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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The "Other Beatles", BigScott's personal "supplement"

Somewhat mis-titled, as BigScott62 had zip to do with creating this torrent, found it on the Bay while posting Jose's amazing series......Just felt this would be a good time to post it, after Jose's classic project, here is a decent big torrent I found a couple days ago, a BUNCH of random Beatles covers/rarities......I will be honest, I am postingthis BEFORE hearing it, haven't got the chance yet.....just thought it would "fit" while I was reposting Jose's project. Sorrys, if some of the tracks are mislabeled or unidentified, I wanted to get this up and wrap up the Beatles thing......

OK, first of all, this is, unlike Jose's stuff NOT structured in any conceptual manner, merely a hodgepodge I found on the Bay recently........a BIG bunch of Beatles covers, some of with which I am familiar, some not as much.......this entire thing is all about THE BEATLES, I remember (seriously) listening to (and loving) their stuff AT THE AGE OF 2, with help from my Dad who cranked their stuff 24/7  (Funny sidebar: You would simply NOT BELIEVE how much my ears and brain HATED Bob Dylan at this same time (as a small child).....when I was little, not only would my Dad fill the days with Beatles/Stones/Doors and the like, I also got a BUNCH of Dylan....I thought hos voice was vomit-inducing......HEY I GUESS you just need to forgive me, I was maybe 2-4 years old.

OK, this I said, haven't heard it, but I think it REALLY fits with the earlier "Other" Beatles project......Big Beatles fans may or may not find a track or three on this that they don't already have.......

Switching gears after this one not sure to where, yet, though.

Jude/03 STEREOPHONICS-Don't let Me Down/04 LULU-Day Tripper/05 U2-Help/06 BOYZ-Get Back/07 ALLISON MOORER-Here Comes the Sun/08 BEATLES-It's Now or Never/09 BEATLES-Hey Jude (Alt Version?)/10 BEATLES W/TINY TIM-Nowhere Man/11 JOE COCKER-Something/12 FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION-Do You Want to Know/13 BEE GEES-A Day in the Life/14 BOYS II MEN-Yesterday/15 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & JON BON JOVI-Come Together (Live)/16 CROSBY, STILLS. NASH, AND YOUNG-Blackbird/17 DEEP PURPLE-Help/18 ELVIS PRESLEY-Something In the Way She Moves/19 FLYING PICKETS-Here There amd Everywhere/20 GEORGE HARRISON W/ERIC CLPATON-Here Comes the Sun/21 GEORGE MICHAEL-The Long and Winding Road/22 HERBIE HANCOCK-Norwegian Wood/23 PAUL WESTERBERG-Nowhere man/24 JON VON JOVI-Here Comes the Sun/25 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON-Paperback Writer/26 MARRILION-Let It Be/27 MEETS-She's Leaving Home/28 SERGIO MENDES AND BRAZIL 66-Day Tripper/    29 NANA MOUSKORI-Let it Be/30-NATALIE MERCHANT-Nowhere Man/31 NINA SIMONE-Here Comes the Sun/32 NO DOUBT-Ob La Di, Ob La Da/33 OASIS-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/34 RADIOHEAD-Something/35 SERGIO MENDES-Here Comes the Sun/36  SERGIO MENDES AND BRAZIL '^^-Fool On the Hill 37 SHAM 69th a Little Help From My Friends/38SHIRLEY BASSEY-Fool on the Hill/39 STINGDay In the Life/40THE CORRS-Long and Winding Road.41 DOORS- Beatles Cover/42 THE WALLFLOWERS-I'm Lookin'/43 THOMPSON TWINS FEATURING MADONNA-Revolution/44 TORI AMOS-Shes Leaving Home/45 TRAVIS-Here Comes the Sun/46 XTC-I Am the Walrus

OK, I just tacked this onto the end of Jose's great Beatles project, as I said, without even listening to this one, I very rarely do that, but I wanted to run the gamut of this particular theme for now.....if  this thing sucks (before I get to listen Wednesday), let me know and I will get rid of it....I .am not about to post anything that would detract from Jose's project, but if the stuff listed above is legit, at least about half of it sounds MEGA-interesting!



  2. Hola Big Scott.muchas gracias por tu post,muy completo,pero una corrección: 34 no es Radiohead,es George Harrison on take 1 ! Muchas gracias.
    Jorge Morales, Chile