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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just thinking about Badfinger for no reason

There are some bands that I was WAY into, searching out every note they ever recorded.... Nirvana,
Rocy music, Mott the Hoople, The Velvet Underground, Sleater Kinney.... and then, there are thousands of other bands whose music I love, but I am really just a dabbler.... Badfinger would be a fine example of this.... while their "best of" is (I think) the only one of their efforts on my shelf, every now and then I slip it on, and ....well, wow.......modern day power pop would be unimaginable if not for these boys....well that may be overstatement, BUT if you are a power-pop fan, listen to this stuff, and be amazed by how far ahead of its time this stuff was.

The band, roughly, was Pete Ham, guitar/vocal/keyboards, Joey Molland, guitar/vocals/keyboard, Tom Evans on bass, and Mike Gibbons on drums, with some other guest contributors and replacement members along the road. Thier music served, to me, as the PERFECT link between The Beatles and Cheap Trick on the awesome clean-yet-sonically-pleasing power pop-meter.......PLEASE check out the amazing (if you are uninitiated) "Baby Blue", "Day After Day", and "No Matter What", classic singles all (I am especially partial to "Baby Blue"), as well as second-team material, such as "Come and Get It" and "Without You"... OK, I'll admit to being not a real fan of their albums, but pop on THIS comp, and groove to an hour of pure-power pop excellence.

Just got to thinking about them a while ago and decided to pull out this disc, sounded so good, I HAD to put it up. Rarities, live recordings, demos, etc, would be thought of as gifts from God, should any of you have them. Consider this a "bonus post", for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, from the BigMan!

THE BEST OF BADFINGER-01 No Matter What/02 Day After Day/03 Baby Blue/04 Name of the
Game/05 Maybe Tomorrow/06 Come and Get It/07 Rock of All Ages/08 Carry On Til Tomorrow/09 Midnight Caller/10 We're For the Dark/11 I'll Be the One/12 Without You/13 I'd Die babe/14 It's Over/15 When I Say/16 Dennis/17 Lonely You/18 Love Time/19 Meanwhile, back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke

Just sitting up tonight, looking forward to the Vikings game tomorrow.... got some plans for the blog the next few days, a couple glam comps, a few Beatles "cover album projects", some foreign language thrash metal from Poland and Germany........ALL stuff the discriminating rock n roller will have trouble living without!



  2. Nice collection -- surprised they left "Apple of My Eye" off, because technically it was a hit, even though it only hit the Bubbling Under chart.

  3. Hola, muchas gracias por tu trabajo.muy bueno.
    Jorge Morales, Chile