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Friday, January 15, 2016

Tribute to David Bowie, Part 2

Tonight the second part of my multi-part Bowie tribute, not sure how long it will go... I just have
TOO MUCH good stuff to not put it up right now... for tonight we have a four discs set of BBC Sessions, "The Rise and Rise of Ziggy Stardust"..... no need to go on and on about the tracks here, if you refer to the track list below, the dates and locations of the performance are given.....

Enjoy, this is an essential Bowie rarity set.

DISC 1-(Tracks 01-05 from "Top Gear" 12/18/67) 01 Love You Til Tuesday/02 When I Live My Dream/03 Litttle Bombadier/04 Silly Boy Blue/05 In the Heat of the Morning/ (Track 06 from "Top Gear 5/13/68) 06 When I'm Five/ (Tracks 07-19 from "The Sunday Show 2/5/70 07 Amsterdam/08 God Knows I'm Good/09 Buzz the Fuzz/10 Karma Man/11 London Bye Ta-Ta/12 An Occasional Dream/13 The Width of a Circle/14 Janine/15 The Wide Eyed Boy From Freecloud/16 Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed/17 Fill Your Heart/18 The Prettiest Star/19 Cygnet Committee

DISC 2-(Tracks 01-03 from The Dave Lee Travis Show 10/20/69) 01 Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed/02 Let Me Sleep Beside You/03 Janine/ (Tracks 04-07 from "Sound of the 70's", 3/25/70) 04 Waiting For the Man/05 The Width of a Circle/06 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/07 The Supermen/ (Tracks 08-16 from John Peel's Sunday Concert, 7/5/71) 08 Queen Bitch/09 Bombers/10 The Supermen/11 Looking For a Friend/12 Almost Grown (Geoffrey Alexander vocal)/13 Kooks/14 Song For Bob Dylan (George Underwood Vocal)/15 Andy Warhol (Dana Gillespie Vocal)/16 It Ain't Easy

DISC 3-(Tracks 01-06 from The Bob Harris Show 9/21/71) 01 The Supermen/02 Oh! You Pretty
Things/Eight Line Poem/03 Kooks/04 Fill Your Heart/05 Amsterdam/06 Andy Warhol/ (Tracks 07-11 from "Sounds of the 70's" 5/18/72) 07 Hang Onto Yourself/08 Ziggy Stardust/09 Waiting For the man/10 Queen Bitch/11 Five Years (Tracks 12-15 from Sounds of the 70's 1/11/72) 12 Ziggy Stardust/13 Queen Bitch/14 Waiting For the Man/15 Lady Stardust

DISC 4-(Tracks 01-05 From "Top Gear" 5/16/72-01 White Light White Heat/02 Moonage Daydream/03 Hang Onto Yourself/04 Suffergette City/05 Ziggy Stardust (Tracks 06-09 From the Johnny Walker Show 5/22/72) 06 Starman/07 Space Oddity/08 Changes/09 Oh! You Pretty Things/(Track 10-13 from "Sounds of the 70's 5/23/72) 10 Andy Warhol/11 Lady Stardust/12 White Light White Heat/13 Rock n Roll Suicide/(Tracks 14-16 bookended by DJ talking to Rick Wakeman 9/21/72) 14 John, I'm Only Dancing/15 Lady Stardust/16 Star

More to come over the weekend, hope you enjoy them.


  1. D1

  2. D3

  3. D4

  4. Thanks for posting these discs, Scott!. Here is a video of the Flash Chorus singing Life on Mars in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago.

    Even nicer is the Choir! Choir! Choir! version of Space Oddity.