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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Briefly: A good email from a human being.....

.....rather than a whining baby. Recieved this today, don't know if it went to the blog comments or not, but if it did you still may not see it, so I want you to read it:


I was the bass player in Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Things. I wrote the A side "Take Me Away" which was included in your USA Garage Greats Part 24. Thanks for including it! If you're interested, I posted up a video on YouTube I made with publicity photos and archive materials of the band with both sides of the 45 as the sound track. You can find it by searching under: Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Things Band. It should come right up and is about 5 minutes. There is also a brief history of the band under the description of the the video.

Thanks for keeping the un-varnished 60's sounds alive!

Dave Pasant


See, here is an old timer who "gets it", much like youngsters Fluid Underground "get it".......they "get" that OTHER PEOPLE HEARING THEIR MUSIC IS A GOOD THING. WHY is that so FUCKING hard to understand? Whine-babies like Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, and Molly Whateverthefuckhernameis from Bratmobile, are comparable to storekeepers who get pissed off because they have too many customers in their store. Jesus Christ, people CANNOT be as stupid as all that. If you write, you want MANY people to read it. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. If you paint you want MANY people to see your work, as many as possible.....and if you FUCKING MAKE MUSIC, you want as MANY FUCKING PEOPLE TO HEAR IT AS IS HUMANLY FUCKING POSSIBLE, THAT IS IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING BRAIN IN YOUR FUCKING HEAD.

Thanks DAVE PASANT for the cool of wishes/health to you and yours.

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