nailed that one)