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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fatso Jetson

Since they have recently split a disc with Herba Mate (see yesterday), might as well get introduced to
these fellows if you are unfamiliar.... from Palm Beach California, another that worship at the altar of Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age, which make them a prefect compliment to split a CD with Herba Mate..... is most of the work from Fatso Jetson that I can locate.... hope you guys enjoy it, there is some good stuff here, for fans of West Coast stoner rock at least!

Former memebers of  (the great) Yawning Man Mario Lalli and Tony Lalli joined forces with Tony Torny to form Fatso Jetson in 1994......their debut was "Stinky Little Gods", a unknown somewhat-classic of Dessert's not their best effort, for my cash, but itis worth a listen: the fab finale "Corn on the Macabre" gets the job done, as do several other stoner/burner numbers's a good album, good starting point.

In 1997 they came up with "Power of Three", a fine album of power trio/stoner rock, LOTS of oddball shit here such as "Ugly Man, Ugly Name", "Orgy Porgy" (Named for a term in "Brave New World" what could be better?), and "Phil the Hole".... simply put, what Herba Mate=Kyuss, Fatso Jetson=QOTSA..... pretty simple really, but I do love all these bands, really.

For their next disc "Flames For All", they added second guitarist Gary Arse, formerly of Yawning Man, and turn out another winning effort, perhaps their best (I'd say so...), "Fucked Up and Famous", "Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player", and "Icon To Ex-Con" are perhaps the high points, not only of the album, but arguably of the career.

2001's "Toasted" is also a fine album, albeit returning to the power trio format of the earlier efforts... Good hard rocking stuff, the definition of "stoner rock" .....what else would you make of titles such as "Too May Skulls", "She's So Borg", or "Tutta Dorma".... frankly, if you like this stuff  (and I DO), you wil want this one as well.

2002's "Cruel and Delicious" added some other musicians, ie keyboards and the like..... well, what are ya gonna do? It's "growth", I guess, shorter songs, more fleshed out sound.... not as great an album, but there ya go.... there are plenty of good, listenable moments here, like "Drinkin Mode", "Party Pig", Mountain of Debt"...... frankly, another good LP, these guys were really underappreciated.

They released a 2007 Live disc, and the most recent release I happen to have is "Archaic Volumes" from 2010 after all these years, these burnouts still know on which side their bread is buttered.... not at all a bad CD, "Golden Age of Cell Block Slang, "Jolting Tales of Tension", and "Play Dead" stand up  with all of their earlier "classics"......

These guys were fairly under-the radar masters of dessert surf/stoner rock..... nothing here as great as you might find on the greater albums of Kyuss or QOTSA, but still, this is pretty good stuff, if you are a fan of stoner-rock (NOT really "stoner metal", there's a diff) you will likely enjoy this...and if ya DO, make certain to go to the Herba Mate post and check out their new split with THAT band, whom both of have agreed to share with us for free so we can check it out...... cool.

I THINK that this is their complete catalogue, if anyone has anything else please share....this was/is a decent stoner rock band, I would classify them as a poor-man's QOTSA, and that is no insult....

Want to go off-topic for a minute? Of course you do..... when me and my "homies" (GOD I am so HIP) were talking about famous media-bitches we'd like to do earlier this evening, the name of Nancy Grace came up (from me)..... looking for opinions here.yes she is a total bitch.... but I sincerely would fuck the living hell out of her, she (IMO) is SOOOOO fucking hot, ESPECIALLY with that fucking handcuff necklace.... OOOOOOOOH baby.....and, since what babes we'd like to do is such a topic of titanic importance, here is MY list of the world's hottest fucking women (notice Nancy doesn't quite make the grade, but personal to NG: Anytime, anyplace Baby)......  would LOVE to hear everyone else's lists of the hottest babes in captivity, it's SO much more interesting than talking about stoner rock or retirement (did I mention I am retiring June 27? possibly, I have....)

