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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Socrates Drank the Conium

"Best ever".....likely not, I don't have their complete discography, and actually I don't think I'd want to hear it (they tredge on even at this date according to Wikipedia), BUT I am also missing an album from their, uh, "classic" era (I think i used to have it, but you know....) anyway, I have  a basketbal game in a couple hours, so this short post is what we are getting tonight.

These guys were a Greek heavy blues/psych/rock band, pretty damn good, heavilly influenced by Hendrix and Cream......thier 1972 debut (self titled) is pretty fair, good period piece with lots of heavy blues riffing and enough oddball psych touches to keep it interesting. Album #2 is the one I am missing, also from 1972 and entitled "Taste the Conium".....I have never heard it, but CALLING FRIENDS OF THE BLOG, I would LIKE TO, and will post it here if any of you fine folks have an MP3 of it.......anyway, in 1973 they released album #3, "On the Wings", my favorite of the ones I've heard......heading just a touch more in the psych direction than the previous effort ("Tripping in a Crystal Forrest", "On the Wings of Death")......they released another album "Phos" in 1976 which I have ALSO never heard, but seemed to play to pretty fair reviews and which I'd also LOVE to hear a copy, help, help, my great Friends of the Blog!

After that they cranked out album after album, never heard them and don't really care to, but for SOME reason I have a live album from (get this ) 1999 from is surprisingly good, without checking I have no idea how many members of the 1972 lineup grace this album, and frankly, who cares? There are a whole lotta Hendrix covers on it, worth a listen just as a comparison point.

Don't know too terribly much about mthese guys......they released a few albums in the early 1970's, had a wierd moniker, and at least cranked the amps with other bands that never took off in the US it's fairly hard to get much info on them, but these are decent discs......and please, if you have a link to "Phos" or "Taste the Conium", I'd love to hear them/share them here. Pleaes let me know......tomorrow, someting else, I'd tell ya what, but I have not a clue. Open to suggestions as always!

SELF TITLED-01 Live in the Country/02 Something in the Air/03 Bad Conditions/04 It's a Disgusting World/05 Close the Dooand Lay Down/06 Blind Illusion/07 Hoo Yeh!/08 Underground/09 Starvation

ON THE WINGS-01 Wh is TO Blame/02 Destruction/03 Naked Trees/04 Death is GOnna/05 This is the Rules/06 Love Sick Kid's BLues/07 On the WIngs of Death/08 Breakdown/09 Tripping in a Crystal Forrest/10 Regulations (If I Was President)

LIVE 1999-01 Justice/02 Starvation/03 QUeen of the Universe/04 Stray Dogs/05 The Killer/06 For Every Clown/07 The Visitor/08 Born Again/09 I just Wanna Make Love to You/10 High Speed Ride/11 Bring It On Home to Me/12 Living in a Hot Town/13 Voodoo Chile/14 Red House/15 Little Wing/16 Message of Love/17 Mountains





    Props to Zippy today, they did an awesome job and I credit them!

    1. - With friendly greetings from Crete-Greece!