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Friday, January 15, 2016

Bowie VH-1 Storytellers

Brian suggested this post for today as well, I thought I had a copy of this but wound up borrowing
one off of the Bay....... here's Brian's quick review of this one!

Years ago, I was lucky to come across this on TV. I'd been off current Bowie for a bit, but was drawn in by how engaging he is in this context. Believe me guys, this is worth it just for the between song banter! At one point, when he says "Oh, the stories I could tell you..." You know that he could. Talking about Marc Bolan or The Small Faces or's great to hear. They should've done at least two of these!

But it isn't just the stories; the performances are great. "Rebel Rebel" is a story that turns into the audience running through the chorus. "Life On Mars?" is as beautiful as always. He wails "Drive In Saturday" just like he used to. "China Girl" is an interesting arrangement: it rocks like Iggy's version, then has an outro just like Bowie's Let's Dance version. Also has two good versions of songs off his then-current Hours... album. Definitely add this to the pile of Bowie you already have. Good latter-day stuff.

VH-1 STORYTELLERS-01 Life On Mars/02 Rebel Rebel/03 Thursday's Child/04 Can't Help Thinking About Me/05 China Girl/06 Seven/07 Drive in Saturday/08 Word on a Wing

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