1. Carla Miller (my beloved of 27 years)
2. Drew Barrymore
3. Geneveve Gorder
4. Megyn Price
5. Jenny McCarthy
6. Lennon Murphy
7. Lita Ford
8. Vida Guerra
9. Emile de Raven
10. Olivia Paige

MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, that is a fine list..... anyone else have any "special favorites"? My wife and I jokingly have a "list of three" that we are allowed to have sex with without reprecussion, mine, of course, is Drew, Geneveve, and Megyn......  hers are three guys I've never heard of, ahh, well......

so anyways, Fatso Jetson..... COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT, this is a pretty big post on which I worked my fingers to the bone. I may have forgotten to mention that I am retiring on June 27, and, if so, send cash in lieu of congratulations.......

STINKY LITTLE GODS-01 Kettles ooom/02 Joke Shop/03 Von Deuce/04 Captain Evil/05 Pressure For Posture/06 Nightmares are Essential/07 Gargle/08 Salt Chunk Mary's/09 Highway 86/10 Corn on the Macabre

POWER OF THREE-01 Builders and Collectors/02 Ugly Man, Ugly Name/03 Mummified/04 Orgy Porgy/05 El Taurino/06 Phil the Hole/07 Phantom of the Opry/08 Handgun/09 Sandy and the Clockfamer/10 Bored Stiff/11 Itchy Brother/12 Drones Pills

FLAMES FOR ALL-01 Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player/02 Vatos of the Astral Plane/03 Fucked Up & Famous/04 Flames For All/05 Icon to Ex-Con/06 Let's Clone/07 August In Lawndale/08 Graffiti In Space/09 Deaf Conductor

TOASTED!-01 New Age Aroid/02 Magma/03 I've Got the Shame/04 She's So Borg/05 Swollen Offering/06 Tutta Dorma/07 Rail Job/08 Procrastination Pros/09 Too Many Schools

CRUEL AND DELICIOUS-01 Pleasure Bent/02 Drinkin Mode/03 Light Yourself on Fire/04 Died In
California/05 Heavenly Hearse/06 Ton O Luv/07Pig Hat Smokin/08 Superfrown/09 Iron Chaf/10 Sunshine Enema/11 Party Pig/12 Strangers Blues/13 Mountain of Debt

ARCHAIC VOLUMES-01 Jet Black Boogie/02 Play Dead/03 Jolting Tales of Tension/04 Archaic Volumes/05 Golden Age of Cell Block Slang/06 Here Lies Boomer's Panic/07 Let Go/08 Back Road Tar/09 Garbage Man/10 Monoxide Dreams

LIVE-01 Too Many Skulls/02 Back Road Tar/03 Orgy Porgy/04 I've Got the Shame/05 Let Go/06 The Golden Age of Cellblock Slang/07 Rail Job

Wow, for such a huge (and pretty good) catalogue, these dudes are fairly unknown......not bad at all, ya just never know...... if ya like these, by chance, please go to the Herba Mate post and  check out their NEW split CD with that band, as they have generously allowed us to preview free of charge.... pretty decent stoner rock, not the world's greatest, but it will do.... anyway, SIT ON MY FACE, NANCY GRACE!!!! (AWESOME how that rhymes and shit!)


  1. A request please can you re-post ''Earth Quake-Live & Earth Quake-Leveled''
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    1. In general I don't do reposts, especially of things that were not terribly popular (like EarthQuake) as it is a bit of work, I have to RE-UP the CD (not just the link,if you see what I am saying).....if you had something interesting that you could contribute to the family here, then I'd do it.....THAT is what I am trying to do here, NOT simply run an online music flea market....the Zip links stay up for 30 days (and THAT is if noone hits them in that time, usually they are up longer)......YOU contribute something for everyone here, and I will bend the rules and re-up EarthQuake, but this is enough work without it being totally 1-sided.....I hope you don't take offense but I get A LOT of reup requests and simply can't honor them all......your chances would be excellent, though, if you become a part of the sharing network we have and contribute. I hope you do.







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  7. holy shit, ever since seeing them on such hawks, such hounds, heavily underrated